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The Last Days are Here! Time for the Seven Seals to be Unsealed from The Sealed Book of Revelation (The Holy Bible). We believe that the Seven Seals are Seven Mathematical Algorithms for the Bible Codes / Torah Codes which will Prophesy the End of the World, and Who are the Good Doers and Who are the Evildoers

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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can better learn about Holy Bible End Time prophecies for personal salvation purposes. The Church of Bible Prophecy (CBP, "The Church"), Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the only major God-based prophetic church or religion based on both scientific and mathematical methods in the entire world - WE ARE THE ONLY GOD-BASED CHURCH OF PROPHECY TRULY BASED ON SCIENCE AND MATH!

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In 2001, before becoming The Revelator, REV John Williams, The Revelator solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built by using a centrally-located hydraulic elevator, and published his discovery in his book, "THE WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC METHOD TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID" book ("Cheops" is Greek for "Khufu"). "The Riddle of The Ages" stumped some of the greatest geniuses in history for 1,000 years - until John Williams solved it! The asinine theory most accepted even today by so-called pyramid experts is that The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using a 1-2 mile long ramp (480+ feet high), which would have required about 7 times more material than The Great Pyramid itself (do the math), and then would have had to be completely torn down after The Great Pyramid was finished!
          Then, in early 2005, REV John Williams, The Revelator, responded to the devastating Dec. 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which killed 300,000+ people, with his, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES" book, and his, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN" book. His tsunami mitigation systems inventions are designed to mitigate tsunami and other violent wave surge-caused damages, thereby saving 1,000s of lives. And as extra benefits, his tsunami inventions would have generated megawatts of electricity for coastal areas using them, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea life habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs, and for inexpensive and portable means to detect and measure tsunamis in the open ocean that most ships can afford to carry. Yet, his creative and very practical tsunami invention ideas were ignored by Caesar's NOAA and USGS, and major universities lavished with huge taxpayer grants from Caesar's minions to "study" tsunami mitigation solutions - 5+ years later and they still have not developed and implemented any practical tsunami mitigation solutions! Next major tsunami: 100,000s more will needlessly die! REV John Williams, The Revelator, not only proved yet again with his tsunami mitigation inventions that he is one of the greatest creative and visionary scientific and engineering minds in 100+ years, but that he is also a merciful, self-sacrificing, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic and major Judeo-Christian leader.
          Then again, in 2010, REV John Williams, The Revelator, mercifully responded to the devastating British Petroleum Gulf Oil Leak (BP Gulf Oil Leak) with simple, effective, quick, inexpensive and practical inventions to stop the BP Gulf Oil Leak, which he details in his, "HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS". Yet, the BP Gulf Oil Leak continued for 3 months because Caesar's minions refused to consider his solutions to stop the BP Gulf Leak. While cleaning up any major oil or gas leak is also required, stopping a leak is paramount. The BP Gulf Oil Leak started April 20, 2010. REV John Williams, The Revelator, invented his stop leak solutions by April 29, and emailed just about everyone from President Obama down to relevant regional officials (governors, mayors, city managers, environmental agencies, etc.) of the various Gulf States and coastal cities since then - yet no one implemented any of his inexpensive inventions, which would have taken no more than about two weeks to implement. Months have since passed, many of the Gulf of Mexico beaches awashed in tar balls. In the afflicted areas, animals died, the environment is devastated, seafood and tourism industries crashed, and huge quantities of oil and methane gas energy resources were squandered! If the Exxon Valdez spill is a good example, the Gulf region may turn into a living hellhole for decades - even generations - to come! Simply because the oil becomes less visible over months and years does not mean that the oil mysteriously vanished and all is fine again. Oil is still there killing, damaging and contaminating - dissolved in toxic dispersal chemicals, settling onto the sea floor, and floating around in the middle. And when the next huge oil and gas leak occurs in the Gulf or elsewhere, Caesar and the responsible oil corporations will again be as unprepared, dumbfounded and ineffective as they are now because they won't implement Williams's inventions to quickly and inexpensively stop oil, other fluids and gas leaks.

REV John Williams, The Revelator has PROVEN himself beyond any reasonable doubt time and time again to be one of the most creative and visionary scientific and engineering thinkers in 100+ years! The Revelator fully credits his great intellectual powers to God, and he believes and which the evidence clearly proves that he is especially chosen and blessed by God with unmatched creative and visionary genius to serve The Will of God. The Church of Bible Prophecy derives its scientific insights from Bible Codes (Bible Codes Research / Torah Codes Research) and other scientific research and revelatory meditation through The Holy Spirit. By joining The Church of Bible Prophecy, YOU too can contribute to its great scientific and engineering accomplishments ==> Church Membership! If you now belong to a church or religion claimed to be run by some self-proclaimed great prophet, seer, revelator or visionary leader, ask him/her: "What have YOU ever done to prove that you were gifted with such extraordinary God-given powers?" If he/she can't provide you verifiable proof, immediately leave that church or religion of this fraud and then immediately join with The Revelator at The Church of Bible Prophecy!

USING BIBLE CODES AND OTHER SCIENTIFIC METHODS AND REVELATORY MEDITATION THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT TO FERRET OUT VICARS OF SATAN, TO DETERMINE MAJOR FUTURE EVENTS, AND TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR CHURCH MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES CURRENTLY LEAVES LITTLE TIME AND RESOURCES TO USE THESE POWERFUL TOOLS TO SOLVE DIFFICULT AND COMPLEX SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS. There are so many huge scientific topics that the Church would like to address but cannot at this time because of lack of time and resources, including such critical topics as Global Warming, "Evolution," Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Food, Ending Pollution, Time Travel and Antigravity solutions. The Church of Bible Prophecy desperately needs more members who can and will do this type of work, as well as much, much more in the way of donations and bequests to The Revelator and to The Church to fund these vital efforts, as well as to fund fighting Satanism. Finding these answers is important to everyone. So please - right now - hop out of your easy chair and join The Church and/or mail us as large of a donation as you can and/or bequeath as much as you can to us. Time is of the essence - it does no good to be surprised and damaged or destroyed by an event that for the want of staff and resources was never fully discovered and revealed. The Church is the only entity on Earth which tries to resolve these critical scientific problems with The Holy Bible in one hand and books of science and mathematics in the other. Please help us all you can!

"God is not a magician."
- Pope Francis

GAMMA RAY BURST: There is a gamma ray burst right now headed directly towards Earth. When it reaches Earth, global mass extinction will result. This gamma ray burst occurred when Jesus Christ was hung on The Cross of Calvary, and is God's countdown clock to the End Times. This gamma ray burst resulted from the supernova death of a massive star in the Milky Way Galaxy a couple of thousands of light years away. This gamma ray burst has a feed-forward property which is responsible for the markedly increasing chaos here on the Earth over the last few hundred years. In other words, its influence on the Earth much precedes its visible arrival. An analogy is a ship plowing through water. The waves a ship propagates in front of it reaches and disrupts the shore before the actual ship does.



To address how gravity works, the primary questions requiring answers are:
          (1) Why is it that simply because an object has a mass, it also have gravity? The gravity equation is: F=(G)(m1)(m2)/(r)(r) (F=Force of gravity, eg: weight, G=Gravitational Constant, m1=Mass of one object, m2=mass of other object, and r=distance between their centers of gravity), but the equation itself does not answer the why question. Likely, the Higgs Boson does. The Higgs Boson is a subatomic particle which causes other subatomic particles to acquire mass through an unknown catalytic-like process. The specific mechanism of how the Higgs Boson causes matter to acquire "mass" is not yet understood.
          (2) Why do we observe gravity as an attractive force, and not as a repulsive force or no force at all?

PROPERTIES OF GRAVITY & OUR INITIAL GRAVITY THEORY: Gravity is a universal physical property for all objects with masses. Every gravity point (ie: atom or molecule) is attracted to every other gravity point in the entire Universe (trillions x trillions x trillions of attractions), regardless of:
          (1) The mass of either object - as long as both objects have masses.
          (2) The distance apart. Can be billions of miles apart, or direct contact.
          (3) Chemical composition of either gravity point. Magnets attract only ferromagnetic metals (eg: iron, nickel, cobalt) - gravity attracts all types of material compositions with masses and in all states (solid, liquid or gas).
          (4) Temperature of either gravity point or in between the gravity points.
          (5) Velocity or direction of travel of either gravity point.
          (6) Other objects in between do not block gravity. For example, if Object 1 (O1), Object 2 (O2) and Object 3 (O3) are all in a line, O3 is subject to the gravity pulls of both O1 and O2, O2 is subject to gravity pulls of O1 and O3, and O1 is subject to O2 and O3. This is true because if one object can block or cutoff the gravity force of another object, then the Earth would have "flown" into outer space during its first lunar eclipse.
    Other facts about gravity:
          (1) Some scientists believe that gravity waves operate at the speed of light (conclusion of Chinese experiments). Some, as do I, believe that they operate instantaneously. My reasoning is that if gravitational waves operate at the speed of light, then two objects light years away from each each other and Object-1 blows up, then Object-2 would still feel the gravitational force of the non-existent Object-1.
          (2) Gravity even attracts photons, causing the bending of light, resulting in a phenomena called, "gravitational lensing".
          (3) Of the other four fundamental forces in nature (electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force), gravity is the weakest force. For example, a rare-earth (neodymium) magnet weighing 10 lbs can pick up 200 lbs of iron, while it takes the entire masses of the Earth and the attracted iron to apply 200 lbs of gravity force to the iron.
         (4) After 100+ years of efforts after Einstein's Theory of Relativity, no one, including Einstein, is able to develop the Unified Field Equation uniting the four fundamental forces of physics, to include the force of gravity. A partial equation has been developed which includes the three fundamental forces of electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force, but the gravity force still eludes inclusion.
      Our initial theory is that gravity is a force which extends beyond the realms of our universe, for these reasons:
          (1) Explains why no 4-force Unified Field Theory has ever been developed - there is simply no way to equate gravity to the other 3 fundamental forces of nature using 3-1/2 dimensional equations (the world which we live in). It would be like trying to equate a square, triangle and trapezoid drawn on 2-dimensional paper to a 3-dimensional sphere. This also implies that current equations that link the other 3 fundamental forces are inadequate because they do not contain the dimensional factors where the gravity are located.
          (2) "Universe" used herein applies to the Big Universe which contains many smaller universes (like marbles in a glass jar), of which we occupy one of these universes, which I call "sub-universes"). Since every gravity point attracts every other gravity point in the Universe, if gravity is not inter-universe or not generated by mass, then each gravity point would have emanating from it trillions x trillions x trillions of force lines. However, if gravity is both inter-universe and is automatically generated by mass, all you need is one force line emanating from each gravity point, where all the force lines are combined together in every sub-universe via black holes and/or other phenomena by some kind of unbelievably complex switchboard.
          (3) Since Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity proved that gravity warps the fabric of space-time, it implies that most gravity must be of an origin independent, thus external, to the spacetime of our sub-universe, else gravity would warp itself, and then warp its warped self ad infinitum.

