The Church of Bible Prophecy uses scientific, mathematical analysis of Bible Scriptures to help reveal End Times prophecies to better prepare Church Members to spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially survive, succeed and prosper - personal empowerment / personal salvation / personal prosperity / personal security - during the End of the World => The Antichrist, The Battle of Armageddon, The Rapture, The Great Tribulation, The Coming of the Messiah - Second Coming of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom Come, His Final Judgment.

The Last Days are Here! Time for the Seven Seals to be Unsealed from The Sealed Book of Revelation (The Holy Bible). We believe that the Seven Seals are Seven Mathematical Algorithms for the Bible Codes / Torah Codes which will Prophesy the End of the World, and Who are the Good Doers and Who are the Evildoers

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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can better learn about Holy Bible End Time prophecies for personal salvation purposes. The Church of Bible Prophecy (CBP, "The Church"), Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the only major God-based prophetic church or religion based on both scientific and mathematical methods in the entire world - WE ARE THE ONLY GOD-BASED CHURCH OF PROPHECY TRULY BASED ON SCIENCE AND MATH!

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In 2001, before becoming The Revelator, REV John Williams, The Revelator solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built by using a centrally-located hydraulic elevator, and published his discovery in his book, "THE WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC METHOD TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID" book ("Cheops" is Greek for "Khufu"). "The Riddle of The Ages" stumped some of the greatest geniuses in history for 1,000 years - until John Williams solved it! The asinine theory most accepted even today by so-called pyramid experts is that The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using a 1-2 mile long ramp (480+ feet high), which would have required about 7 times more material than The Great Pyramid itself (do the math), and then would have had to be completely torn down after The Great Pyramid was finished!
          Then, in early 2005, REV John Williams, The Revelator, responded to the devastating Dec. 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which killed 300,000+ people, with his, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES" book, and his, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN" book. His tsunami mitigation systems inventions are designed to mitigate tsunami and other violent wave surge-caused damages, thereby saving 1,000s of lives. And as extra benefits, his tsunami inventions would have generated megawatts of electricity for coastal areas using them, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea life habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs, and for inexpensive and portable means to detect and measure tsunamis in the open ocean that most ships can afford to carry. Yet, his creative and very practical tsunami invention ideas were ignored by Caesar's NOAA and USGS, and major universities lavished with huge taxpayer grants from Caesar's minions to "study" tsunami mitigation solutions - 5+ years later and they still have not developed and implemented any practical tsunami mitigation solutions! Next major tsunami: 100,000s more will needlessly die! REV John Williams, The Revelator, not only proved yet again with his tsunami mitigation inventions that he is one of the greatest creative and visionary scientific and engineering minds in 100+ years, but that he is also a merciful, self-sacrificing, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic and major Judeo-Christian leader.
          Then again, in 2010, REV John Williams, The Revelator, mercifully responded to the devastating British Petroleum Gulf Oil Leak (BP Gulf Oil Leak) with simple, effective, quick, inexpensive and practical inventions to stop the BP Gulf Oil Leak, which he details in his, "HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS". Yet, the BP Gulf Oil Leak continued for 3 months because Caesar's minions refused to consider his solutions to stop the BP Gulf Leak. While cleaning up any major oil or gas leak is also required, stopping a leak is paramount. The BP Gulf Oil Leak started April 20, 2010. REV John Williams, The Revelator, invented his stop leak solutions by April 29, and emailed just about everyone from President Obama down to relevant regional officials (governors, mayors, city managers, environmental agencies, etc.) of the various Gulf States and coastal cities since then - yet no one implemented any of his inexpensive inventions, which would have taken no more than about two weeks to implement. Months have since passed, many of the Gulf of Mexico beaches awashed in tar balls. In the afflicted areas, animals died, the environment is devastated, seafood and tourism industries crashed, and huge quantities of oil and methane gas energy resources were squandered! If the Exxon Valdez spill is a good example, the Gulf region may turn into a living hellhole for decades - even generations - to come! Simply because the oil becomes less visible over months and years does not mean that the oil mysteriously vanished and all is fine again. Oil is still there killing, damaging and contaminating - dissolved in toxic dispersants, settling onto the sea floor, and floating around in the middle. And when the next huge oil and gas leak occurs in the Gulf or elsewhere, Caesar and the responsible oil corporations will again be as unprepared, dumbfounded and ineffective as they are now because they won't implement Williams's inventions to quickly and inexpensively stop oil, other fluids and gas leaks.

REV John Williams, The Revelator has PROVEN himself beyond any reasonable doubt time and time again to be one of the most creative and visionary scientific and engineering thinkers in 100+ years! The Revelator fully credits his great intellectual powers to God, and he believes and which the evidence clearly proves that he is especially chosen and blessed by God with unmatched creative and visionary genius to serve The Will of God. The Church of Bible Prophecy derives its scientific insights from Bible Codes (Bible Codes Research / Torah Codes Research) and other scientific research and revelatory meditation through The Holy Spirit. By joining The Church of Bible Prophecy, YOU too can contribute to its great scientific and engineering accomplishments ==> Church Membership! If you now belong to a church or religion claimed to be run by some great prophet, seer, revelator or visionary leader, ask him/her: "What have YOU ever done to prove that you were gifted with such extraordinary God-given powers?" If he/she can't provide you verifiable proof, immediately leave that church or religion and then immediately join with The Revelator at The Church of Bible Prophecy!

USING BIBLE CODES AND OTHER SCIENTIFIC METHODS AND REVELATORY MEDITATION THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT TO FERRET OUT VICARS OF SATAN, TO DETERMINE MAJOR FUTURE EVENTS, AND TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR CHURCH MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES CURRENTLY LEAVES LITTLE TIME AND RESOURCES TO USE THESE POWERFUL TOOLS TO SOLVE DIFFICULT AND COMPLEX SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS. There are so many huge scientific topics that the Church would like to address but can't at this time because of lack of time and resources, including such critical topics as Global Warming, "Evolution," Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Food, Ending Pollution, Time Travel and Anti-Gravity Solutions. The Church of Bible Prophecy desperately needs more members who can and will do this type of work, as well as much, much more in the way of donations and bequests to The Revelator and to The Church to fund these vital efforts, as well as to fund fighting Satanism. Finding these answers is important to everyone. So please - right now - hop out of your easy chair and join The Church and/or mail us as large of a donation as you can and/or bequeath as much as you can to us. Time is of the essence - it does no good to be surprised and damaged or destroyed by an event that for the want of staff and resources was never fully discovered and revealed. The Church is the only entity on Earth which tries to resolve these critical scientific problems with The Holy Bible in one hand and books of science and mathematics in the other. Please help us all you can!

"God is not a magician."
- Pope Francis

WILL THE RAPTURE OCCUR BEFORE THE GREAT TRIBULATION OR AFTER THE GREAT TRIBULATION?: This Biblical question has been argued by Bible scholars for 100+ years. If you know where and how to look in The Bible, the answer is plainly there. And the answer is critical to your survival and that of your loved ones. We believe that Bible Codes have all the answers to all the important questions, especially this one. We know for sure exactly how, when and in what order all of the major End Times events have and will unfold. Do you? Does your current church or religion know? And if it claims it knows, can it prove it clearly and specifically to you - without linking farfetched parts of The Bible - how, when and in what order these End Time events have and will occur? Join The Church of Bible Prophecy today and learn!

