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"The Albuquerque VA Medical Center (ABQ-VAMC) Employs as a Medical Doctor at Almost $220K Per Year - Who Also Teaches Psychiatry for the University of New Mexico - Who is Alleged to have a Fake Degree from an Online Diploma Mill Which Caters to Gays and Lesbians. At the ABQ-VAMC, She Treats Psychiatric Patients Who are Veterans. At UNM, She had Sex with One of Her Students Whom She Later Married. Better not be a Veteran in New Mexico Who is Actively Against Homosexuality - Even if You are Totally Sane."
- REV John Williams, The Revelator (see ABQ Journal, 2/29/14, Front Page)

As a solid member snake of this snake pit, the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Administration) is evil and corrupt to the core! For example, the amount of VA compensation is supposed to be totally based on the amount of service-connected disability the Veteran suffers from, but instead 50+% of VA compensation is based on the Veteran's political connections with powerful politicians, VA Regional Office personnel and/or Veterans organizations personnel. Vicar of Satan Draft Dodgers, when in the House, was on the Veterans Affairs Committee, and on its Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations while operating from the Cabal's secret destroy-America agenda, did all he could to much increase VA corruption (unfortunately, House Republicans have done little or nothing since to correct VA abuses or stop this evil snake).

This is the very same VA which lobotomized 1,000s of World War II "Combat Fatigue" Veterans, "Shell-Shock" Veterans, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Veterans (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury Veterans (TBI). And the very same VA which also treasonously betrayed the Atomic Veterans, Agent Orange Veterans, Depleted Uranium Veterans, Gulf War Syndrome Veterans, Innoculated Veterans, Vietnam War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, Iraq War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, and Afghanistan War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, and continues to refuse to provide PTSD, TBI and other brain-injured Veterans with adequate outpatient therapy in a fear-free environment promised by President Obama. And the atrocious way that the VA even today treats female Disabled American Veterans and Navy Seals - even those who killed Osama bin Laden. And the practically criminal way VA bureaucrats process Veterans disability claims, the VA motto being, "Delay, deny until you die". While homosexuals in our military are now in a special "protected class," Disabled Veterans with legit service-connected disabilities are treated like garbage (both thanks to Vicar of Satan politicians, Satan's Cabal)!

The 1,000s of VA-lobotomized World War II combat Veterans were secretly dispersed to VA and Federal Prison hospitals all over the U.S., and their families were lied to by VA officials - told that they had been killed in combat! The Revelator knows this for a fact, because that is exactly what nurses of one of these secret Government hospitals (located on top floor of a Federal Prison) told him when he was standing in the middle of one of these lobotomized-Veterans wards in Lexington, KY, in the early 1970s with about 50 lobotomized Veterans in his presence, when he worked as a Health Physicist for NIH in its adjacent Drug Addiction Center (500 Leestown Pike) - even wrote a book about his horrific experiences there. EVEN TO THIS DAY, THE VA HAS NEVER PUBLICLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY STATED THAT THE VA HAS STOPPED ITS SATANIC PRACTICE OF LOBOTOMIZING PTSD AND TBI VETERANS, AND THEN LYING TO THEIR FAMILIES THAT THEIR LOVED ONES COURAGEOUSLY DIED IN COMBAT! If you have had to bury one of our heroes, did you for example notice that the casket was a lot lighter than what you had expected? Or that its weight distribution did not feel like it held your loved one? Or that you were denied viewing his/her remains? The Church of Bible Prophecy is so sick and tired of decades of the VA's evil lies, excuses, coverups, conspiracies and corruption against honorable Veterans.

Just one of arguably millions of examples of just how evil and corrupt the VA is: The Department of Veterans Affairs - fully backed by its courts (The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, CAVC) - now officially and treasonously aids and abets powerful communist American politicians to viciously attack, persecute and bully honorable Disabled American Veterans BECAUSE of their honorable Service-Connected Disabilities - based on an official VA's Court Brief formally asking the CAVC to do so in a CAVC case, which the CAVC fully agreed to! To make it perfectly clear, this VA CAVC decision unequivocally states that if a Communist American Prosecutor (eg: former New Mexico Attorney General) targets, attacks, interrogates, bullies and injures an Honorable Disabled American Veteran and his/her family BECAUSE the Disabled Veteran has Honorable Service-Connected Disabilities, the VA-rated Disabled Veteran has absolutely no recourse under United States Federal law, the VA or any CAVC precedent because VA top officials now officially side with communist prosecutors who do these evil things (like it did with former New Mexico Attorney General) to persecute Disabled Veterans, and now have the CAVC's judicial precedent and blessing to use as an excuse to hammer other Disabled American Veterans! The height of pure Satanic evil!