THE REAL SOLUTION TO THE MYSTERY OF GRAVITY - something that not even the greatest minds, including Einstein, could solve in 100+ years of continuous prodigious efforts:
          Gravity acts very similar to magnetism. One main difference is that while magnets attract ferromagnetic materials, gravity attracts all masses, no matter how small or large or which sub-universe physically holds the masses. And the force of gravity is much less by orders of magnitude than the magnetic force. However, their great similarities invite meaningful comparisons.
          Everyone who is taught science is taught that all magnets have two poles - North Pole and South Pole - that the flux lines travel from one pole to the other, which you can visually verify using iron filings. And we were all taught that gravity does not have any poles - it just exists as if by magic - which I could never really accept. You just simply cannot have in the natural world something that exerts a force but has no return path. Since scientists could not point to gravity poles within the dimensions of our world (ie: our sub-universe), they wrongfully assumed and developed the mantra that gravity poles do not exist, therefore, gravity must be a force arising from the existence of mass alone, therefore, a property of mass, therefore somehow magically created by mass. In other words, each and every object with mass generates gravity. That would be the same fundamental error as saying that the magnetic force acting on a piece of iron by a magnet was produced by the piece of iron and not by the magnet itself.
          Our discovery is that gravity does have poles produced by what we call a GRAVINET - the gravitational analog of MAGNET. However, the Gravinet or Gravinets (could be more than one - even a near infinite number) exist(s) extra-dimensionally to us - possibly the only Universe-wide force of the four fundamental forces in physics (gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear, weak nuclear). We can only sense the Gravinet(s) effects on masses - not the Gravinet itself, nor the Gravity Stimulating Waves (GSWs) the Gravinet produces. Trapped in our 3-1/2 dimensions, we cannot conceive what a Gravinet looks like, where it is located in space-time, how it originated, exactly how it functions or what powers it. No more than if a person living in a 2-dimensional world (eg: the plane of a photo) can possibly envision or describe what a sphere looks like. This Gravinet's poles exert forces on all of the masses of all of the objects between the Gravinet's poles (ie: the entire Universe) pulling every mass towards its closest pole (thereby expanding the Universe), just like if you took a pinch of iron filings and placed the poles of an horseshoe magnet on both sides of the filings, the filings would move towards their closest pole. We call this the "Expanding Universe".
          If you take a magnet where one pole is close to a piece of bigger iron, and on the other side of the bigger iron you place a smaller piece of iron of light enough mass, the bigger iron will pull the smaller iron (using the induced magnetism of the magnet but appearing as if the force was produced by the bigger iron) up against itself. Acting on the mass of two or more objects, this is basically how the Gravinet works, and counterbalanced by centrifugal force (that without the gravity force would throw heavenly bodies into deep space), is why the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around Earth.

We have solved the mystery of gravity (What is gravity? Why does gravity even exist? And where does gravity come from?). The smartest physicists have been trying to crack this nut for 100s of years. We believe we have done it.

Of our four known fundamental forces, again, gravity is the weakest. Transparent and Invisible Dark Matter (DM) makes up about 85% of all of our sub-universe's matter. "Ordinary" matter - us, the galaxies, and all the stars, planets, asteroids, comets, etc., makes up a mere 15% of the Universe's mass. While DM has mass and gravity (will bend light), it lacks these properties that ordinary matter have:
       (1) DM forms invisible mists or clouds in the Universe, and does not observably gravitationally attract other DM but only ordinary matter. Ordinary matter can be visually detected if it lights up (eg: most stars) or light reflects off of it (eg: from its star).
       (2) DM is both invisible and transparent - why it is called, "dark" matter. When energy hits any object, it is reflected, absorbed and/or passed thru the object. How much of each action is material, size (in some cases), and frequency-dependent. If virtually all of the energy is absorbed, the object is opaque, also resulting in invisibility (however, the object can be inferred from visible objects near it, eg: black holes). If virtually all of the energy passes thru, the object is transparent, also resulting in invisibility (regardless of nearby visible objects). If energy is reflected, the object's "color" is based on which frequencies are reflected, which is due to the subatomic structure of the object's atoms (for example, of the 86 metals, 95+% of them are gray or white, of the few that have color, gold and copper are most well known).
       (3) DM cannot be physically detected on Earth or by spacecraft except by its gravity, yet DM is by far the most common matter of the Universe.
       (4) Astronomers and physicists don't know what DM is, cannot explain its origin or existence, and have numerous and various theories to rationalize it. Apparently, the most common theories erroneously conclude DM to be neutrinos. In fact, some are so convinced that DM is neutrinos, they have built labs miles underground for years and $10s of Millions in cost, and have yet to detect a single neutrino, much less a neutrino from DM.

When I was studying electrical engineering at the University of Texas decades ago, I often argued with my physics and engineering professors, mostly about gravity. They taught the heresy: 'While magnetic fields and electric fields require two poles, there is only one gravity field pole.' I argued with them that their belief in only one gravity pole was a clear violation of Symmetry Rule, and that there are two gravity poles, but at least one, and likely both, of which lies outside of our "Universe". I, too, was wrong. Restudying gravity has revealed to me that gravity possesses multiple poles of a complexity incapable of human understanding, some of which exist in other sub-universes.

Take a bar magnet, tape it down, and sprinkle some iron particles in front of it along its axis. You will find that the particles pull closer both to the pole and to each other, giving the appearance that adjacent particles attract each other. If the magnetic poles were hidden from you, this attraction would appear as if gravity. The distal magnetic pole is still there, because both poles are required for the magnet to function. In my theory, the gravitational poles of the Gravinet transmit into our sub-universe a Gravity Stimulating Wave (GSW). When this wave passes thru matter, it stimulates the Higgs Bosons ("God particles") within the matter. The stimulated Higgs Bosons then radiate out Gravity Waves (GWs) in all directions - analogous to hitting a bell. The quantity of these Gravity Waves is what we call, "mass". The more Higgs Bosons in the matter, the greater the mass of the matter.

Scientists will tell you that we live in a 4-dimensional space-time world. WRONG?! We live in a 3-1/2 dimensional world. That is because while you can go right and left, up and down, forward and back, you can only go forward in time. This tells us that we are a sub-universe which shares its space-time in the Universe with other sub-universes which we cannot see, hear nor communicate with because they exist in other space-times. All along, we have selfishly and erroneously assumed that our sub-universe was actually our Universe, and we are its only occupants. This also tells us that there is a another sub-universe somehow attached to our sub-universe - a convolving-pair sub-universe parallel to us - while being invisible to each other, analogous to the math function of convolution. Our two conjoined sub-universes continuously slide by each other. This fulfills the duality and symmetry properties of nature. We call this theory, "THE WILLIAMS'S THEORY OF SPECIAL RELATIVITY". Life forms in both of these convolving-pair sub-universes believe that they are traveling into their respective futures. However, if you could look across into their sub-universe from our sub-universe, they would appear to you to be traveling back in time and vice-versa with them. For us to time travel into our past would mean that we would have to hop a ride into their world, and then hop back into our world when the targeted past time or past event happened in our world.

When I say that our sub-universes are "attached" to each other is not meant to apply that we do not both occupy the same space-time - we may indeed occuply the same space-time if its 3-1/2 dimensions are orthogonal to our 3-1/2 dimensions, resulting in us both being invisible to the other. This may go a long way in explaining the spiritual world - a world where the boundary lines between us exist. And explaining antimatter. I am also not saying that our sub-universe partner is a reverse mirror image of us. It is likely totally different from us because it would be independent of us. Also, its 3-1/2 dimensions would not be higher nor lower dimensions than our 3-1/2 dimensions - just a separate set of 3-1/2 dimensions.

The biggest clue here is DM and Dark Energy (DE). DM - hidden matter that exerts a huge gravitational pull but cannot be seen or otherwise felt by us, and can pass thru us without any effect and being detected only by its gravity. Since gravity in our sub-universe mostly originates from gravitational poles outside of our sub-universe, then EACH sub-universe inside the Universe is exposed to the full gravitational forces of the masses inside ALL of the sub-universes within that Universe (there may be more than one Universe filled with sub-universes), however, since light (a form of electromagnetic energy) originates from within each individual sub-universe and is limited to that sub-universe, we can only observe heavenly bodies inside our sub-universe. So, while we are exposed to the full gravity caused by all of the masses in all of the sub-universes within our Universe, we can only detect the masses within our sub-universe contributing to that small percentage of the gravitational force. "Dark matter" is a feeble attempt to try to explain away this calculated "missing mass". They mystery of Dark Energy can be similarly explained. Since each sub-universe may be of a different size, shape and mass, there maybe be anywhere from two to 1000s of these condo-like sub-universes existing in any Universe. However, you can estimate the number of sub-universes within our Universe, if you assume that our Universe is of roughly average in total mass: Since about 85% of the total mass in our sub-universe is DM, there is three or four convolving-pair 3-1/2 dimensional sub-universes in our Universe. Since all sub-universes likely come as convolving-pairs, the number of sub-universes within any one Universe is likely an even number.