DECEMBER 21, 2012 PREDICTIONS: Neither The Church of Bible Prophecy nor any other person, church or religion knows the exact date, hour and minute of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but The Church does know within the range of several days when The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will occur. The Church also knows that Dec. 21, 2012 will NOT be the physical End of The World. The physical End of The World will occur relatively shortly after Dec. 21, 2012. We first posted Online this prediction 9/9/09 (but known to us for months earlier) - make sure you record and disseminate this posting and make others aware of it to witness that when Dec. 21, 2012 passes without The End of The World occurring, everyone will know that The Church of Bible Prophecy is 100% correct! The Church of Bible Prophecy predicts: The physical End of The World will occur relatively shortly AFTER Dec. 21, 2012. Our prophecy flies in the face of major other claimed Dec. 21, 2012 predictions and prophecies relevant to the physical End of The World occurring exactly on Dec. 21, 2012, including claims that the Mayan Calendar predictions / Mayan prophecies, Nostradamus predictions, Hopi Native American prophecies, Hindu prophecies, Chinese prophecies, Hebrew Calendar predictions, Merlin predictions and others foretell Dec. 21, 2012 as the End of The World. The Church believes that the "predicted" Dec. 21, 2012 scenario is part of the evil Ultimate Grand Deception / Grand Diversion conspiracy and hoax to divert mankind's attention away from what is really going on. We also know the bloody details about The End of The World times.

BATTERIES & INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULBS - 2 MORE NAILS IN THE COFFIN: Recall a time that virtually every battery and light bulb was Made in USA. Not any more. Today, every single battery now manufactured, which is not a lead-acid battery (eg: some car batteries are made in Mexico), and most light bulbs are manufactured in Pacific Rim countries or India. The biggest manufacturer of the Pacific Rim countries is China - a huge superpower, and like all superpowers, with designs to conquer the world. The rest of the Pacific Rim countries are highly susceptible to earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns and political unrest and radicalism. There are billions of battery-operated devices in the US, many using non-rechargeable batteries (rechargeable batteries don't last forever) and many critical to National Security and your day-to-day life. If the supply of new batteries is ever cut off - and they will be one day - we are doomed.
In 2012, BY LAW, all US manufacture and sales of 100W incandescent light bulbs will stop. By 2014, so will all other incandescent bulbs 40W and above. Instead, we will all be expected to use the much more costly Compact Florescent Light bulbs (CFLs) or LED lights, some of which are referred to as "curly fry bulbs." While CFLs do save much energy - a big plus - these expensive bulbs are also hazardous (especially to children) because they contain mercury which can leak out and be released if they are broken or become leaky. Also, they take longer to turn ON, their light quality is poor, and they produce buzzing noises - detectable and very irritating to some people, and is believed to trigger epileptic seizures in sensitive people. And, for examples, you can't use CFLs with light dimmers (they are either fully ON or fully OFF), some electronic devices don't work with or are damaged by CFL lamps, and CFLs don't last long in vibration environments (eg: ceiling fans). This means that literally millions of lamps and lighting fixtures will become useless and must be thrown away. External CFLs also do not work well with most digital cameras. We have run into the digital camera scenario. Basically what happens when you use a CFL to light up an object to be photographed with a digital camera, the camera will automatically set up the exposure based on how brightly the object is lit up even if lit up in the near ultraviolet. However, the image sensor (ie: CCD or CMOS image recording medium) in the camera is less sensitive to florescent light, which has ultraviolet components. The result is that if you try to use CFL lighting with most digital cameras, the image will come out very underexposed. This may seem like nitpicking but the result is that millions of digital cameras will fail to function properly indoors using artificial light once incandescent lamps are no longer used and the camera's incandescent flash does not work or is ineffective (eg: close-up and distance shots, and where flash is triggered OFF due to florescent exposure). And once incandescent lamps can no longer be made in the US, and since virtually all florescent lights are now made in China, we will be forced to buy virtually all of our light bulbs from China.
Unknown to most Americans and equally disturbing is that the next move is to outlaw all light bulbs with a standard screw-ON bases (screw-based bulbs) and forcing people to use bulbs with 2 or 3 pins or prongs (pin/prong-based bulbs). Watch out for this upcoming move! For most consumers, standard screw-based bulbs come in 4-5 common standard sizes from the light bulb size used in flashlights to the most common light bulb size used in homes and businesses - all made by several competing makers. However, pin/pronged-based bulbs can come in literally 1000s of proprietary incompatible bases, depending on number of pins or prongs, pin length, pin diameter, pin shape, inter-pin/prong spacing, keying features, etc. This corrupt move is intended to eliminate all competition between bulb makers so that bulb prices can be jacked way up (just like they did with car headlights). What this will mean is that if you buy a lamp from Store A made by Maker X, you will only be able to get bulbs - at very high prices - from Store A and/or Maker X distributors, AND that once they discontinue a light bulb line, you will have to trash your perfectly functional lamp or light fixture and buy a new one.
While this crisis over batteries and light bulbs may seem trivial now in view of the terrible economic situation and likely future wars, it is going to play a major role in End Times disasters.

DO YOU HAVE AN INFECTED MODEM? INFECTED ROUTER? Few computer users today know that their computer modem or computer router, whether wireless or cable-connected, can also be infected with computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, keystroke loggers, and other malware. All waiting for you to turn On your computer, at which time, your infected computer modem or infected computer router dumps its infections straight into your computer when your computer is booting up and most vulnerable to infections because your antivirus programs have not yet fully installed. Note: Modem infections and router infections are NOT preventable by antivirus software. Virtually all computer modems and computer routers are today Made in China. China is also notoriously known for a wide range and huge amount of computer hacking, and infecting its hard drives and memory sticks (ie: flash drives) when they are made, which China also virtually exclusively makes today. What most computer users don't realize is that computer modems and computer routers are also computer devices which can be programmed on the fly by ISPs, and some say, also by the NSA, by their Chinese manufacturers, and by other savvy hackers. In fact many computer problems thought to be because the computer itself is infected, are actually from an infected modem or an infected router. Many computer users keep their modems and routers On 24/7/365 - very bad practice. That is because while you sleep and your computer is Off, computer hackers are scanning the Internet for live modems and routers they can load up with infected code, which is then dumped onto your computer when you boot it. With some ISP services, example Comcast's bundled services, you can't turn Off their modem because your TV and/or phone also uses their modem. If our computer modem or computer router is On for more than 30 minutes before we turn our computer On, we reboot our computer modem and computer router 1-10 minutes BEFORE we boot our computer. This rebooting process is simple: You just power Off your modem and router for 15-20 seconds (if your router is external, you also disconnect it from your modem for this period), which then causes your modem and router to reset, and any infection or malware it may have stored in its memory should be wiped away, and you should notice that your computer works faster, less jerky and more reliably. And that you repeat this rebooting process at least once every couple of hours when you are Online, and every time you notice a significant change in your computer (eg: slowing down, jerkiness, freezing, excessive hard drive operation, etc.). If your computer goes into blue screen when you reset your modem and router, then first put it into "Standby", which should solve this type of problem. Please refer this Church webpage to your friends and family to also warn them of the menace of infected modems and infected routers. Another thing that we do is to make sure that our router is a separate device than our modem, because we believe that 20-second manual disconnecting the router from the modem is important for reboots to stop infections.