Note that The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that not every person working for the VA is evil. Most VAMCs and VA Hospitals and some VA Regional Offices have some excellent people working for them. However, the top levels of most, if not all, VA Regional Offices, the VA's Washington DC offices, and some VAMCs and VA Hospitals are as Satanic as you find anywhere.

The VA and CAVC vicious and evil acts here was fully expected because for decades the VA, whose top officials are mostly non-Veterans, has done everything possible to injure Veterans. The CAVC - an arm of the VA - simply goosesteps to the VA agenda. All you have to do is read CAVC decisions, and you will see that 1,000s of Veterans every year are ripped-off of just disability compensations for their Service-Connected Disabilities based on legal technicalities and VA officials refusing to believe statements they, their doctors or their family members make regarding their claims. The simple truth is: VA officials are financially rewarded with promotions based on the rates they turn down claim cases. Again, this is is the same evil VA which lobotomized the 1,000s of World War II "Shell Shock" Veterans, "Combat Fatigue" Veterans, PTSD Veterans, and TBI Veterans. And this is the same evil VA, with its CAVC in cahoots, which also treasonously betrayed the Atomic Veterans, Depleted Uranium Veterans, Agent Orange Veterans, Gulf War Syndrome Veterans, Innoculated Veterans, Vietnam War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, Iraq War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, and Afghanistan War Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI. This is the same evil VA which even today continues to refuse to provide PTSD, TBI and other brain-injured Veterans with adequate outpatient therapy in a fear-free environment. No wonder why the suicide rates, murder rates, spousal abuse rates, substance abuse rates, and homelessness rates of Veterans are through the ceiling - many ill Veterans have no one to turn to who can actually help them!

Our Government asks us for our blood, sweat and tears to defend our Country without question - putting our own lives and families at risk - losing our best buddies to violent combat before our very eyes - but then when you get out, the VA falsely accuses you of lying and nickels and dimes you to death - the VA's lies, excuses, coverups, conspiracies and corruption amount to treasonous atrocities. Compensation claims often take years for Veterans without political connections, and the VA mostly turns them down or much reduces them. However, Veterans with political connections sail through in a manner of months and almost always come out with mostly unjustifiably high compensation percentages - 100% not uncommon. In between, VA officials, at least at the Albuquerque VA Regional Office, surf the web for such things as Craigslist (we have the proof). Don't expect Congress to help. Republicans in Congress don't want to spend a dime on anything which does not profit big business, and Democrats in Congress are mostly anti-military and anti-Veteran - many, like Vicar of Satan politicians - outright socialists and communists.

Don't expect Veterans organizations to help. VA organizations must be approved by the VA for them to represent Veterans before the VA, to obtain free cushy offices in VA buildings, and for their top officials to get paid big salaries by the VA. And the VA gets what it pays for! All of the major VA organizations have been sucking the hind ends of VA officials for so long now that they no longer honestly represent Veterans who have no political clout but serious disabilities. The Church of Bible Prophecy strongly believes that Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), American G.I. Forum, for examples, are now so hideously corrupt that they have all seriously betrayed Veterans in favor of VA largess.

The Albuquerque VA Medical Center (VAMC) is the same VAMC which had on its staff for 9 years (starting when Vicar of Satan Draft Dodgers was elected to Congress and put in charge of the VA there from his perch on the Veterans Affairs Committee) an anaesthesiologist (not a surgeon) who claims he performed numerous back surgeries on Veterans in which he injected hot liquid plexiglass into the spines of spinal injured Veterans and that he developed this horrendous technique - that even failed in experiments with pigs - at the ABQ VAMC, resulting in extremely painful, debilitating and irreversible disabilities, including paralysis and permanent loss of bowel control. He now has 47 known personal injury lawsuits filed against him, clearly having fled to Germany as a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Senior Flight Surgeon!