Our theory on DM, which is consistent with DM's known properties:
       (1) I have earlier claimed (and known since high school) - contradicted by virtually all other scientists - gravity is produced by bipolar poles - analogous to magnetism's north and south poles, and electric field's cathode and anode. Again, gravity is NOT non-polar or unipolar as taught in physics classes. This is required by the Symmetry Rule found in the other forces, and just common sense: Force waves must emanate from one point and terminate at another point. Period. Most of the poles that produce gravitational waves are likely located outside of our sub-universe (and maybe even outside our Universe!). There may be many poles. This means that gravity must also have polarity. Two magnetic poles of the same polarity always repel, while two of opposite polarities always attract, except in the case of diamagnetism. Diamagnetic ordinary matter is very weakly repulsed by either magnetic pole, and are not attracted to or repulsed by other diamagnetic materials. Relevant to ordinary matter, DM gravity is likely to also be attractive or repulsive (eg: diagravitational (my new term)).
       (2) The quantity of Higgs Bosons in ordinary matter defines the mass of the object. When a Gravity Stimulating Wave (GSW) emanating from a gravity pole strikes a Higgs Boson, it results in the ordinary matter producing a gravitational force, which we call, "mass". And in ordinary matter, that "mass" attracts other ordinary matter masses. DM also likely obtains its gravitational force from the Higgs Boson, or a boson similar to it, but may have an opposite spin, especially in convolving-pair sub-universes (the Higgs Boson spin direction may dictate the direction of Time). Note that GSWs are not themselves gravity, but only act in conjunction with Higgs Boson subatomic particles on a real time basis to produce gravitational forces we call "mass" - analogous to a catalyst in a chemical reaction. "Real time" means that should GSWs ever stop, gravity and mass would immediately vanish, and everything would immediately disintegrate.
       (3) To what extent a gravitational field is manifested, as well as the other properties of an element, depend on the subatomic particle types, quantities and spins that make up the matter. DM exerts no observable gravitational force on other DM. However, we believe that DM actually does attract other DM, but because this is all happening in the other sub-universes we are unable to observe DM-to-DM attraction in our sub-universe. In other words, if we could observe DM attracting other DM, we could also observe the DM itself, which we cannot. That is why DM never forms solid objects we can observe or touch, but only theorized invisible mists and clouds in space. Also, all light passes thru DM - thus DM is both transparent and invisible at all frequencies. DM never comes into physical contact with ordinary matter, because all DMs exist in different space-times than our sub-universe - that is why they both appear to effortlessly pass thru each other. Think of DM as the shadow of a building you are walking by. You know that the shadow is there and that some object must be casting it. However, as if a mysterious mist or cloud, the shadow has no substance, you cannot feel it and you effortlessly pass right thru it - just like DM. Furthermore, the shadow cannot tell you what exactly the casting object is, or even its 3-1/2 dimensional shape, size or mass, or even the number of objects creating the shadow. Not even whether the shadow's object is a solid, liquid or gas, nor the object's or shadow's relationships to other objects and shadows, nor the history or origin of the object(s). This is analogous to the 2-dimensional man trying to make sense of the 3-dimensional world he is encapsulated into. Yet, the object(s) causing the shadow exerts a gravitational force on you, but its shadow representation does not.
       (4) It may also not be possible to discern whether the gravitational effect of DM is attractive gravity or repulsive gravity. For example, you can move a wagon by pulling it (attractive gravity) or move it identically by pushing it (repulsive gravity). If you were invisible and transparent, and we saw the wagon moving, we may have no way of being able to tell whether the wagon was being pushed or pulled. But if our only knowledge of wagon forces was the pulling force, then we would assume that the acting force was pulling the wagon (ie: gravitational attraction), when it fact it may be pushing the wagon - same fundamental assumption mistake astronomers and physicists may be making about the effects of DM on galaxy rotational speeds, and light bending and lensing.
       (5) Sub-universes also explain the H-He, Be-B and Mg-Al gaps in the Periodic Table of the Elements. DM elements likely fill these gaps in the Periodic Table, which again, should be three-dimensional, where the third dimension is layers of the other sub-universes in our Universe. The properties of elements solely depend on their subatomic particles, of which the Atomic Number is only one of their manifestations. It is like trying to arrange people by their heights when the only thing you consider is their shoe sizes. Arranging elements based on atomic number alone is very simplistic, and results only in a rough estimate.
       (6) The Unified Field Theory (UFT) was first proposed by Clerk Maxwell, circa 1820. To date, it still has not been solved. To solve the UFT requires an equation that unites the four fundamental forces of nature: (A) Gravity, (B) Electromagnetism, (C) Strong nuclear force, (D) Weak nuclear force. Seriously worked on by 100s of the greatest minds in modern history. Even Einstein spent decades unsuccessfully working on the UFT. You cannot solve the UFT without understanding the true nature of gravity and the concept of sub-universes. As long as one erroneously believes that gravity is non-polar or unipolar and only attractive and is confined to our sub-universe, he/she is never going to develop the UFT equation. Sadly, today, physicists working on UFT are just throwing in mathematical prosthetics to try to get everything to fit into a body that works.

Magnetism is a localized (sub-universe) form of a force field which operates analogous to gravity, which operates Universally. The other main differences are:
       (1) The magnetic field is far stronger than the gravity field. A rare-earth (neodymium) magnet the size of a dime can pick up a mass that the gravity from the entire mass of Earth has put on the ground.
       (2) Magnetic fields attract only ferromagnetic materials. In fact, like poles strongly repel each other, and magnets repel (with very little force) diamagnetic materials (eg: water, carbon, copper, lead, etc.). There is no known repulsive gravity or antigravity force, but it still likely exists because gravity's poles are not accessible to us, so we cannot assume that repulsive gravity does not exist.

This tells us that there is likely a magnetic subatomic particle that operates similar to the Higgs Boson, that results in the creation of magnetism, confined to each sub-universe of the Universe.

THE REACH OF GRAVITY & RELATED PHENOMENA: How gravity is able to reach us through multiple sub-universes, if true, is a big question. Perhaps through quantum dimensional interfaces, or quantum "star gates."
          For us to understand higher-level dimensions is virtually impossible. For example, if you had a photograph of people and those people came to life in their 2-dimensional plane world, they would have no concept of our 3-1/2 dimensional world. They would only become aware of our world but only to a very limited extent if our shadow or light fell on the photo or we penetrated or tore the photo, knowing us only by our shadow/light or the plane of the puncture or tear. Thus, the way we view black holes bears only very limited resemblance to the way black holes actually exist in higher level dimensions.
      Possibly related phenomena to gravity:
          (1) Quantum Entanglement (also known as "Spooky Action At a Distance", proven by multiple experiments): If you take two subatomic particles and touch them together, then separate them and move them apart by 1,000s of miles, then if you change the spin of one of the particles, at that very instant, the spin of the other particle will also change to match even though nothing was done to the other particle to change its spin. Quantum Entanglement is instantaneous - not limited to the speed of light.
          (2) Van der Waals Force: The van der Waals force is an attractive force which causes adhesion between two atoms or molecules. If this force or a similar unrecognized adhesive force could somehow be projected from all atoms and molecules of an object over distance, it appears that you would have a gravity-like attractive force.
          (3) If mass causes gravity, clearly, for one object to attract another, there must be some kind of flexible "tether" between the two objects, which is not required or even usable if two objects repelled each other instead (you can't push against a rope). Flexible "tethers" obviously cannot be seen nor felt, but still must exist for both gravity and magnetism. Note that the gravity "tether" may not be physically "tied" to masses themselves, thus to objects with masses, but instead is likely to function in a way which compresses space-time between objects with masses on a localized basis thereby drawing them to each other. An analogy is that by tightening a belt around your waist, your front gets closer to your back. Before the Big Bang, the theory is that all of the mass of the Universe was clumped into one object, which shattered into many parts during the Big Bang, which all now may be "tethered" together, thus possibly explaining both gravity and the Quantum Entanglement phenomenon.
          (4) Centrifugal force, based on mass and velocity, as a force is indistinguishable from the force of gravity, and exists even in a gravity-free environments. Logic implies that gravity and centrifugal force must somehow be related. Massless objects cannot generate centrifugal force at any velocity, and mass is a function of gravity.
      Additional insights into gravity:
          (1) Einstein established in his Special Theory of Relativity through his E=(m)(c)(c) equation that Energy and Mass are really just two different states of the same thing, what we call "E-M" (analogous to liquid water and ice), so then what happens to the gravity property of mass when it is converted into energy, and how does energy converted into mass acquire gravity?
          (2) Theory has it that just before the Big Bang, all the mass of the Universe - consisting of billions of trillions of solar systems - was compressed into a tiny ball of mass smaller than an atom and then expanded out to all of these galaxies and solar systems after the Big Bang. Therefore the Universe must have already been hyper-charged with energy, which using this tiny mass as a "seed", much of it condensed onto it to expand it to its current mass size, and once having reached a critical mass, disintegrated into "star dust" which then later reformed into solar systems and galaxies.
          (3) The question needs to be also asked and answered is whether or not energy can exist without having mass to operate upon. Mass can exist without significant energy because astronomers have discovered nomadic planet-size bodies with mass very close to absolute zero (-459.67 degrees F).
          (4) No set of objects that extend thru infinity can be absolutely parallel to each other. Eventually, they intersect with each other. When our sub-universe pair intersects with another sub-universe pair, what will happen? When two sets of dimensions intersect each other, the intersection is one dimension lower than the lowest dimension set. For example, if two 2-dimensional planes intersect with each other, the intersection is a 1-dimensional line. Since our sub-universe pair comes to 4 dimensions, does this mean when we intersect with another sub-universe pair, the result will be a 3-dimensional phenomenon, which means time will stand still forever for us?