SECULAR TV SCIENCE CHANNEL "END TIMES" & "CHARIOTS OF THE GODS" / "ANCIENT ALIENS" / "ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS" BALONEY: Since the secular TV science channels do such a rotten job depicting non-secular phenomena, such as their ridiculous End Times scenarios and their God-is-nothing-but-a-space-alien lie - and their false claims that all of the angels and all of the mythological gods are also all space aliens - they should totally stop addressing non-secular topics, and stick to their Mythbusters, bike shops, lumber jacks, alligator hunters, crab fisherman, monster fishing, dog whispering, survival, and gang/prison fare. About 25% of what the secular TV science channels programming includes when they address phenomena that may have some religious significance is truly interesting, scientific and/or of possible religious significance. These include the Pyramids of Egypt, Pyramids and Ruins of Central America (eg: Teotihuacan (Mexico), Tepoztlan (Mexico), Puma Punko (Bolivia), Tiahuanaco (Bolivia), Veracocha Ruins (Peru)), Mount Li, Irish Stonehenge, Armenian Stonehenge, Carnac Stones (France), the Nazca Lines, Nan Madol, Easter Island, Gobekli Tepi (Turkey) - and also some individual type items (eg: The Antikythera Mechanism (Greece), and the Nebra Sky Disk (Germany)). However, the secular TV science channels almost immediately veer off into Roswell, UFOs (not all UFO and space alien accounts are clearly fraudulent but most clearly are), Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, The Bermuda Triangle, Astrology, Atlantis, ghosts, chupacabras, vampires, zombies, cattle mutilations, etc. nonsense. Unfortunately, most viewers lack the sophistication, education and/or skepticism to be able to differentiate the real stuff from the nonsense stuff.

THE DNA CODE: The human genome has already been totally mapped. As extremely complex as the human body is, only about 5% of the human genome relates to known functions and features of the human body. So what does the other 95% of our 20,000+ protein-encoding genes and DNA segments do (exact count is still unknown, some scientists believe the human genome is 100,000 genes and DNA segments)? The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that most of the remaining 95% of human genes are actually records of mankind's past histories and future events, and could be decoded similar to how The Church of Bible Prophecy decodes The Holy Bible through Bible Codes. The Church believes that individual differences in our DNA relate to individual differences in our histories and future events - DNA may even be able to tell who are unredeemingly evil and Satanic and who are not, and possibly even who will be Raptured Up unto Jesus Christ and who will not. The Church has never assumed that The Holy Bible plaintext scriptures and Bible Code scriptures are the only records of the past, present and future of people that God provides us, but that God provided us duplicate records, including DNA codes, if we just know where and how to look. The Church, given much increased membership and donations, expects to expand its prophetic scientific research also into the human genome to decode our past and End Times future.

THE ORIGIN OF LIFE: Scientists for 100s of years have seriously pondered how life was created on Earth from a handful of chemicals and a spark. Some scientists have attempted to duplicate this process (eg: Miller–Urey experiments). All life on Earth - all animals - all plants - all microbes - are defined by their DNA. All of Earth's DNA uses the same 4 genetic letters (A=Adenine, C=Cytosine, T=Thymine, G=Guanine) of which there are 64 possible 3-letter combinations. With the help of RNA, DNA indirectly produces the 20 amino acids (out of 64 theoretically possible) which create all of the various proteins necessary for life to function. The question has always been how did life start here on Earth? There are all kinds of theories ranging from life spontaneously being created from a "primordial soup" consisting of a mixture of methane, ammonia, water, hydrogen and possibly some other chemicals plus an electrical corona, to an exobiological origin of life (panspermia). Clearly, panspermia can't be right because it implies that all life in the Universe started on a mother planet through some yet unknown set of circumstances and mechanisms unique to the mother planet and then, like an infection, spread throughout the Universe. On the other hand, if life can possibly spontaneously arise on every habitable planet, then why would panspermia be needed as the source? A mother planet and panspermia leads to the question of, "Then how did life spontaneously begin on the mother planet?" That puts you back to square one. And if there is a mother planet, why not Earth? And if microbes could reach here in meteorites, then why not advanced aliens in their spacecrafts? And if so, by now we should have space aliens everywhere. So somewhere, whether here or on some other mother planet, life must have been spontaneously created at some time in the distant past. This brings us back to the "primordial soup" theory. But if this is true, then why can't scientists spontaneously create new life in their laboratories by duplicating the primordial soup combination and adding an electrical spark? The fact is they could - but only with the blessing of God - they'll always fail without God's intervention - which God won't do just to satisfy the curiosities of a few geek scientists. The Revelator knows how. To date, the geeks' experiments have been inadequate and incomplete. Their experiments are analogous to a baker trying to make a cake by pouring all of the cake's unstirred ingredients into a pan and then heating the pan and expecting a cake to result. That is why they always fail.
WHAT THE GEEKS ARE MISSING: DNA is in the form of a double-helix or double-spiral. As the result DNA exhibits coil spring properties. To make any spiral object, whether a coil spring or a tornado, one requires rotational force and energy. Therefore, to get chemicals to combine to form a double-helix structure requires rotational action. The Church believes that the rotational action that led to the creation of life on Earth was a funnel of rotating air probably about the size of a small dust devil. Genesis (2:6-7) states that God breathed into man the Breath of Life. This small funnel of air was God's Breath of Life, and it contained all of the necessary chemicals (ie: the "dust"), as well as lightning-like corona discharges from the "dust" particles rubbing against each other in the swirling action, to cause the chemicals to combine in a spiral-type DNA structure, thereby creating life here on Earth.
SUGGESTED EXPERIMENT: Obtain intact but dead DNA from a dead animal, plant or microbe. Then resurrect this dead DNA back into living DNA. Only then will you understand the critical importance of God's Breath of Life in the creation of life process. If you can't resurrect dead DNA into live DNA (or undead DNA if you prefer), then you will never be able to spontaneously create life from a chemical mixture and an electrical spark. Call it,"The Resurrected DNA Experiment" if you wish (NOTE: "Zombie DNA" already refers to inactive DNA sprung back to activity, which is different than "Resurrected DNA," so "The Zombie DNA Experiment" label would be inaccurate).

THANKS FOR THE MEMORY - DNA MEMORY: Scientists cannot explain the functions of 90% of the DNA found in the human body, classifying most of it as, "Trash DNA" - thus blaspheming God. The fact is that the memories of your ancestors are programmed within this so-called "Trash DNA". It is the reason that humans - and other animals - have pattern recognition from birth onward - it is a matter of survival. Pattern recognition is one manifestation of DNA memory. Why many people, when they see a kitten want to cuddle it, but when they see a rat, tarantula or snake, they recoil in fear and disgust. Why people love honey bees but not big flies. The mechanism for producing memory DNA is simple, and involves natural selection. While much of our DNA is programmed since conception, most of our DNA is programmed on the fly as we progress through life due to life's experiences. Because of slight variations in DNA in people and animals, those blessed with superior DNA (which carries the advantageous pattern recognitions and more) survive better. Let's say you have 100 people in a primitive tribe facing hunger - which was very common in ancient times. 98 of them see no difference between a fly and a honey bee. Two people - a boy and a girl - happen to have the right DNA to recognize that honey bees are favorable and should be paid attention to. They follow the honey bees back to their nest, harvest the honey, and survive to reproduce others like them who share this same DNA memory. We are not saying that if you experience something very dramatic in your life, your body will reprogram the DNA in your germinal cells to pass on the memory of your dramatic experience to your descendants - that is still yet to be proved to our satisfaction.