NOTE: Doctors employed by the VA need not be licensed to practice medicine anywhere - no such legal requirement exist (fortunately, most are licensed to practice medicine). In fact, if the head of a VAMC or VA Hospital wants to hire the sawdust boy at a fast oil change place to be his/her Chief of Surgery, he/she can legally do so and is immune from money lawsuits for doing so no matter what happens to you. The saying is that you have two chances to die for your Country - one in combat, the other at the hands of the VA.

Think that your VA medical records are being kept private and confidential. Think again! Kathleen Waltz, a chaplain at the Albuquerque VA Medical Center, a Disabled Veteran being treated at the ABQ VAMC for sexual trauma when she was in the service, now has PTSD because her VA chaplain supervisor freely accessed her most private VA psychological sexual trauma records, and then taunted and harassed her about her sexual trauma history (ABQ Journal, front page, 12/2/13). And why does the VA claim that harassment about one's medical history can cause PTSD, but Attorney General of a State (eg: Satanist interrogations of Disabled Veterans about their Honorable Service-Connected Disabilities cannot cause PTSD????

Here are another three Veterans whose cases clearly demonstrate that the VA is evil and Satanic. Case #1 and #3 were repeatedly referred by The Revelator to Rep. Martin Heinrich - a close PAL of Vicar of Satan politicians - now running for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico - and Rep. Martin Heinrich apparently refuses to do anything to correct even these clearly easily provable VA injustices (The Church has the documentation that clearly proves all of these cases):
         VETERAN #1: Honorably served 3 years, including during the Vietnam War. Rated 20% VA compensated. Has very serious PTSD, diagnosed by two PhD psychologists, for which the VA refuses to increase his compensation level by including his PTSD, and still refuses to treat his PTSD in a fear-free environment (President Obama lied when he promised VA treatment for all PTSD Veterans). Furthermore, the Albuquerque VA Medical Center refuses to even provide him a miserable prescription for a special toothpaste which can save his teeth (VA cost: $4/month - example of how the VA nickels & dimes Veterans) - after having served our Country honorably during a time of war - that's the thanks he gets! The VA is going to spend much, much more money on him when he develops other serious medical conditions as the consequence to losing his teeth. This Veteran lost a lens out of his VAMC-prescribed driving glasses, called the ABQ VAMC to make an appointment and to get the prescription for the missing lens so his wife could go to an eyeglass place and have it made. The ABQ VAMC told him that he would have to drive to the VAMC without his glasses and many miles away through heavy traffic to pick up his prescription. After more than a month and several phone calls without his driving glasses, finally got an optical exam and promise of new glasses at the ABQ VAMC. You can always tell a poor Veteran - his mouth is full of bad teeth. Yet, ABQ VAMC officials rip-off $10,000s of tax-paid equipment from the VA with impunity and sell it on eBay for private gain - no one punished (even though the VA knows who they are and has solid evidence against them), VA officials laughing at all the Veterans all the way to their banks.
         VETERAN #2: This Veteran honorably served two combat tours in Korea during the Korean War. Like many Veterans these days, he was poor. The City of Albuquerque was trying to condemn his home as a neighbor had reported to them that he collected rain water in drought-stricken New Mexico to later water his yard to conserve water. The City raided his home, claimed that he had 'violated City Code' because he had common power strips (bought in Walmart, commonly found in virtually all homes and businesses) connected to wall outlets, and for keeping 'dangerous chemicals,' and confiscated much of his personal property, including his professional tools, equipment, chemicals and other personal items. He was a semi-retired plumber who occasionally did jobs, and his tools, equipment and 'dangerous chemicals' (which are abundantly sold by Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc., and which many people routinely keep in their homes and businesses) were part of his living. He filed a pro se lawsuit against the City of Albuquerque to try to save his home and get back his personal property. He went to the ABQ VA to ask them to provide him some legal assistance in his fight against the City. At no time was he violent or made threats. Instead of them trying to help him (eg: helping him directly or at least calling in one or more of the several "Veterans Organizations" with offices in the same VA building to help him), instead these VA officials had him incarcerated in the ABQ VA Medical Center mental ward. There, a VA psychiatrist told him that he had an, 'overly heightened sense of right and wrong' (sure helps when you are fighting and dying for your Country), and demanded to know if he owned any guns, and not only what his religion was but the actual church he worshipped in. He complained that his incarceration meant that he was going to miss a legal deadline and thus default his case to the City to save his home and get his property back. A VAMC official then called the Albuquerque City Attorney and told him that the Veteran was a, 'nut case committed to the VAMC mental ward' - thereby destroying his credibility and his case with it. This Veteran claimed that he had first tried to get help from the ACLU, which predictably refused all help to him.
         VETERAN #3: Former Coast Guard Sea Marshal stationed in the San Francisco Bay area (now living in New Mexico), and a weapons expert. Rated 100% VA-compensated by taxpayer dollars for, "anal bleeding" (a claim type which will skyrocket at enormous taxpayer's expense since DADT was repealed). "Anal bleeding" is a condition which can be easily faked, or contracted homosexually, with sex toys or with gerbils (if by gerbils, should not the VA also 100% compensate his gerbils because technically they were part of his body when the disability occurred?). Highly politically-connected. We have his emails and Internet accesses to clearly prove all of the allegations below: He frequented houses of prostitution in the San Francisco Bay area for "full service" massages by Chinese sex slaves, although one of his most critical sworn duties was to stop human sex trafficking and slavery trafficking. He fantasized in his emails about anal sex. He frequented child porn sites Online (especially Asian "teen" porn sites) - preferring petite Asian children. He solicited to do gang-rape porno videos - telling the pornographic video producers that he was in the Coast Guard and was married with two children. He advised at least one criminal what kind of a gun she should buy to be able to shoot people from inside her purse. He advised prostitutes on how they could evade Federal taxes and evade California taxes by considering his full service sex payments as, "donations." He had prostitutes call him at his official Coast Guard duty phone numbers. He invited prostitutes to live with him on base in Coast Guard housing in Alameda, and pay their "rent" with sexual favors, allowing them to freely use his family computer to solicit "golden showers" sex services on Craigslist, performed in this official Coast Guard housing in Alameda (later occupied by other Coast Guard families). He peddled his own kids' personal belongings on Craigslist for sex favors. The Revelator was told that he took motorcycle lessons when the ABQ VA was evaluating his, "anal bleeding" claims. And to seal the deal with the ABQ VA, he sent an email denouncing Jesus Christ! Again, he receives 100% VA compensation at full taxpayer expenses - no questions asked. Now this clearly malingerer claims to have Degenerative Disc Disease. More likely he has Regenerative Social Security Disability Payments Disease and Regenerative Disability Insurance Disability Payments Syndrome. Or perhaps he wrenched his back twisting around to extract the gerbils.