THE WILLIAMS LAW OF GRAVITY: Gravity Stimulating Waves (GSWs), pass through our 3-1/2 dimensional sub-universe from the Universe which our sub-universe is part of from the poles of the Gravinet, and is absorbed by all bodies with mass proportional to their quantities of mass (ie: quantity of Higgs Bosons) and then re-radiated by those same massive bodies, likely thru neutrinos, to other bodies with mass as Gravity Waves (GWs), thereby attracting bodies of mass together, which give the false impression that mass itself generates gravity (similar to magnetic field lines passing through a piece of nonmagnetic iron which give the false impression that the mass of the iron itself generates the magnetic force).
          Please note that The Williams Law of Gravity neither claims nor implies that the producer of GSWs - the Gravinet - is a mechanical or electrical device (eg: a huge horseshoe magnet-like device), which is very likely not so. Note that we say, "gravity-stimulating waves" and not "gravity waves" because the GSWs are not gravity itself but are converted into GWs by the actions of Higgs Bosons and possibly neutrinos. Which gravity waves exhibit gravitational force, when they come into contact with masses, proportionally to the quantity of the masses attracting each other. Likely, the GSWs are produced by some kind of multidimensional angular acceleration force that cannot be fully explained using 3-1/2 dimensional math. Analogous to a tornado not being created by a mechanical or electrical device in nature even though mini-tornadoes can be created by mechanical-electrical devices in the lab. Outside of our 3-1/2 dimensional world, the multidimensional version of the F=ma equation is not known, much less understood.
          Our discovery by us also explains space-time warping caused by gravity, Dark Matter (DM) and Dark Energy (DE) and how either or both DM and DE may not even exist or at least not to the forms or levels now believed. And even explains the existences of solar systems, galaxies and black holes - just like in a moving stream, vortexes are generated when forces become unbalanced. Our discovery also explains why the force of gravity is much less than the force of magnetism. For example, the distance between the Earth's center and an object on the Earth's surface is trillions x trillions of times less than the distance between the Gravinet's poles, therefore the gravitational force between the Earth and its surface object, while significant to us, transverses an extremely tiny number of the gravitational gradients which exist between the Gravinet's poles. Our discovery also explains why some scientists believe that our Universe is in the shape of an ovoid (egg-shaped) and not a sphere - ovoid is the shape of magnetic field lines, so gravitational field lines created by an extra-dimensional Gravinet(s) would logically also be of ovoid shape.
          Actually, the magnetic force may be a special, localized case of the gravitational force, but why it is limited only to ferromagnetic materials is unknown, requiring a quantum explanation. Perhaps a side effect or spin-off effect due to a unique-to-them side effect the atomic structures of ferromagnetic materials have to gravity.
          Outer space weightlessness does not mean that the gravity force does not exist, but only that the amount of mass it has to act upon (eg: space ship, equipment, people) is so extremely relatively small that the resulting gravitational force is so tiny that we cannot detect it through our senses.
          Consider the alternative theory that the existence of mass automatically creates gravity: If this were true, there would have to be trillions x trillions x trillions of lines of force between every atom and molecule in the entire Universe with every other one. And there would be no explanation how mass by itself creates gravity, which disappears when mass is converted into energy and then reappears when energy is converted back into mass. Again, mass does NOT create gravity, but only facilitates gravity.
          Because the Gravinet(s), if magnet-like and discrete, it should produce a varying gravitational flux density along all of its pathways, the force of gravity should likely vary from place-to-place in our Universe. Since compared to the size of the Universe, the distances encountered in many solar systems between its heavenly bodies are extremely tiny, very little gravity variation would be observed inside any one solar system and little variation even within most galaxies. Astronomers today calculate the masses of heavenly bodies based on the resulting gravitational force of the Earth's mass, so there is likely great errors in the calculations of the masses of very distant objects.
          Extra-dimensional gravity generated from a Gravinet with at least two poles also explains why although 100s of geniuses over 100+ years could not and cannot possibly come up with a Unified Field Theory to also includes gravity while using only 3-1/2 dimensional mathematics.
          One theory is that there is a relationship between neutrinos and GSWs, complementary to photons and light waves. Photon wave packets and neutrino wave packets may be analogous to fortune cookies with the fortunes (eg: light waves / GSWs) curled up inside. While magnetism and GSWs pass through large bodies like stars and planets very little attenuated, the only subatomic particle which can also do this feat is the neutrino. Recall that neutrinos have extremely small masses, are electrically neutral but mildly interactive subatomic particles of the lepton type, and affected only by the weak nuclear force and gravity and both only very weakly, and come in three "flavors" (electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos - each of which also come into antineutrino form - each of which can be changed into another flavor). Neutrinos and photons may actually be different states of the same particle. In fact, since 1932, some physicists have theorized that photons are made of neutrino-antineutrino pairs.
          Since neutrinos, through their theorized gravity-generating property, distort the fabric of space-time, the presence of neutrinos change the measured decay time of radioactive materials. While "time" appears to be one continuous linear phenomenon to all of us, time is neither linear nor continuous, but relative and granular ("Timetrons" are what we call the particles of time - time packets which also contain the wave properties of time that make time appear to be continuous). Keep in mind that neither space nor time is the same thing as space-time but are only ingredients of space-time, so when scientists talk about the distortion of space-time, do not think of it as the distortion of space by itself or of time by itself.
          Albert Einstein made a gross error in falsely depicting the distortion of space-time due to gravity as a rubber sheet which is distorted by masses resting upon it - the bigger the masses, the greater the distortion - so that large masses offer steeper descents which causes smaller masses to try to roll downhill to them. It is not only the same ultra-simplistic gross mistake that people make by defining terms using the same terms in their definitions, but it also does not reflect the reality of gravity acting on masses, which false depiction is easily disproved. For example, place two identical objects - same masses - on a large rubber sheet in which the distance between the objects is say 10 times the objects' diameters and you will see a ridge form between the two objects for which ridge neither object will climb over like a hill to meet the other.
          The salient questions are: "What causes objects with masses to attract each other through gravity?" And, "Why is the attractive force of gravity proportional to the product of the objects' masses?" The answers may be that neutrinos with their GSW contents, use an unknown catalytic-like property to stimulate gravity forces proportional to masses, pass through bodies with masses, which produced gravity forces compress the space-time fabric between the objects thereby drawing - "attracting" - the objects closer to each other (you cannot replicate or simulate this space-time compression using rubber or any other material). Be advised that if this theory is correct, it literally opens the door to both huge-distance space travel and time travel. We do not believe that this theory is correct, but if it is, what now is needed is the invention of NASERs (Neutrino Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation - NASER (similar to LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation)), and then the adaptation of NASER systems to rocket propulsion systems, antigravity systems and time machine systems.
          So then, "What is the relationship between Higgs Bosons and neutrinos, both subatomic particles?" We believe that Higgs Bosons, when stimulated by GSWs from the poles of the Gravinet, act in a catalytic-like fashion to cause objects to exhibit mass; immediately followed by neutrinos acting in a catalytic-like fashion on this created mass to produce GWs proportional to their mass quantities. Which GWs manifest themselves by locally compressing the space-time between masses. Higgs Bosons and neutrinos may be working together in a complementary fashion to produce gravity.
          We also believe that there is more than one form of gravity, and that gravity, just as light does, manifests itself differently at different dimensional levels. The gravity force which we experience is the vector combination of several gravitational forces as they manifest themselves in our 3-1/2 dimensional sub-universe, analogous to having several spotlights lighting up an object.

The Principle of Occam's Razor states that if there exist multiple explanations for a phenomenon, the simplest most straightforward explanation is almost always the correct explanation. Our explanation for gravity is about as simple and straightforward as one can get.

THE GREAT GRAVITATIONAL CRUNCH: The Church of Bible Prophecy earlier stated that we have also been able to identify a Black Hole (not called exactly that in the Bible Codes) now approaching The Earth - powerful enough to tear asunder our entire solar system! What we actually found was that a severe gravitational fluctuation was going to occur affecting Earth, so we assumed it to mean a Black Hole (there are an estimated 10,000 Black Holes in our Milky Way Galaxy alone, which cannot be seen, each capable of destroying our solar system, and some scientists are actively trying to generate Black Holes here on Earth). However, a severe gravitational fluctuation could also result from the near passage of a huge asteroid, comet, moon or planet to Earth, a Super Nova relatively near us in our Milky Way Galaxy, a huge dense cluster of dark matter nearby, interdimensional puncturing (inter-dimensional wormholes), some other astronomical event, and even possibly some type of weird yet unknown severe gravitational fluctuation emanating from within Earth itself. This severe gravitational fluctuation will result in massive destruction due to volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, etc. mega disasters, and could even cause a sudden and massive pole shift - even a pole reversal - even an unstable pole or wobbling pole, vibrating pole or spinning pole. We know where in the sky the severe gravitational fluctuation will appear to be coming from (its virtual location - not necessarily its physical location) and when it will occur. Some astronomers also know this - they are keeping it top secret.
          However, before the severe gravitational fluctuation (Black Hole?) totally destroys the Earth, we will be hit by two other catastrophic mega disasters, plus we predict that California will break off in the middle like a cookie and slide into the Pacific Ocean (The Church also believes that California is riddled by many huge underground oceanic caves - kept Top Secret by our Government since World War II - some extend 100s of miles inland), date unknown at this time.
          The Church also determined that Stephen Hawking's admonition against Earthlings trying to contact space aliens (eg: SETI - Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) - space aliens are creations of Satan - will prove prophetic. Unfortunately, New Mexico is the homeland and the global coddler of these secular "scientists" cretins - to The Church's and likely Stephen's Hawking's dismay - doing everything possible to try to realize one of mankind's worse nightmares. Even the dumbest SETI jerk on Planet Earth must realize that any space aliens coming to Earth will be carnivores with a very high food demand for meat proteins and fats, plus very high demands for all of the huge material and energy resources the Earth possesses - water, oil, gold, uranium, etc. In short, if space aliens visit Earth, we will become their dinners and their slaves. Why carnivores? The fact is that it takes a lot proteins and fat to support the energy requirements of an advanced brain, and their brains will be far more advanced than our brains or they wouldn't be here, and only meat can efficiently provide the levels of proteins and fats they require.
          The Church also determined that while there is a plethora of traditional "scientists" advocating trying to stop incoming asteroids and comets by using gravity attraction, laser beams, particle beams, solar sails, gentle pushing, etc. - none of which will stop anything - the simplest, most effective, least risky, least damaging and least costly approach by far is to simply blow up the incoming asteroid or comet with a nuclear weapon - just like in the movies! Excellent probability that the force of the nuclear explosion will shove all or most of the potential meteor away from us (or at least major chunks of it), the explosive force will likely badly shatter it, and if it does become a meteor, far less of its debris will likely hit the Earth. Secular scientists don't seem to realize that much less material is ablated from one large intact meteor than from 100s of its much smaller pieces as they fall to Earth. Furthermore, almost all meteors disintegrate before they hit the Earth anyway (eg: Tunguska River, Russia, 1908), the only exceptions being huge iron meteors which would be hard to blow up anyhow. However, since large meteors produce bigger chunks after disintegrating than small meteors, it is better to blow up large likely meteors as far away from Earth as possible. Would you prefer that an incoming asteroid or comet blow up 10,000 miles above you from a missile strike or 10 miles above you on its own, or hit the Earth as one huge solid meteorite with 'global extinction' written all over it? The Church believes that greed is behind these secular scientists' 'alternative final solution for mankind' - prospects of huge Government contracts will make secular "scientists" risk the entire Planet.