WHAT ABOUT ADAM, EVE, THE GARDEN OF EDEN & "EVOLUTION"? The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that Adam and Eve, and The Garden of Eden, existed about 6,000 years ago in the middle of the Neolithic Period, and that at that time, many other hominids also existed outside The First Family (ie: Adam, Eve and their children) and The Garden of Eden (their personal paradise enclave created and protected by God). The proof of the existence of other hominids is in Genesis itself. For example, Cain was given a mark so he, himself, would not be murdered outside of The Garden of Eden by any person. And Cain took on a wife outside The Garden of Eden, and produced their son, Enoch, so Cain's wife must have also been an hominid not living in the Garden of Eden, so by definition, outside of Cain's family, therefore not directly related to Adam and Eve. Clearly, other hominids existed outside of The First Family and Eden. The Church believes that, "The Breath of Life" was the injection into Adam by God the first Soul, and that The First Family were the first believers in the concept of One God (Monotheism) and worshipped The One and Only True God (Jehovah, Yaweh, Elohim). While God had preserved for them the state of being sin-free as with all other hominids at the time, God removed their sin-free state after their transgressions. Only afterwards could man commit sins and be expected to pay for them.
          Actually, the term, "evolution" is a fraudulent misnomer of the actual process of natural selection that traditional scientists espouse, so anything called, "The Theory of Evolution" should be banned from teaching because it fraudulently implies that living things can evolve genetic protections on their own IN ANTICIPATION of future events - totally false. The actual name should be, "Natural Selections made by Extinction Events" (NSEE), which means that in any group of a lifeform, some may have the dumb luck to have traits which help them both survive and prosper during extinction events. An "Extinction Event" is any event which causes loss of fertility - in almost all cases, death - in single organism or group of the same type of organisms, for example, an individual or species. The Church uses the term, "evolution" and "Evolution Theory" herein to mean NSEE and its NSEE Theory, respectively, but because "evolution" and "Evolution Theory" are already ingrained in our lexicon (just like "gay" now popularly means homosexual, although it never did, does not and should not), those are the terms it will use to refer to Natural Selections made by Extinction Events.
          The Church of Bible Prophecy, being based on both The Holy Bible and science and mathematics, believes in "evolution" in its correct and comprehensive sense (see more below on The Church's definition of "evolution," and the overly simplified and only partially correct Darwin's Theory of Evolution). The Church believes that there is no contradiction between Genesis and The Church of Bible Prophecy's Evolution Theory, and that the creation of life and the evolution of life in themselves are so miraculous, spectacular and complex that if they didn't exist it would be unreasonable to believe that they could exist, and that only God could make them both exist and function.
          Evolution is an iterative process. This means that even mass extinctions only rarely set back organisms to their most primitive states, but only to their most complex states which can survive and prosper during the mass extinction, which then become the new base points for post-mass extinction evolution for all surviving and prospering organisms. And each time that happens, the Hand of God is there to direct the way through the evolutionary process.
          HOW DOES LIFE CONFIGURE ITSELF?: For example, how does the vein pattern in leaves form? Or the vein patterns in our bodies? It is simply a matter of determining what is the easiest and most efficient pattern that does the job, which can be determined automatically or through active decision-making. In Engineering School, REV John Williams, The Revelator, was taught, "Electricity flows along the path of least resistance." Let's say, for example, you belong to a primitive group in a new unoccupied land. Your group (Group A) has reached a size where it wants to break up to form two new groups and move away from Group A's camp (Camp A) because the needs or future ambitions of some members won't likely be met if they stay with Group A. Group B goes North until it finds a rich source of food and water, then sets camp there. Group C goes West until it finds a rich source of food and water. Now there are established direct routes between Groups A & B and A & C, but not between Groups B & C. Since Groups B and C want to keep in contact with each other because they identify themselves as parts of the same organism (eg: clan, tribe, culture), they need to establish an easier and more efficient way of keeping in personal contact with each other (only modern humans have computers and phones), and quickly tire of taking the long route through Camp A. Their solution is to build a more direct route - easier and more efficient route - between Camps B & C. The new route is not likely to be a straight line, because the most efficient way is to build a route which avoids obstacles and defects, so the route will meander some. Now all camps are directly connected to each other. Time goes by, and two new groups want to break off from Group B and three from Group A and from Group C. The process is then repeated, but instead of building all new routes, only parts of the routes need to be new because it is easier and more efficient to use existing routes as much as possible. Now you have a network where everyone is efficiently interconnected. Now lets say that Camp A occupies the spot (eg: a narrow pass) where everyone and everything must pass through to come to and go from the area the related groups occupy. Camp A then becomes the gatekeeper who controls and funnels all traffic. These same principles apply to virtually all systems, for example, in computers, the gatekeeper is the server, and for leaves, the gatekeeper is the leaf stem.

The fact is that if God did not set into place at the very beginning certain laws of nature, it would have been impossible for life to appear on any planet. One critical example: The fact that when water freezes, water volume expands - and not just by a little. Water is one substance required and used by ALL LIFE on Earth (carbon is another, and it too has miraculous properties) - but only in its liquid state. Of all known substances on Earth, virtually all of them contract and become more dense when they solidify. So water is an extremely rare exception (cast iron is another). Why did God make this critical exception? Why is the expansion of water to a less dense state when it freezes so critical to the existence of all life? If instead, water contracted when it froze thus becoming more dense, frozen ocean and lake surface water would sink to the bottom insulated from the sun's heat by the water above it. It would then not be long before every ocean and lake would become a huge block of ice from bottom to top, tying up all of the water into ice, and no animals or plants larger than the very tiny could survive. But because ice is less dense than water, it floats to the top, thereby insulating the warmer and liquid water below it, which is often teeming with life, including complex life like fish and mammals (eg: beavers, otters, seals, whales, dolphins). So, the very reason why water pipes and car radiators burst in the winter and icebergs float is responsible for all life everywhere. Only God could do that! We are truly Blessed! Thank You God!
          Another example is Albert Einstein's very simple energy-from-matter conversion equation, E=MC2. Just 2 variables and a simple equation explains this hugely complex process - only God could have made this possible. Same for Clerk Maxwell's Electromagnetic Equations, and so many other natural phenomena and universal constants. Astronomers now say, based on their calculations, that if the speed of the Universe's expansion at the Big Bang had been off by as much as 1-in-10,000,000,000,000,000,000, the Universe would by now have either collapsed or blown apart, in either case we would not be here. This boils down to only two explanations for the creation of the Universe: (1) God did it, or (2) An infinite number of parallel universes was simultaneously created at the Big Bang, of which virtually all have already self-destructed. By far, the most reasonable explanation is that God created the Universe in its entirety. None of these beauties of nature could have possibly come about through any form of evolution (eg: water did not "evolve" into a state of lower density as solid ice, nor did E=MC2 evolve, nor did Maxwell's Equations, nor did universal constants, nor did the expansion of the Universe at the Big Bang), but only through the dictates of God.
          The Church believes that The Bible was never intended to be a book in astronomy, anthropology and paleontology. If all of those details were also included, The Holy Bible would have been encyclopedic in size, that part would have consumed 99+% of The Holy Bible, The Bible would have been almost impossible to physically write using primitive instruments, and no one would have understood that part in the beginning and so The Bible would have been rejected by mankind. The first intent of The Holy Bible was to be a spiritual guide for us all with a very basic history of mankind, especially religious history, and It gives us just enough hard facts in its plaintext to provide us a sturdy framework in which to hang its spiritual linens (The Holy Bible gives us far more scientific details in the Bible Codes, Bible Codes are decipherable by humans only when they reached an advanced state of learning AND the End Times was upon us, and thus ready to receive them). Bible Codes was the second intent of God - The Holy Bible was a code book for the chosen few to later, after the creation and general use of computers, to decode exactly what our past was and our future will be through the Bible Codes - the much more complex and comprehensive second installment of The Word of God.