"Government Needs to Be Proactive in Spurring Technology"
Albuquerque Journal Letter-to-the-Editor
Emailed by The Revelator to ABQ Journal, Jan. 31, 2012

Liberal politicians, universities and the traditional newsmedia
care nothing about our world, our Country or our military. To date,
This Revelator's Letter-to-the-Editor was never published by the Albuquerque Journal

Not every great technology idea comes from Government, corporations or universities. And not every technology idea has great commercial value, notably those relevant to military apps and mitigating disasters. In spite of our plunging educational level, many Americans have great technology ideas but nowhere useful to contribute them. I am an engineer (MSEE) and know this for sure.

................. (missing middle sections of this document are on our Scientific Findings webpage)

Now, I've come up with a great invention idea to greatly mitigate IED explosive forces to save our warriors' lives and vehicles. Again, finding no Government forum Online where I could submit it, weeks ago I emailed President Obama, Senator Bingaman and Rep. Heinrich for an address to send my idea to. No response from Obama and Bingaman, and a useless response from Heinrich. As a disabled veteran and an uncle of Sgt. Velton Locklear III, killed by IED in Iraq in 2006, this is a very big deal to us. But apparently, not important to politicians.

There is still no mechanism for ordinary citizens with great ideas to contribute them to our country while having their invention ideas both seriously evaluated and intellectually protected.

The simple truth is that both Liberal politicians and the traditional newsmedia do not care how many of our brave warriors are killed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)!

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