THE QUANTUM SUPER SILLY STRING THEORY: The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that everything in the Universe that once was in contact with each other remains in contact with each other through the End of Time. The Church (which like most of what is found on this webpage discovered this theory) calls its theory, The Quantum Super Silly String Theory (QuSSST) of The Church of Bible Prophecy. Once any two objects contact each other, permanent tiny invisible "strings" which radiate from both of them entangle together and then stretch between them regardless of the later physical separation between them. The Church believes that these connecting strings are made up mostly or entirely of neutrinos. The triggering contact can be intentional or unintentional, planned or unplanned, direct or indirect (eg: by handling the same object), animate or inanimate, or loving, hostile or neutral - all of which likely impact the flavors of the involved neutrinos. The Quantum Super Silly Strings can't be washed off, cut off or scraped off. The type and intensity of their connections relate to the type of contact, how often the connections are made, how long ago, and under what conditions. For example, if you even brush up against someone - anyone - you have established a permanent connection with them forever. The Church believes that the mass and energy of each string, while infinitesimally small, do exist and add up. The Church believes that its QuSSST theory explains the following concepts: Our many connections to God and religious beliefs, the soul, guardian angels, love, hugs, handshakes, hate, quantum entanglement (quantum spooky action at a distance), galactic wormholes, teleportation, dowsing, some dark matter (see below), psychic powers, the spirit world and spiritual enlightenment, deja vu, remote viewing, intuition, gut reactions, vibes, insight, Soul stealing, some mind reading, some subliminal mind control, some body language, fear of being touched, longing for being touched, feeling strung out, no-strings-attached attitude, greed and possessiveness, gluttony, loneliness, heartbreak, past lives, channeling, reincarnation, etc. The Church believes that to increase one's probability of a successful and prosperous life, one must physically touch the skin of as many successful and prosperous people as possible to maximize one's actual connections to success and prosperity.
          The Church also believes that its QuSSST theory explains this primordial and underlying force, which also interrelates to and causes gravity, electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, and some dark energy - all of which are also macro manifestations of The Church's Quantum Super Silly Strings. Only by understanding how QuSSST works, can scientists possibly produce their "Theory of Everything." The Church also believes that just as there is the atomic world and subatomic world, there is the macro world, the quantum world, and the sub-quantum worlds (yet to be discovered by non-Church scientists), and that there must also exist a yet unknown but complementary force to gravity, sometimes incorrectly referred to as antigravity, to fulfill the duality and symmetry of nature as nature requires.
          The Church also believes that to also fulfill nature's duality and symmetry requirements, there must also exist an invisible 3-1/2 space-time dimensional sister world linked to us in which time travels backwards relevant to us (if you are an occupant of that dimensional sister world, time would still appear to travel forward for you) which inextricably meshes at their 1/2 dimension of time boundaries (1/2 dimension for time because time travels in only one direction) with our 3-1/2 dimensional world, in a Lego-like fashion. The Church calls this reverse-time sister dimension, our Mirror Image Sister World, which communicates with us as it slides past us in our present time from our future time (analogous to the calculus convolution operation), with very high functioning people specially tuned to receive and process its data.
          These specially-tuned people are known as prophets, seers and The Revelator. Just as a soldier of our Country can clearly see the battlefield ahead because of the drone in the sky using a camera, a GPS system and transmitter communicating with him, our Mirror Image Sister World communicates with the true Soldiers of God - like a beacon in the night - about the global battlefield which lies ahead for all of us in our future, and only because they were given this special GPS capability (communicating with our Mirror Image Sister World this GPS system is actually a TPS system - Time Positioning System). Whenever you hear a preacher say, 'I wish that God gave me a GPS system so that I would know what turns to take ahead, but He doesn't,' you are listening to a preacher who is out of touch with God, rejected by God, and shut off by God from God's Heavenly Kingdom. If you currently "belong" to another church or religion, ask your clergy, "Has God given you a GPS-like system so that you know and will advise me specifically of what future paths I and my loved ones should take during these scary End Times?", and if he/she disavows God's GPS-like system or claims to not know anything about God's GPS or his/her answer is evasive (eg: changes the subject), or not totally clear or directly and tangibly helpful to you, then you have all the proof you need to leave that church or religion. Please - do not lose even one minute to join up with The Church of Bible Prophecy => Church Membership!

TIME WARP ON EARTH: The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that people living at the Equator live about 707 years in the past from people living at the Poles (average time displacement, the presence of mountains and large structures also tend to be drags on time due to their slightly greater gravity, but to lesser degrees; on the micro level, time is not smooth but rough, just as space is rough, so therefore space-time is also rough)! Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity dictates this phenomenon. Today, GPS satellites must regularly adjust to minuscule changes in time or they go out of sync. The Earth of 25,046 miles in diameter rotates at 1043 mph at the Equator and 0 mph at the Poles, and is reputed to be 4.54 billion years old. Plug Earth's data into the Special Relativity Time Dilation Equation, and you get a difference of about 707 years today from its scientifically claimed date of creation. This means that if someone on the North Pole orders someone on the Equator to ship something the same date, the person at the Equator must wait about another 707 years to catch up before shipping to obey the order. This also means that when the IRS, centered in Washington, DC, orders you to file your taxes on April 15, if your latitude is significantly north of Washington, DC, chances are you must file days and perhaps even years before Washington DC's April 15 deadline, but if your latitude is significantly south of Washington, DC, you technically still have many more days and perhaps even years, to file to meet the IRS's deadline. This also means that since The Earth's mantle rotates at a lesser speed than the surface crust directly above it, the crust lags in time behind the mantle. The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that the dilation of time applies a very complex space-time torque to the Earth which varies according to latitude and elevation, which results in volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonic plate movements and magnetic pole shifts in the Earth's efforts to constantly seek space-time equilibrium.
          Time dilation works in another respect also. As you go back into time and approach the Creation of the Universe, time slows down. Our current time is based upon time displacement from the time of Creation. This is analogous to how humans perceive time in their own lives. For example, to a 6 year old, waiting a full year for something seems like forever. However, for a 60 year old, a full year seems to transpire quickly. That's because a year to a 6 year old is 1/6 of his/her life, but only 1/60 to the 60 year old. Time is always relative.

CIRCULAR POLARIZED LIGHT & DARK MATTER: You cannot see all forms of light which hit your eyes. For example, circular polarized light (CPL light) is totally invisible to humans and to all animals of the animal kingdom, except for at least two species of mantis shrimp (the amazing mantis shrimp can also see infrared and ultraviolet light, and have 10 times both the visual acuity and color perception of humans). Right now, your body could literally be lit up like a Christmas tree with circular polarized light in the middle of the visible light spectrum and yet appear to you to be in total darkness. While circular polarized light is likely rare in nature on Earth, certain types of light generators can generate CPL light (eg: Q-switched Nd: YAG laser). There are electronic receivers designed to detect CPL light, and CPL light can be photographed using special filters.
         Light may be linear polarized. Or light may be elliptical polarized, of which circular polarized is most common. There are four types of linear polarized light - 0° (HH), 45° (HV), 90° (VV; most sensitive to the human eye), and -45° (VH) (H=Horizontal Polarity, V=Vertical Polarity). Most linear polarized light is horizontal polarized light (HH light), and is due to reflections of sun light and headlights off of smooth, horizontal reflective surfaces, such as bodies of water and ice, and is known as glare (polarized glasses, eg: Polaroid glasses, are vertically polarized to minimize this glare). Circular polarized light is in the form of a rotating spiral or helix. There are two types of circular polarized light - right-hand polarized (R-CPL) and left-hand polarized (L-CPL) - analogous to machine screws. Most light which occurs in nature is mixed-polarized - light reflections from various objects in an uncorrelated and unsynchronized fashion which mix together in random and dynamically changing fashions. However, if one type of linearly polarized light becomes dominant, then glare is produced, and glare can cause terrific headaches, nausea and other serious medical-like manifestations - even in the form of non-visible CPL glare.
         The spectral components of light - frequency - indicate the composition of the objects reflected off of or absorbed into, how spectrographs function. The polarization of light defines the surface features, shape, shading and roughness of objects, which may look very differently under different types of polarization - great tool for materials and forensic scientists. Circular polarized light can hold far more information than linear polarized light and hold it over a much greater distance, therefore, if you are being scanned by circular polarized light, much more details about you can be detected by the CPL sensor / CPL receiver. And of course CPL light can be used to program, power and deliver the energy of other types of uses, such as for mind control and electronic attack. How mantis shrimps are able to fully see in CPL light is that their almost magical eyes have structures in them which convert CPL light into linear light. Commercially, circular polarized light is commonly used in communications (especially satellite communications), photography (especially medical photography; requires special filters), metal defect and metal failure detectors, and object detection in turbid fluids.
         Light can have a huge impact on your brain and body, including causing spontaneous DNA changes. In addition to the possible serious glare effects can also come intense burning if the light intensity is high enough - just like you are under a heat lamp or bright sun - and if "invisible" CPL light, you won't even know what caused it! If you can see a diffuse, elongated yellowish pattern (sometimes pinched in the middle on both sides by two bluish "leaves") in your middle vision, then there is a good chance that you are under a circular polarized light attack (CPL attack). This limited human CPL detection capability is called, "Haidinger's Brush", is not possessed by all people, and you can train yourself to improve it if you have this special capability. CPL mind control and electronic attacks appear to be much on the increase.
         Of all of the matter in the Universe, scientists have determined that we can see only 4.9% of it. Another 26.8% of the matter is in the form of dark matter (if dark matter does indeed exist); the remaining 68.3% of matter in the Universe is formless energy yet to condense into matter - leftover energy from the Big Bang. Dark matter cannot be seen or felt by us but can be indirectly detected by observing its gravitational effects (eg: expansion rate of the Universe, gravitational lensing) and likely generation of gamma rays from its interactions with itself. We believe that much dark matter would likely be observable by us if only we could see circular polarized light, and that dark matter entirely or at least mostly consists of the "missing elements" at the top of the Periodic Table. We also believe that there is likely different kinds of dark matter, and in fact there may be planets, galaxies and even lifeforms themselves in the Universe made up of this dark matter. A few questions: (1) If there is dark matter life forms out there, can they observe or even detect visible light matter like us? (2) Can we reach this dark matter, and vice-versa, through wormholes or star gates? (3) Are white holes the black holes of dark matter? (4) Can dark matter and visible matter occupy the same space-time (ie: simultaneously occupy the same place) - perhaps either being the spirit world of the other? (5) Since there are about 5 times more dark matter than visible matter, does that mean that there is 6 different types of matter - 1 type of visible matter and 5 types of dark matter? (6) What is the relationships between dark matter, dark energy, parallel universes, and higher-level dimensions? (7) Does anti-dark matter also exist?