CHARLES DARWIN WAS ONLY PARTIALLY CORRECT: In Charles Darwin's "Origin of Species," basically the Theory of Evolution (see "Natural Selections made by Extinction Events" NSEE, above), Charles Darwin states that evolution results from the successful efforts of INDIVIDUALS (including groups with identical or virtually identical DNA who are genetic equivalents of individuals) to survive extinction events, at least until the age of procreation, so they can then individually pass on their successful genes to their descendants. The Revelator has recognized since his childhood that Charles Darwin's Theory is both a grossly shortsighted simplification and is only partially correct, because, according to The Revelator's correct Theory of Evolution (NSEE), the real life force that drives all living things is for ORGANISMS to both survive and PROSPER (not just individuals and not just to survive, but also prosper). An organism can be an individual or a group with virtually identical DNA. An organism can also be a cell, tissue, organ, family, clan/tribe, colony, race, religion, political party, ethnic group, sexual identity, sports team, profession, club, association, social class, neighborhood, town, city, state, nation, the human race, all animal life, all life in general, the Earth itself, etc. All life belongs to at least several organisms. Survivability greatly depends on which organism the individual places his/her greatest importance. Your body consists of billions of living organisms called cells. These cells group together into tissues organisms. These tissues group together into organs organisms. These organs group together to become a human, animal or plant entity organism. The community the human lives in becomes his/her community organism, etc. Each cell organism does its best to both survive and prosper until it can at least divide. However, these cells also recognize that their cosmic best interest (each organism has a "mind" of its own) is for its tissue, organ and entity to also survive and prosper, and ultimately that your body itself survives and prospers. Many cells die before they reach cell division - often choked out by neighbor cells - because that is in the best survival and prosperity interests of their tissues, organs and entity. While you may be reluctant to give up one of your tissues or organs, you will do so if it means that it will prevent your personal death or great pain, a common surgery decision. Tribal, clan, state, national, religious and political organisms frequently go to war against competing organisms so that their tribal, clan, village, state, national, religious and political organism will both survive and prosper.
Since humans have so many organism identities, it is no surprise that many may be in conflict with each other. For example, a greedy businessman may swindle the public six days a week without remorse, but then go to church on the seventh day and falsely and blasphemously claim to be a Saved Christian and a Christian who will be Raptured Up onto Jesus Christ. For organism identities based upon beliefs and not genetics in people, these people can often be persuaded to shift their allegiances or forced by others into a different allegiances than their original allegiances. Whether or not an organism identity is based on beliefs or genes often results in whether or not the person can be persuaded to change his/her organism identity. For example, many homosexuals claim that homosexuality is strictly dictated by genes - therefore no homosexual can ever truly become heterosexual because he/she is, "born that way" - you are forced by your DNA into that lifestyle until the day you die, whether you like it or not. However, many heterosexuals believe that homosexuality is strictly based on beliefs, so therefore all homosexuals can be made to become permanent practicing heterosexuals if they just embrace Jesus Christ strongly enough.
The first thing a dictator does is to persuade, cajole and force its citizens into becoming hyper-patriotic or nationalistic, the goal being that everyone within it feels that they are part of their national organism (except for the minority of scapegoats who are portrayed as agents for the other inferior, evil and threatening organisms), that their national organism is their greatest organism identity, and even if they themselves as individuals must die it is more important to them on a cosmic basis that their national organism both survives and prospers. While Darwin's stilted Theory of Evolution totally fails to explain non-familial love, heroism, chivalry, altruism, compassion, empathy, honor, trust and loyalty, The Revelator's Theory of Evolution both fully explains and justifies non-familial loving, heroistic, chivalrous, altruistic, compassionate, empathetic, honorable, trusting and loyal behaviors.
For example, a Black man and a White man, both belonging to the same national organism and bravely fighting from the same foxhole, will eagerly kill an enemy who clearly is much closer genetically related to the Black man or the White man than they are to each other (many Japanese-, German-, and Italian-American men fought bravely for the Allies during World War II). For example, one identifies someone or a group they can relate to as needing help (empathy), so by one identifying himself/herself as part of the same organism as the person or group in need - even when they are both genetically and class-wise dissimilar - one extends a helping hand so that their mutual organism has a better chance of surviving AND prospering.
The Revelator's Theory of Evolution (NSEE) extends to all living things - not just humans, however, generally, but not always, the more intelligent a living entity is, the more organisms he/she identifies as one of his/her organisms, and the more complex and often contradictory some of those organism relationships are. For example, while ants, bees and wasps will gladly individually die to protect the survival and prosperity of their colony - as embodied by their queen - because their primary organism identity is almost 100% colony organism - they won't give up their lives to insure the survival and prosperity of a sister colony, of ants, bees and wasps, or of all insects in general. For example, a symbiotic or parasitical relationship is enough to create an organismic identity even though their individuals are very genetically dissimilar and do not share the same rewards. For example, if the Earth were subjected to an impending space alien invasion, all, or at least most, of the Earth's nations and peoples would unite to repel it - nations which were even at war with each other at the time. Note that simply because people believe that they are parts of the same organisms does not mean that each person shares the same proportion of organism identity as each other to every or even any of the organisms to which they identify together. For example, one brother may consider his church to be his primary organism, while the other considers it to be his/her family. Explains why during the Civil War, there were 1,000s of cases where brother fought against brother, and father against son. For examples, greedy people, selfish people, narcissists, addicted people, politicians, cowards and criminals place all or at least most of their organism identity to their individual selfs, and they themselves seldom or never make sacrifices for any other organism unless they directly reap a larger reward (but still often selfishly expecting others to make those sacrifices for their benefits).
In conclusion, Evolution is only partially based on INDIVIDUAL genetic survival, but instead Evolution is entirely based on BOTH THE SURVIVAL AND PROSPERITY of ORGANISMS of many different kinds.

DON'T HOARD GOLD OR SILVER FOR END TIME SURVIVAL SITUATIONS: In recent decades, the rage of many survivalists is to hoard gold and silver to survive the End Times, because money will no longer have value. True, when the proverbial "sh*t hits the fan", money will have little or no value. The hoarding of precious metals is extremely promoted by those who buy metals, and then resell them at huge profits by using End Times fears. But hoarding valuable metals is not the solution. In theory, hoarding precious metals sounds great, but the disadvantages are overwhelming:
      (A) The value of a precious metals is based on both its weight and purity. In the End Times, how are going to obtain a scientifically calibrated scale to determine weight?
   (B) Purity of any precious metal is both critical and hard to prove, which means its trade value is uncertain.
   (C) Most silver/ gold buyers buy silver/gold in solid forms like silver/gold coins, silver/gold ingots and silver/gold jewelry, so being able to pay on a practical basis the exact amount you need to using silver/gold ingots/coins/jewelry is difficult. You can do that only using silver/gold dust, which is harder to produce. Let's say that you need to buy 100 rounds of ammo from friend Bob using a silver/gold coin, ingot or jewelry, in which the ammo is worth 1/3rd of the coin/ingot/jewelry piece. Do you overpay Bob? Or take precious minutes cutting the coin/ingot/jewelry?
   (D) Gold is very heavy and thus difficult to transport.
   (E) Buried and hidden gold is easy to detect using modern metal detectors, which can differentiate between various metals as well as very sensitive for detecting them.
   (F) Gold/silver do not have many practical values that can't also be done using much cheaper copper or lead.
So what do you buy to best survive the End Times? You look for things that are required for life itself, now priced relatively cheap, will last for ages or virtually never go bad (at least not for decades), that is only available in your area because it is trucked in or flown in, and that is easy to hide and difficult to detect. These things come to mind: Honey, salt, tools, and parts and materials:
   (A) Honey has practically unbeatable energy levels that will keep your carb levels up, plus many other vitamins and minerals for good general health. Honey also is a powerful natural antibiotic that can cure wounds and injuries when topically applied. And honey will last virtually forever in sealed containers, and is not heavy compared to precious metals. Honey has been extracted from sealed clay pots that were stored in 2000+ year Egyptian tombs that was still edible.
   (B) Table salt is absolutely essential for all animal life. In ancient times, salt was worth its weight in gold, and the Romans paid their soldiers in salt (where the word, "salary" comes from), and caravans located in non-salt areas (eg: central Europe, Asia, Africa) would travel 1600+ miles round trip, just to reach an ocean coastal area or salt mine to obtain salt to bring back home. Salt is also cheap, will last forever in a sealed container, not heavy compared to precious metals, and cannot be easily detected. If you live anywhere outside of a 100 miles from any natural source of salt, then salt is an ideal hoardable.
   (C) Tools and parts and materials go together. You can't hammer in a nail or turn a bolt with gold or guns. No matter where you stay at or go to in the End Times, things will need to be built and repaired. That requires tools, parts and materials; their caches must be carefully selected. They must be targeted to End Time situations, which primarily relates to fire generation and sustaining, carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical. All tools and parts must be high quality, multiple-functioning (if possible), and highly resistant to wear, corrosion, rotting and malfunctioning, and unless you have a sure permanent source for electricity, be for manual use.
Of course, to survive in the End Times, you must have all the other things you also need, especially a source of clean, safe potable water and food. And adequate fuel, shelter, clothes and medical supplies. And gas masks.