DISTANT GALAXIES, THE CHURCH's QUANTUM THEORY OF SPACE-TIME & LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS: The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that, like The Holy Bible, the Universe is also discretely layered, but into different time frames or space-time quanta, again, analogous to an onion. Everything in the Universe comes in discrete quantities or quanta - nothing is truly continuous. Outer space, as viewed through telescopes, is not continuous but consists of quantum space-time layers or huge gravitational corpuscles just like light is composed of quanta of photons (ie: discrete quantities of photons) but appears to be continuous to the eye and virtually all light detecting equipment (in fact, all of nature is structurally discrete - nothing is truly continuous - even while mathematical integration approaches infinity, it never reaches infinity, so calculus integration is also discrete). The reason why space-time is in the form of space-time layers and corpuscles is that contrary to most non-Church astronomers who believe that The Big Bang (Origin of The Universe) was one continuous linear event, the truth is that The Big Bang occurred in space-time waves or spurts, analogous to dropping a stone in a pool, the resulting waves then "solidified" into space-time layers and corpuscles. Even novice astronomers will tell you that if you look through a telescope at distant galaxies, you are also looking back in time. Secular astronomers claim that they can see billions of distant galaxies, each galaxy containing billions of stars (solar systems), claiming that the total Universe has 300 sextillion stars (300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars) - many orders of magnitude larger than even Carl Sagan's "billions and billions of stars". The truth is that because outer space consists of space-time layers or huge gravitational corpuscles, what astronomers are actually seeing are the same nearby stars and galaxies but at discrete space-time spacings (ie: different spatial positions and times in their distant histories). Just as an observer on a nearby galaxy observing our Milky Way Galaxy with a strong telescope will see not only the nearby and near-history Milky Way Galaxy, but vastly different looking versions of our Milky Way Galaxy which existed many millions and even billions of years ago in its past and greatly displaced from its current and other past positions and viewing angles. Analogous to being in a house of mirrors and thinking that all the images you are seeing are not reflections of you but actual people who look like you. Some of these space-time displaced galaxies we observe through our telescopes is, you guessed it, our space-time displaced Milky Way Galaxy. Albert Einstein stated that in our Universe, the past, present and future all coexist at the same time. Why the stars and galaxies all appear as discrete points of light and not just as one jumbled light smear from all that curving and bouncing around in space is due to the particle nature of light and the fact we only see light both directed towards Earth and with nothing in between it and Earth.
          A MIND EXPERIMENT: You have a mirror 15 meters in front of you. Light bounces off of you, hits the mirror, then returns to your eyes, total distance, 30m. Since light travels at 300 million meters/sec, you are seeing yourself as you actually were 100 nanoseconds (100ns) earlier. Lets say that light slows down to only 3 m/s. Now, you are seeing yourself as you actually were 10 seconds earlier (5 sec to reach the mirror from you plus 5 sec to reach you from the mirror). For example, if you take off your hat, you won't observe it in your reflection until 10 sec later. But instead of light slowing down, you place your mirror 1.5 billion meters away - a relatively tiny distance in astronomical terms. Again, you are seeing yourself as you were 10 sec earlier. You place a second mirror slightly offset from the first but only 150 million meters away. In the second mirror, you see yourself 1 sec earlier. You take your hat off, and 1-10 sec later, you look different in both mirrors. So now you have one mirror that makes you look 1 sec younger and another mirror that makes you look 10 sec younger, both viewing you at different angles. While there is only one of you, an observer - no matter where he/she stands - sees you and your two mirror images and believes that he/she is seeing triplets. And if the mirror spacing is much greater resulting in years, millennia or even eons between image arrivals, the observer believes believe that he/she is viewing three DIFFERENT UNRELATED persons.
          Space is curved, so light bends in space due to space curvature, and light also bends due to the gravitational fields of both dark matter that may exist in quantity and observable matter, and neither of which is linear bending. Since matter is not uniformly dispersed in the Universe but is in clumps or clusters, these high-gravity clumps or clusters form space-time layers and huge gravitational corpuscles. Also, the Universe is probably shaped like a huge doughnut (since planets and galaxies rotate, then the Universe also likely rotates, and if it does, it will naturally form a doughnut shape). Between any star or galaxy many light years away and you, more than one discrete optical path exists. In fact, 100s - if not 1000s - of discrete optical paths exists. If the Universe is doughnut-shaped, there will be paths which go along both sides of the doughnut to you, so time-displaced views of opposite sides of a star or galaxy will occur. The shortest possible optical path equals the straight-line distance between you and the star or galaxy. All other optical paths are longer - some may be thousands, millions and even billions of times longer as they meander through space. Each discrete optical path which reaches you from the star or galaxy at the same time, is of vastly different spatial (and thus, time) length, and thus comes from a different viewing direction and angle of the star or galaxy and at a different time in its history - what The Church calls the optical boomerang effect (boomerangs travel in highly curved paths). Note that not all optical paths make the entire distance between the heavenly body and your eyes here on Earth. That's because many optical paths are blocked by space objects, thereby blocking their view from you, else you could see many more time-based versions of any distant star or galaxy and the heavens would look like a blur (however, some heavenly bodies do appear as blurs and can never be brought into sharp focus, so some blurring does occur). Also, some intrinsically luminous stars which are not too dense to be non-luminous are so huge that their radiated light cannot escape into space so they are invisible (these are not black holes in the traditional concept of black holes as huge swirling gravitational sinkholes). These invisible galaxies and stars account for some of the "dark matter" astronomers fret about and fudge equations for.
          Just like viewing fish in a pond, your mind tells you that light travels in a straight line, when in fact light curves in space non-linearly and gravity-dependent and travels along countless pathways. Even on Earth you can see something without actually looking at it. For example, drive down a long desert road and you think you see a pond of water on the road in the distance. This is an optical illusion, you are actually seeing a reflection of the sky, which appears on the road due to thermal radiation. Your mind is also fooled into believing that you are seeing a star or galaxy only once in your telescope, and only when you precisely point your telescope in its precise straight-line direction, when in fact you may be seeing several - even perhaps 100s - of space-time versions of the same star or galaxy in just that one telescopic view and not even realize it, and you may also be seeing orders of magnitude more versions of it by viewing the entire sky, appearing in just about every direction you point a telescope from on Earth. Furthermore, the actual viewed angle of the star or galaxy may not even be the one actually facing Earth - you could be viewing a side or even the back of the star or galaxy. Each of these 1000s - even perhaps millions - of discrete star or galaxy versions of the same star or galaxy you see result from being viewed from a different four-dimensional direction, angle, position and time, so they all look so different that you can't recognize that all of these views are just different space-time based versions of the very same star or galaxy. A star or galaxy located even 1,000 light years from Earth may take millions of years for its light to reach Earth along some of its many multipathed, sometimes circuitous, light paths as it bounces around the Universe. We believe that more than 50% - likely 90+% - of the observed stars and galaxies are actually just different space-time versions of the same stars and galaxies. Your telescope is actually a kind of space-time kaleidoscope. Viewing through it is again essentially viewing images in a space-time house of mirrors - filled with optical illusions. Astronomers already know that stars and galaxies change greatly with time, sometimes dramatically change, sometimes gain or lose some of their material with other heavenly bodies, sometimes change their relative positions within their own galaxies and solar systems (eg: Mars more than likely had an orbit very close to Earth's orbit millions of years ago, at which time it had plenty of water and probably lifeforms, and then got pulled away or bumped into its current dismal orbit), and sometimes collide with each other or annihilate each other, our highly dynamic Universe making them even much more difficult to recognize as just being earlier versions of a star and galaxy.
          Also, when astronomers look for other planets, one of the things they look for is periodic wobbling in stars to indicate the pull of the planet as it circles the star. However, in many cases what they might actually be seeing is the periodic gravitational pull of another planet or star (or other heavenly body) near and on the light path to the Earth as that heavenly body revolves around another heavenly body. While these types of pulls result in minuscule variations in the light path where the pull occurs, over billions and trillions of miles, those minuscule variations are highly amplified, making it falsely appear that the viewed star is itself wobbling (if you hold down a long ruler over a desk and pluck the ruler towards the held-down end, the free end will vibrate much greater than the plucked part). Another method popularly used by astronomers to detect planets is the periodic dimming of the light intensity from the star as the planet revolves around it and passes in front of it. However, periodic dimming can also be the result of a light path effect. For example, if you are in the dark and a person off at a distance shines a flashlight towards you, the brightness of the flashlight will change significantly if the flashlight even slightly changes direction (note that not every star has the same brightness in all directions it radiates into, stars can in fact produce directional beaming much like flashlights, and star brightness can vary over both the short term and long term). And not all stars are spherical in nature - some are disk-shaped. Therefore, simply because a star appears to have a periodic wobble or dimming, does not mean that the star itself is wobbled or dimmed by a planet. The result is that a periodic wobbling or dimming star is no proof that the star has a planet circling it but just increases the probability that a planet is the cause. Either the star is periodically wobbling and/or dimming or the optical path between the star and Earth is wobbling and/or causing dimming.
          Non-Church astronomers claim that dark matter is space matter which neither reflects nor absorbs light, which means that while dark matter is invisible, light passes through it unchanged (totally transparent, except bent by its gravity), nevertheless, dark matter has a huge mass, thereby causing great gravitational pull. If you believe all that, we have a bridge in Brooklyn we can sell you. The fact is, just as light curves in space at different rates, depending upon its distance, direction and masses it comes near to, resulting in the multiple discrete optical paths described above, gravity (which also travels at the speed of light) waves themselves also curve in space (due to the curvature of space, and to a smaller extent than light), also producing many discrete gravitational paths between any heavenly body and Earth. Therefore, you are also additively receiving the gravitational effects of the different versions of the same star or galaxy during its long history. One big difference is that while objects in space block optical paths so you can't see all of the versions of the observed heavenly body, objects in space do not block gravity paths, and in fact, gravitationally add to the gravity of the objects between it and you. This means that the Earth and all other heavenly bodies usually receive many more gravity influences from any star or galaxy than receive optical views of it, and that the gravity paths which have light-blocking objects between it and all other heavenly bodies are stronger than the observable ones which travel the same distances free of light-blocking objects. Thus, the observation of much more gravity than what could be caused by observable heavenly bodies results in the illusion of dark matter. These same astronomers claim that dark energy makes up about 70% of the Universe, dark matter makes up about 25%, and ALL observable matter and energy makes up less than about 5%. If dark matter is largely fictional, then dark energy is also largely fictional.
          Another big difference is that since the optical paths usually differ substantially from the gravity paths, the optical paths from a heavenly body will usually appear to be coming from different directions than its gravity paths - neither of which are usually the shortest space-time distances between you and the heavenly body.
          What this all means is that there are actually vastly fewer heavenly bodies, dark energy and dark matter than what non-Church astronomers now claim to exist. Groucho Marx once said, "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?" This is one of the rare cases where your eyes - looking through a telescope into the heavens - are actually lying to you. The outer space optical illusion everyone experiences when looking into deep space is converted by non-Church astronomers into the optical delusion of a vast Universe filled with matter and energy of which 95% you can't even observe. And making The Earth and its inhabitants appear to be insignificant, as opposed to The Church's correct view that the Universe is layered or gravitationally corpuscular in nature and vastly smaller than observed or widely believed - filled with heavenly bodies you can both observe and gravitationally detect multiple times because of multipathing throughout their long histories. Of course, astronomers are detecting Earth-like planets that may contain the right conditions for life - likely they are just observing the many versions of Earth in its deep past. Even New Mexico Attorney General Tom Udall described claims made about Roswell as, "Frauds" (1997). The great amount of faked-up excitement that secular astronomers have about extraterrestrials (ETs) makes you think that they are talking about, "sextraterrestrials"! Their secret agenda is to make Earth and our solar system seem insignificant and therefore not blessed by God - all part of their greedy and atheist con game to obtain more money for their various super-expensive pet space projects, including the search for speculated space alien lifeforms because, according to them, 'Don't depend on God, because only space aliens can save Earth now', and their, 'God is but one of many space alien lifeforms.'
          Secular astronomers are constantly speculating on how many other planets in the Universe have intelligent life on them. Most wildly speculate on the high side - constantly inflating their estimates with new ridiculous claims, for example, that one of the essential elements to life can be arsenic instead of phosphorous. First, as we have clearly established above, the Universe contains far, far fewer galaxies and stars than what non-Church astronomers believe. Astronomers also speculate that for a planet to have intelligent life on it, the planet must have most of its major properties lie within a narrow range of values (the Drake Equation). One of these critical properties is the distance the planet is from its sun, which varies depending on its size and the amount of energy it radiates. This zone of habitability where most water is a liquid is called, "The (Solar System) Goldilocks Zone" - not too close to its sun (too hot) and yet not too distant from its sun (too cold). From its beginning, John Williams believed that the Drake Equation - the Temple of Worship for secular astronomers and space alien buffs - is very simplistic, shortsighted and incomplete. These secular astronomers ignore some critical facts that further greatly reduces the probability of intelligent life on another planet in our Universe by orders of magnitude - even from their most conservative Goldilocks-Zone guestimates. However, "The Williams Intragalactic Goldilocks Zone", first envisioned by John Williams decades ago, is the requirement that in order for a solar system to even have a good possibility of a goldilocks planet with intelligent life, it must occupy a part of its galaxy of very low density (ie: other heavenly bodies more than about a mile across are distant) to avoid frequent catastrophic collisions with other heavenly bodies, which would result in frequent mass extinctions, which would mean that even if life did evolve elsewhere, it would have not moved much above the sponge level. Secular astronomers claim that about 85% of the Milky Way Galaxy by its volume has high densities of stars, leaving only about 15% with low densities of stars, and because high-density regions have many more stars in the same volume, it means that actually less than 5% of all of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy reside in its low-density regions. In addition, the planet's galactic zone of occupation must also be within a certain distance from the center of its galaxy - too close and it gets sucked into a very dense and chaotic region culminating in a likely black hole and many catastrophic extinctions - too distant and it is likely to get flung out into cold, dark space without its sun. An additional requirement which further reduces the probability of intelligent life on a planet by orders of magnitude, also first envisioned by John Williams decades ago, is "The Williams Intergalactic Goldilocks Zone". The Williams Intergalactic Goldilocks Zone means that for a solar system to even have a good possibility of intelligent life, its galaxy (The Milky Way Galaxy) must not exist near other galaxies, large exploding stars or black holes large enough to damage it to prevent its catastrophic destruction which would likely result from its galaxy colliding with a neighboring galaxy, debris from a large exploding star and/or black hole. Recently envisioned by John Williams is the, "The Williams Laws of Physics Goldilocks Zone." The Williams Laws of Physics Goldilocks Zone states that the Laws of Physics vary throughout the Universe, and it is very likely that there exists a tolerance as to how much any Law of Physics can vary for intelligent life to exist, and that only the Earth, and perhaps a handful of its neighboring stars, exist where the Laws of Physics lie within these intelligent life tolerances. In addition, there may be other Goldilocks Zones which no one knows about yet.
          While secular astronomers are fond of falsely claiming that there are billions of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, that the Milky Way Galaxy is a typical medium-sized spiral galaxy, and that there are billions of galaxies in our Universe, and that there are an infinite number of universes besides our Universe (which may or may not be parallel universes to ours, see herein for more), the truth is that the number of planets in the entire Universe which has intelligent life may indeed be as small as ONE - Planet Earth! The fact that you don't see space aliens walking around today (the Enrico Fermi Paradox - "Where are the aliens?") is strong evidence that space aliens probably don't exist - no extraterrestrial - much less sextraterrestrials anywhere near enough to visit us. All unexplained phenomena could totally be of Earthly origin by lost advanced civilizations - done by Earthlings alone during a time when people were much smarter and physically stronger than we are today. The Church is not saying that there are no other intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, only that the number is many orders of magnitude smaller than non-Church astronomers and space alien buffs believe.
          The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that this is all part of a huge fraud and conspiracy perpetrated between secular astronomers, space buffs and professional skeptics to defraud $100 millions in tax dollars and private donations from ignorant fools. By claiming that there is no space aliens on Earth at any time but there are many out in deep space that, according to them, we must urgently communicate with because they are all benevolent and would immediately save Earth if only they knew we existed, then logically $100 millions must be urgently spent annually to contact these distant space aliens to save Earth. Clearly, if they were forced to admit that there are or were intelligent space aliens on Earth, then the questions would be, "Why should we try to contact distant space aliens when it would be much cheaper, easier and reliable to just simply contact those space aliens now on Earth?", and, "Since space aliens who are or were on Earth never did a thing to save the Earth, why would those in deep space care any more?". To "prove" their claim that space aliens have yet to visit Earth, their mantra is, "Bring us hard evidence that space aliens were ever here on Earth and then we will admit to it." Hard evidence of possible space alien visitations does indeed exist, however, these same secular astronomers, space alien buffs and professional skeptics will refuse to even examine it, while continuing to chant their self-serving and mantra designed to defraud the public. For example, I am in possession of and have a webpage about a quartz rock I found with an embedded electronic connector-like component in the 1990s - The Petradox (or Enigmalith). No traditional astronomer, space buff or professional skeptic will even look at it. One claimed that the embedded part is glued in, although he refused to even look at it - much less test it even though we made it available to him (we have not been able to detect any adhesive anywhere on the Petradox, but even if it exists it would have to be proved to be a modern manmade formulation as space aliens and lost advanced ancient civilizations would certainly be using adhesives of their own formulations). One major skeptics organization is also located in Albuquerque, NM, only a few miles away. Not to mention UNM, Sandia Labs, Los Alamos Labs, etc. If there is proof to be had, I have it. And others have come forward with similar claims. However, by examining the Petradox, secular astronomers, space buffs and professional skeptics might be forced to admit that indeed space aliens have visited Earth (else it was made by an lost advanced ancient civilization), and thereby likely put an end to their lavish $100 millions annual fraud schemes, and especially professional skeptics, would die off faster than the dinosaurs.
          I am a big believer in the Occam's Razor ('Given more than one hypothesis for any phenomenon based on the available evidence, in almost all cases, the simplest and most likely hypothesis is the true explanation'), and "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" (Dr. Carl Sagan) axioms. For example, The Church of Bible Prophecy will not declare anyone to be a Vicar of Satan without first having obtained both extraordinary and overwhelming proof in its view of that person's Satanic evilness. Furthermore, The Revelator has developed his own axiom: "Whenever you have an artifact or observation that is of unexplained origin, if it can be explained by the technology, tools and materials of that time - regardless of how creative it is or advanced that it appears to be - and there are no missing required intermediate steps of technology, tools and materials - then you must assume that no space aliens or lost advanced civilization had anything to do with creating it; conversely, if there are missing any required intermediate steps of technology, tools or materials then you must assume it was made by either space aliens or a lost advanced civilization." For example, since the "Baghdad Battery" was made from common technology, tools and materials of its period, no lost advanced civilization or space aliens made it. However, if someone found a modern computer in a 5,000 year old tomb, then you MUST assume that it was made by a lost advanced civilization or by space aliens. The Petradox, with erosion wear patterns in both the rock and the embedded part clearly prove that it is of ancient origin, cannot be explained by any technology, tools or materials available to any known ancient civilization, so therefore the Petradox MUST have been made by a lost advanced civilization and/or by space aliens.
          Secular astronomers are also fond of computer-generating phony digital photo recreations of the Milky Way Galaxy as if you were viewing the Milky Way Galaxy from above its plane. Fact is, the Milky Way Galaxy is disk-shaped, and the Earth lies along the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy disk. So it is impossible - even with Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Telescope, etc. - for us to know what the Milky Way Galaxy exactly looks lie when viewed from above its plane. If I showed you only the edge of an unfamiliar disk several feet away that you had never seen before, there is no way that you could describe what the face of the disk looks like, or even whether or not a hole was at its center, and if so, the size and shape of the hole. There are variations in the way that galaxies look, and for all we know, the Milky Way Galaxy may have a unique configuration. Since secular astronomers clearly resort to Photo Shopping the Milky Way Galaxy, how can anyone be certain that all of the other astronomical photos and videos they present of the Universe and of their claimed countless galaxies are not just Photo Shopped as well.

INFINITE UNIVERSES NONSENSE: Many secular astronomers now claim that: (1) Our Universe is infinite in size, (2) There are an infinite number of Universes, (3) Of these infinite number of Universes, an infinite subset of them consists of universes identical to our Universe down to the existence, combination and position of every subatomic particle in our Universe, an infinite subset of them consists of universes identical to our Universe except for the existence, combination or position of one subatomic particle, an infinite subset of them consists of universes identical to ours except for two subatomic particles .... until every subatomic particle in our Universe is different in existence, combination and position to a subset of an infinite number of universes. Clearly, this is totally ridiculous. Those who have fallen for this secular bunk and snow job must then also believe that everything is infinite, and that there is no granularity in our Universe, which would also mean that photons and Quantum Theory are bunk, none of us exists, the Earth doesn't exists and no heavenly body exists! Other than our Mirror Image Sister World which convolves through the Time dimension with our Universe, there are no other universes or parts of universes, including parallel universes to our Universe, and our Universe is NOT infinite. In fact, nothing is truly infinite. By stating that something is "infinite," you are simply admitting that something is so large or so small that its actual size, quantity or other property is both unknown to you and beyond your ability to comprehend what it could be. To ancient man (whose entire number system consisted of 1-through-10 and many), an infinite number of buffalo may have been an unbelievable 1,000 - a number so large to him/her that he/she could neither understand nor explain what it is to the other tribe members. To most of us today, if you go above a million, that is infinite, but to a few of us, a trillion trillion is not infinite but close to it.