HUMANS HAVE GROWN MUCH DUMBER SINCE THE STONE AGE (all races and national origins): Until recently, a fact known for years by only a few scientists, including The Revelator, is that the average size of the human brain has shrunk 10% over the last 20,000 years! The average human brain today measures 1,350cc. The average Stone Age Cro-Magnon brain measured 1,500cc. Repeated studies have proven that human intelligence is strongly correlated to human brain size (which is not the same as external head size as human skull and hair thickness widely vary). Not only was Cro-Magnon smarter but he was also taller and more robust than modern man. Even though averaging taller than modern man, the average brain size-to body size ratio was still much greater in Cro-Magnon; in fact, this ratio was greater during the Stone Age than any previous or subsequent period. So, what happened!? We can build rockets, electronics and computers today simply because our current technology is built upon technology developed in our past, particularly our recent past. But modern technology accomplishments tell us little about human brain size in primitive times compared to today. And some of the great achievements of ancient peoples using very primitive tools and materials are neither completely understood nor repeatable today. These include the Pyramids of Egypt, Pyramids and Ruins of Central America (eg: Puma Punko (Bolivia), Tiahuanaco (Bolivia), Teotihuacan (Mexico), Tepoztlan (Mexico), Veracocha Ruins (Peru)), Mount Li, Irish Stonehenge, Armenian Stonehenge, Carnac Stones (France), the Nazca Lines, Nan Madol, Easter Island, Gobekli Tepi (Turkey) - and including both large and small items (eg: The Antikythera Mechanism (Greece), and the Nebra Sky Disk (Germany)) - just to name a few. These incredible ancient achievements were not only in design and construction, but also in mathematics, astronomy, time and nature. Non-Church scientists have invented all kinds of asinine politically correct reasons to try to explain the shrinking brain size (and muscle size) phenomena. However, the true explanation is simple and straightforward:
          Man likely achieved his largest brain size and highest intelligence level about 6,000 years ago, at the time of Adam and Eve (this was not the average brain size among all hominids but the average brain size of The First Family). Thousands of years ago, almost everybody lived in forests, rural areas, villages and small towns. This meant that to survive, virtually every single person had to pull his/her own weight and personally fend for himself/herself most of the time. This meant that to survive to the age of procreation to pass on your genes, you had to be a very resourceful and creative person. Often, you had to fend for yourself, loved ones and property in bloody hand-to-hand combat with other people and wild animals where the victor was the smartest, most informed, fastest, strongest and with greatest stamina of all of your competitors and enemies. Today, those with all of these attributes are celebrated as legends. In addition, you had to know nature inside and out in both grand scale and intricate detail to best predict where your next meal was coming from, and this includes a clear understanding of the seasons, which were predictable from star positions and the sun's angle. To survive, you had to be a very competent jack-of-all-trades with a vast amount of details stored in your brain. Today, most Americans can't name even five planets - much less any knowledge about or insight into dozens of important stars. All of that required a large brain size. However, then came both agriculture and efficient remote means of killing people. Efficient remote means of killing people meant that one could kill your smarter, stronger and healthier enemies from a distance using a bow and arrow or spear, multiplied many times over when entire clans and armies fought each other (much later came explosives, rockets, guns, aircraft, battle ships, drones, etc., which accelerated both remote killing and human degeneration even more). Larger, inferior clans and armies often conquered higher quality peoples of smaller, more peaceful and more self-sufficient societies. Agriculture forced people to gather into larger communities, often resulting in cities and city states, so work could be coordinated and large fields could be efficiently planted, irrigated, harvested and protected. This resulted in greater specializations - being a multidiscipline da Vinci was no longer required to survive or usually even desired - groups survived just being human ant colony equivalents.
          For most peoples, true self-sufficiency ended then. Today, most people are hopelessly trapped in the net of civilization. For example, what would you do if your water, food supply, electricity, gas, etc. ended this minute? This also meant that fewer people were required to do the actual thinking for the survival of the group, resulting in more and more mediocre people sponging off the system, and the preservation to procreation age of weaker and inferior people because they were beloved family members or friends. These trends persist today. Now, perhaps 10% of the people are high-level thinkers and doers - less than 1% are truly top-level thinkers and doers. To some extent, the other 90% sponge off the system using both legal and criminal strategies and tactics. This dumbing-down of the people is also fine for career politicians of all stripes: A malleable, docile and dependent populace which can easily be duped into voting and acting against their own interests, easily exploited, robbed, cheated and enslaved, easily denied any realistic chance of realizing their dreams while still making them believe they have a good chance (the aspiration fraud), and as a rich source of cannon fodder for wars which benefit only the politicians and their friends. Brains are large consumers of energy - to feed a larger brain requires a large intake of food. If a large brain is no longer needed in most people for survival, those people will evolve smaller and smaller brains over the generations (same with muscles and senses). As the result, modern humans require much smaller brains and muscles and poorer senses on the average to survive than their Stone Age ancestors, thereby driving down the average human brain size and IQ and muscles and senses of today. The same phenomena resulted in smaller brains weaker muscles and poorer senses in domesticated animals - dogs, cats, birds, etc. - whose wild ancestors also had much larger brains, stronger muscles and better senses because they had to be much smarter, stronger and clever to survive in the wild.

          See: The Church's Reverse The Aging Process Discoveries & Research.

THE TIPPING POINT: The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that environmentally, the Earth is already beyond, "the tipping point." That's because the Earth has an hysteresis property - its current manifestations greatly lag behind what has already been inflicted upon it - essentially, we are all now experiencing our past abuses of Planet Earth. And no matter what we do now - even if we instantly cut back on all pollutants by 90+% - the Earth, because of this form of inertia - hysteresis - like a runaway freight train, is well on its way to catastrophic destruction (not to mention the runaway global freight trains of the global collapse of morality, global financial collapse, political extremism, religious extremism, genocide, and the depletion of natural resources all quickly converging on each other at the same point and time). Nothing can be done by secular scientists or politicians to stop the End Times from catastrophically manifesting itself in our near future - regardless of the pabulum they are trying to feed you. The only thing you can do is to join The Church of Bible Prophecy to help you and your loved ones to much better comprehend, survive and prosper during the End Times until The Rapture. This is one of the most critical areas where you and your loved ones better be high up on the learning curve as it happens!
          People have told us, 'The Earth does not experience hysteresis in anything.' Earth hysteresis is easily proven. In most places north of the Equator, Winter Solstice - shortest day of the year - is on December 21 (Summer Solstice south of the Equator). While the average coldest day of the year varies from place-to-place, in most places, average coldest day of the year is January 11, give or take 2-3 days. That is because on December 21, the Northern Hemishere has already cooled down quite a bit, so it still continues to cool down more between Dec. 21 and Jan. 11 - even though the days are getting longer and resulting in greater solar heat, which theoretically should make the days warmer. Same hysteresis theory applies to pollutants.