YOU CAN'T ESCAPE GOD'S WILL IN A SPACE SHIP OR SPACE CRAFT: No matter how rich or powerful you are, when God destroys the Earth, based on current technology, you won't be able to escape God's Wrath in a space ship. If you can't escape Earth in a spaceship or spacecraft - bowing out of the Earth before God's Wrath descends upon it - your only hope is to be Raptured Up onto Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of people will be Raptured Up onto Jesus, so based on how devout you have really been, consider the odds that you will be one of the very few. And unfortunately, Earth is located in a sparse area of the Milky Way Galaxy - the nearest even possible habitable planet is dozens, if not 100s, of light years away. No spaceship is being built now designed for space travel over 100s or even of 1,000s years to house even one family - much less 50 families (a minimum of 50 families is required for adequate genetic diversity for future survival). Why? For even 50 families requiring 100s of years of supplies, the space ship would have to be so enormous no known set of rocket engines could lift it into space. The nearest star with a detected planet in the Milky Way Galaxy which could even remotely possibly support life is more than 70 light years away. The fastest any space ship could possibly go is theoretically about 1/2 the speed of light, but practically much more likely less than 1/10 the speed of light. Based on current technology, you, yourself, would never see this planet. Nor would your children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren. With great luck, perhaps your descendants 35+ generations away from you would see this planet. Your remote descendants who had never seen our sun, breathed our air or saw our planet Earth. The space ship would have to be 100% self-contained. That means the people in it would have to eat the products of the feces and urine of people and animals in it and dead people as well, for every meal over their life times. For many generations, people would travel with little light inside and total darkness outside the space ship with a few dozen square yards per person living space at most, hearing the constant droning and creaking of the space ship, and without a single breath of fresh air or ray of sunlight. Not to worry, within a few years, most of the heat would leak out into space, slowly as it might be, and everyone would begin to slowly freeze as inside temperatures drop on their way to near absolute zero (-459F). When Earth is destroyed - YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES - if you were not Raptured Up unto Jesus by then - will also be most painfully destroyed - no matter how rich and powerful you are! Your best bet is to either prepare yourself to be Raptured Up while doing your best to keep our Earth from being destroyed until then, or find a way to successfully leave Earth in a space craft.
       Just to give you an example of how stupid some scientists are at promoting an Earth-escape plan using a spacecraft filled with a fully-awake and functional community living in homes, a team of scientists have proposed a rotating space ship with a 15-mile long 2-mile diameter living volume to hold 250,000 people, which they claim will take 60 years to build! Powered by a nuclear reactor, which would cause its inside shell to rotate to imitate Earth's gravity, and to produce light and heat from a 15-mile long axial light bulb! About the most warning people can expect from an approaching catastrophic destruction of the Earth is a few years at most. And even if you launched this space craft in sections and assembled the sections in space like a space station, 100s of 100% successful launches would be required.
       The only possible solution for any successful Earth-escape plan small or large is suspended animation, most likely using cryogenics. Passengers are put to cryogenic state for 100s of years, and only awakened when they near a habitable planet. The same people who leave Earth will arrive at the new planet at the same biological age and physical condition on the day they were put into cryogenic sleep (cryogenic suspended animation). Whether you are talking about 10 families or 10,000 families, the size of the required space ship would be much smaller than if they were all walking around eating and breathing, and a far less extensive and complex support system would be required. Here is how it would work: Passengers would be put into cryogenic suspended animation on Earth, then loaded into hexagonal tubes inside of a cylinder, similar to a honey bee's honeycomb, perhaps a 100 passengers per cylinder. This would be followed by a few cylinders loaded with a month's food supply, freshly weaned animals, and plant seeds and bulbs. If they were not many passengers, this would all be done on Earth. If there were many, the spaceship would be assembled in space, including adding on the cryogenic cylinders, similar to the Space Station. From the spaceship's passenger point of view, you would be put into cryogenic sleep fresh with Earth's experiences, and then be awakened from your suspended animation on your new planet, what you believed were a few minutes later - just like a good restful nap - still digesting the last meal you had on Earth and with your same sun tan. The spacecraft crew would stay awake up until several weeks after the launch to make sure the spaceship had cleared Earth's gravity and pointed in the right direction, and the booster rockets functioned successfully to bring the spaceship to a speed within at least 10% of the speed of light. Then they too, would undergo cryogenic sleep. A couple of the crew would be awakened every year for a day to make sure all systems were functioning well and the spaceship was still on track. About two weeks before arriving at the targeted planet - no matter how many light years away - all the crew would be awakened for the final precision steering and positioning. Once properly positioned over the planet, a scouting team would descend using a space shuttle to do the final checks. If the planet is determined to be sufficiently Earth-like, space shuttles from the spaceship would bring the cylinders down to the planet, however many required trips. Once everyone and everything was on the surface of the new planet, the cryogenic process would be reversed and everything living would be restored to the condition they were in when they left the Earth. If the planet was not Earth-like enough, the scouting team would return to the spaceship, the next likely planet targeted, and then the spaceship would continue onto its next target planet.
       Is suspended animation even possible? Several large animals go into a form of suspended animation every winter - it is called hibernation. Recently, scientists have discovered living dinosaur-era bacteria (still living 86 million year old bacteria) in the red sea floor clay of the North Pacific Gyre. These ancient bacteria are in a state of suspended animation where their metabolic rates are slowed down to 1/100000 of normal. Note that while cold, these are not frozen bacteria. And there appears to be no limit on how much the metabolism can be slowed down - by a factor of 1/1000000 or even 1/10000000 is possible.
       CRYOGENIC SLEEP IS THE ONLY HOPE THAT HUMANS HAVE TO SAFELY LEAVE EARTH FOR ANOTHER HABITABLE PLANET AS THE EARTH APPROACHES FINAL DESTRUCTION (which it is now doing)! NO MATTER HOW MANY MILLIONS OR BILLIONS OF DOLLARS YOU HAVE! NO OTHER METHOD IS POSSIBLE! WITHOUT IT, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE VERY FEW RAPTURED UP UNTO JESUS CHRIST, EVERYONE ELSE WILL VIOLENTLY AND VERY PAINFULLY DIE OR SUFFER! Clearly, the most critical part of this system is the cryogenics. The cryogenics MUST be able to reliably and safely put into cryogenic state of suspended animation humans and animals and likewise awaken them 100s - even 1000s - of years later in the same condition as when they were put to sleep. However, no one to date has been able to awaken any large mammal - much less a human - from a cryogenic state. This is another major scientific research project The Church of Bible Prophecy is diligently undertaking, as an offshoot of its Forever Young research (while cryogenics was an early consideration, it is not the same technology). Initial indicators show that The Church has just made a major cryogenics breakthrough, and needs to move on to the next steps to optimize it and reduce the size, weight and costs. However, this is another scientific endeavor which is extremely costly to work in - requiring far greater resources than what The Church now brings in through its scientific research donations. Without a considerable increase in donations and bequests applied to its cryogenics research, even if someone else in the future also makes this discovery, it will likely be far too late to save You and Your Loved Ones. And those who support The Church's scientific programs now will be given the top considerations if and when its cryogenic discoveries are practically and reliably implemented.

THE PERIODIC TABLE: The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that the Periodic Table is not a complete representation of all chemical elements in the Universe - contrary to what all secular scientists claim. The Church believes that the gaps between hydrogen and helium, between beryllium and boron, and between magnesium and aluminum contain actual chemical elements - just that they are missing from Earth. For example, helium is the result of a solar fusion reaction which fuses two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom. All of the 16 "missing elements" between hydrogen and helium are intermediate product elements which result in the fusion process. It is already known that the heaviest elements in the Periodic Table stray away from the common properties of the lighter elements in their same columns due to quantum effects (eg: quantum effects cause gold to be gold color (because gold absorbs blue light) instead of being colorless like silver). Quantum effects on the heaviest elements also implies quantum effects on the lightest elements, including the missing elements. As long as secular scientists refuse to accept and understand that there is no Periodic Table gap, we will never have manmade fusion energy. The Church also believes that the Periodic Table is multidimensional, with isotopes and other forms of elements existing outside of our Solar System, and that much of dark matter that may actually exist consists of these missing elements. Just as the laws of physics which apply in different space-time contexts to Earth do not now apply and some have never applied to Earth, we also don't get all of the chemical elements, and many of those that we do get are only in trace amounts and/or are unstable and short-lived on Earth.

WONDER WHY AFTER 4.7 BILLION YEARS, ALL OF THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE AND WATER HAS NOT BEEN SUCKED OUT INTO THE VACUUM OF OUTER SPACE? Yes, gravity is a part of the reason, but not the entire reason. When you suck a drink through a straw, even a thick drink, the drink moves up into your mouth because you created a vacuum which easily overcomes Earth's gravity, and the vacuum your mouth creates is minor compared to the vacuum of space. Also consider that the Earth's rotation and its revolving around the Sun both produce centrifugal forces on Earth's atmosphere and water, which would tend to fling them out in addition to the severe vacuum force of outer space. Theoretically, our atmosphere should last only a few years at most. And no, it is not the Ozone Layer that keeps our Earth's atmosphere and water virtually intact. There are major holes in the Ozone Layer, and some planets without an ozone layer or similar still have atmospheres. The Revelator has pondered this problem since childhood, and now has the answer. Do you? Show an interest about this webpage (preferably website) - email us what your theory is - and The Revelator will email you the answer. And with enough interest, he will even put the answer here.

WAS THE MOON LANDING FAKED?: The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that NASA faked the moon landing in an outside studio with actors, director, photo equipment, props and black drapes. Each of several issues prove it beyond reasonable doubt. For examples:
       (A) WAVING OF THE AMERICAN FLAG WITH NO WIND: Proponents claim that because of the moon's lack of wind, a horizontal bar was placed at the top of the flag to hold it, like a curtain rod, AND that the flag's flapping motion came from the movement of the astronaut's hands handling this assembly. But if you analyze the flag's flapping motion, it is clear that only the presence of a wind could cause those particular motions, and that the astronaut's hand motions would and did cause a different type of flag motion. You can also experiment for yourself.
       (B) NO STARS IN THE BACKGROUND SKY: Proponents claim that no stars appeared in the background sky of any of the moon photos because the photos were taken during the daylight on the moon - just as you can't see stars on Earth during daylight. False again. When you have daylight on Earth, both the ground (where there are no shadows) and the sky itself are fully lit up; that is why you can't see the stars during daylight. However, the moon's ground was not lit up by the sun - therefore no daylight on the moon - powerful artificial lights were used to light the moon ground up like you might light up your porch at night (you still can see stars from your lit-up porch). And the moon sky appeared as pitch black - not also brightly lit up as expected for it being "daylight" on the moon. Nor on the moon was intense sunlight concealing any object, nor blinding the cameras. The moon sky was pitch black, and therefore, if the astronauts were really on the moon, the stars would have brightly contrasted - even more brightly and crisply than Earth with its atmosphere. Photos of astronauts circling the Earth, positioned over where it is day time on Earth, still show stars in the backgrounds.

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