IT'S NOT GLOBAL WARMING, IT'S THE UPCOMING ICE AGE: The Church of Bible Prophecy believes that global warming will persist a few more decades at most, and then it will dramatically reverse itself, and the Earth will plunge into a new catastrophic Ice Age within a decade or less. Those of us who will be Raptured Up unto Jesus Christ, need not worry - the new Ice Age will only afflict the Left Behinds and their descendants.

THE PERIODIC TABLE: The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that the Periodic Table is not a complete representation of all chemical elements in the Universe - contrary to what all secular scientists claim. The Church believes that the gaps between hydrogen and helium, between beryllium and boron, and between magnesium and aluminum contain actual chemical elements - just that they are missing from Earth. For example, helium is the result of a solar fusion reaction which fuses two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom. All of the 16 "missing elements" between hydrogen and helium are intermediate product elements which result in the fusion process. It is already known that the heaviest elements in the Periodic Table stray away from the common properties of the lighter elements in their same columns due to quantum effects (eg: quantum effects cause gold to be gold color (because gold absorbs blue light) instead of being colorless like silver). Quantum effects on the heaviest elements also implies quantum effects on the lightest elements, including the missing elements. As long as secular scientists refuse to accept and understand that there is no Periodic Table gap, we will never have manmade fusion energy. The Church also believes that the Periodic Table is multidimensional, with isotopes and other forms of elements existing outside of our Solar System, and that much of dark matter that may actually exist consists of these missing elements. Just as the laws of physics which apply in different space-time contexts to Earth do not now apply and some have never applied to Earth, we also don't get all of the chemical elements, and many of those that we do get are only in trace amounts and/or are unstable and short-lived on Earth.

THERE IS ONLY QUANTUM PHYSICS (QUANTUM MECHANICS): Yes, Virginia, only Quantum Physics (Quantum Mechanics) exists in our Universe. Quantum Chemistry, Macro Physics and Macro Chemistry are ALL manifestations of Quantum Physics - all artificial constructs or learning aids to help us try to understand our Universe. Period.

WHY ARE THERE NO LAND ANIMALS TODAY ANYWHERE NEAR THE SIZE OF JURASSIC PERIOD DINOSAURS: During the Jurassic Period, some sauropods grew to huge sizes. For example, some Argentinosaurus grew to 100+ tons (based on Earth's gravity today). Today, the largest land animal on Earth is the African bull elephant, which typically maxes out at 6 tons - less than 6% the size of this sauropod. Why are there not any 100-ton land animals today (whales are supported by water, so the mass dynamic is very different)? Every time an animal doubles in height or length, its weight roughly increases by a factor of eight (2-cubed). And to support the 8-times increase in weight, the diameter of the leg bones must increase by a factor of 2 to the 3/2 exponent (2.83) to accommodate the same pressures per square inch on the leg bones. There is apparently nothing special about either the chemical composition or structural layout of dinosaur bone than that of large land animals today that would imply greater bone strength. Based on Earth's gravity today, if an elephant grew to the size of an Argentinosaurus (16+ times increase), the radius of its leg bones would have to be 4+ times what it currently is. The legs would then be so impossibly heavy and bulky, the elephant could not possibly stand, walk or mate on them. There is only one reasonable explanation: The Earth's gravity was much less - probably 1/4 - 1/3 - of today's Earth gravity. And that over the millions of years since the Jurassic Period (208 - 145 mya), the Earth has been bombarded by so many heavy meteorites that it increased its mass 3-4 times.

TIME WARP ON EARTH: The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that people living at the Equator live about 707 years in the past from people living at the Poles (average time displacement, the presence of mountains and large structures also tend to be drags on time due to their slightly greater gravity, but to lesser degrees; on the micro level, time is not smooth but rough, just as space is rough, so therefore space-time is also rough)! Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity dictates this phenomenon. Today, GPS satellites must regularly adjust to minuscule changes in time or they go out of sync. The Earth of 25,046 miles in diameter rotates at 1043 mph at the Equator and 0 mph at the Poles, and is reputed to be 4.54 billion years old. Plug Earth's data into the Special Relativity Time Dilation Equation, and you get a difference of about 707 years today from its scientifically claimed date of creation. This means that if someone on the North Pole orders someone on the Equator to ship something the same date, the person at the Equator must wait about another 707 years to catch up before shipping to obey the order. This also means that when the IRS, centered in Washington, DC, orders you to file your taxes on April 15, if your latitude is significantly north of Washington, DC, chances are you must file days and perhaps even years before Washington DC's April 15 deadline, but if your latitude is significantly south of Washington, DC, you technically still have many more days and perhaps even years, to file to meet the IRS's deadline. This also means that since The Earth's mantle rotates at a lesser speed than the surface crust directly above it, the crust lags in time behind the mantle. The Church of Bible Prophecy also believes that the dilation of time applies a very complex space-time torque to the Earth which varies according to latitude and elevation, which results in volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonic plate movements and magnetic pole shifts in the Earth's efforts to constantly seek space-time equilibrium.
          Time dilation works in another respect also. As you go back into time and approach the Creation of the Universe, time slows down. Our current time is based upon time displacement from the time of Creation. This is analogous to how humans perceive time in their own lives. For example, to a 6 year old, waiting a full year for something seems like forever. However, for a 60 year old, a full year seems to transpire quickly. That's because a year to a 6 year old is 1/6 of his/her life, but only 1/60 to the 60 year old. Time is always relative.

The Church has premonitions since 2008 that New Mexico, especially north of I-40, is scheduled to receive the unbelievably extreme and horrific Wrath of God in the near future on the order of a nuclear catastrophe! This horrific catastrophe will be preceded by a devastating drought and other catastrophes visited upon New Mexico by God in retribution for New Mexico voters electing Satan Operative to New Mexico Attorney General, to U.S. Congressman and to U.S. Senator. While massive increases in water prices - the cost of water close to that of gasoline in some places - especially in rural areas of New Mexico - will be blamed on the drought by New Mexico's corrupt traditional news media, most of it will be caused by the Cabal Water Cartel secretly buying up virtually all of the potable water rights in the region. New Mexico experienced a small taste of The Church's long-predicted Wrath of God in February, 2011, when temperatures plunged to all-time record lows in 36 New Mexico communities, along with heavy snows and high winds, resulted in massive outages of natural gas afflicting 100,000+ people. Electricity also went out in many communities, and many water lines froze and burst, which also resulted in widespread flooding and water outages as well. New Mexico got similar violent weather in mid-December 2011, and even worse weather is predicted for New Mexico for 2012 and beyond.

DOES GOD STILL DO THE SODOM AND GOMORRA THING? As a revered religious leader, this is a question that The Revelator is often asked. Many falsely believe that God will never again visit His Wrath upon The Earth - Divine Retribution - as He did at Sodom and Gomorra. However, "Vengeance is Mine," so Sayeth The Lord! God will take only so much insult until He unleashes His terrible Wrath upon the offenders - often resulting in many innocent casualties (ie: collateral damage). Innocent casualties were unavoidable at the time of Sodom and Gomorra and now as well. No one can reasonably claim that innocent babies and young children who died along with their evil parents at Sodom and Gomorra were also evil. The reason why when God exercises His Wrath, He does not first separate the wheat from the chaff, with the exception of few individuals, is because if God spared all of the good and innocent people and just selectively killed off the evil ones, God would be telegraphing His punches, and it would be obvious that God was directly interceding, therefore all doubters of God or His Powers would be convinced, no longer would people be on their own to make their own good and evil decisions, and it would defeat The Power of Faith. While no one likes to see innocent men, women and children suffering and dying, especially among The Devout, however, once dead, God takes care of all of the good people in His Kingom of Heaven who died as collateral damage - while they suffer and die along with the evil people, they are selected out for Heaven in their afterlives. A great example of a Sodom and Gomorra-type Wrath of God is the devastating March 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdowns. The truth is that over the past 100 years - extending even to today - many Japanese people have been and are brutal people. Whether you are talking about Pearl Harbor and World War II, the Rape of Nanking, the enslavement of American POWs, or Japan's brutal invasions of the Philippines, Southeast Asia and Korea of yesteryear or today's brutal slaughtering by Japanese fishermen (many from the same communities most heavily devastated by the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdowns) of whales, dolphins and porpoises (some of God's most intelligent, beautiful and wondrous creations) - almost all without any remorse, apologies or reparations - the conclusion is clearly that Japan is now suffering from The Wrath of God. While God is very patient, there is a time when He visits upon the evildoers the full force of His Wrath. Incidentally, God is not yet done with Japan. And the San Francisco Bay Area and New Mexico area are coming up fast on His list.
       This is why The Church of Bible Prophecy pleads with New Mexicans to stop Vicar of Satan politicians before it is too late! Or you shall continue to provoke The Sodom and Gomorra-type Wrath of God in New Mexico! And spread the word to everyone you know - insist that they too, save their souls. Don't delude yourself into thinking that when YOU end up in the Wrath of God situation YOU fed into, you will be selected out in your afterlife as an innocent collateral damage casualty for The Kingdom of Heaven. You are not going to The Kingdom of Heaven if you in any way insult God, for example, by supporting Vicar of Satan politicians in any way, just as you would not let anyone cursing you at your doorstep to enter into your home.

STOP FUNDING SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES and LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY!: Several years ago, The Revelator, who has impeccable engineering and scientific credentials, is a creative genius and workaholic, and is a VA-rated Disabled Veteran (which requires U.S. Agencies to provide him job preferences by law), applied for employment at both Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Lab. Sandia National Laboratories didn't even bother to acknowledge The Revelator's job application - even after he complained to them about their failure to acknowledge! From Los Alamos National Laboratory, all The Revelator got was a rubber-stamped File #13-type response. The Revelator then investigated and came to the realization that both of these national laboratories are highly corrupt organizations which, just like the Albuquerque VA, hire almost exclusively based on corrupt political connections - a huge boondoggle, for example, as dictated by Communist. Per person, there are more millionaires in Los Alamos than in any other community in the country - you know why! When was the last time Uncle Sam paid you a $Million - or even when you had a decent job! Clearly, both national laboratories hire those who are politically connected and refuse to even seriously consider those who are not - virtually without regard to professional qualifications or Disabled Veterans status. At both Sandia and Los Alamos, $2 plus your VA disability rating gets you a cup of coffee - or the $2 just by itself. New Mexico has 10,000s of desperate, homeless and jobless Veterans - all highly patriotic, many Disabled, many recently back from Iraq and Afghanistan, many with solid high-tech training and security clearances - who can't get good jobs at Federal agencies, such as the VA, Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Lab, because these high-paying jobs are clearly reserved for fat-assed political sycophants and bribers who never served even a minute as a warrior during time of war. And the Albuquerque VA routinely cheats Veterans. Why should anyone want to serve our Country if it counts for virtually nothing!? And Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Lab hypocrites are constantly crying and moaning that there are not enough American engineers and scientists so they are forced by politicians, such as Communist, into hiring his Red Chinese engineers and Red Chinese scientists PALs to handle our Nation's Q-Clearance nuclear programs. Just look at their histories of stolen nuclear secrets! Since clearly Sandia and Los Alamos can't control themselves when it comes to corrupt favoritism, cronyism and nepotism, resulting in mediocre performances from both national laboratories based on their high manpower levels and astronomical costs, as well as their many gross national security violations, and in view of huge and immediate spending cuts required immediately by Washington, DC, both Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos National Lab MUST be immediately defunded and shut down. Please spread the word on this.

THE FALLACY OF EQUAL TIME AND BOUGHT TIME: Today, unfortunately when most people hear an opinion, claim or argument, they believe that the person who repeats it most often, the loudest or with the most authority has the correct opinion, claim or argument. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels often stated that the most effective method for making outright lies accepted as truths by the general public was to often repeat the lies and euphemisms until they become accepted “truths”, and thereafter become embedded into everyday thought and language - becoming the new reality. Not all opinions, claims or arguments should be given equal weight or time or exposure based on either money or a fairness doctrine. For example, let's say that you are a competent astronomer and a TV host asks you to debate the composition of the moon with another astronomer - one who is ignorant and stupid or lying and corrupt. You claim that the moon is made out of dirt and rocks. The other astronomer claims the moon is made out of green cheese. Do you believe that both of you should be given equal TV time to seriously argue your claims and the host should put the same weight on both claims as equally valid theories? Of course not! The traditional newsmedia has not adopted any standards for screening its commercials, guests, contributors or sources based on the known current or past accuracies of their opinions, claims, arguments, theories, and never ask them who is paying them off or the nature of their agendas. For example, CNN, MSNBC, et al now constantly run commercials for a guy who claims that if you have IRS problems to contact him because his former IRS agents will 'get the IRS off your back.' This guy is reputed to just take your money and you are lucky to hear from him again, in the meantime, the IRS takes your property, bank accounts and salary. He has numerous complaints filed against him and is currently under felony investigations by at least 3 Attorney Generals. Yet, TV and radio stations continue to religiously run his commercials (along with their many other fraudulent commercials), and no TV network or radio station discloses those facts about him. The traditional news media desperately needs to implement a rating system for politicians, judges, bureaucrats and commercials, post their accuracy ratings beneath their appearances, AND allocate and limit their exposure times based on their accuracy ratings. Never happen! To protect yourself, you should try to score them for yourselves (The Church of Bible Prophecy is trying to develop a truth scoring system, but any system must be based on information, and often the information is inadequate). Until then, there is almost nothing you can believe published in the traditional newsmedia because most of it are lies and scams. No good decision can come from lies or even half-truths - why so many people make terrible decisions. And why corrupt politicians make evil, greedy and self-serving decisions, and then try to pass them off as good decisions. For all important things, you must find out the truth for yourself.

WHO MURDERED JOHN KENNEDY? All you have to do is look at the person with the strongest motive, means and opportunity to commit this horrific political assassination (1963). That person is J. Edgar Hoover - former head of the FBI for several decades, and an avowed transvestite and paranoid - the only possible mastermind in the murder of JFK. As an avowed transvestite, clearly Hoover did not care how extremely offensive any of his behaviors as a public servant were to the American people at the time, so murdering a president was likely not outside his limits. Hoover personally hated the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. In fact, Hoover hated all Catholics, all non-whites, and all Liberals - more extreme than even today's FBI. Hoover also wanted to always be the defacto President of the United States - which was slipping from his grasp because of John Kennedy's high popularity, charisma and smarts. At least these 3 very powerful motives. Hoover also had the means - he controlled the intelligence apparati of our country - thereby easily being able to create a double-agent like Lee Harvey Oswald. And Hoover created the opportunity - one of the few people who could have changed the Kennedy motorcade route, as Hoover had planned and executed, to optimally position President John Kennedy into Oswald's gunsights. And immediately following JFK's assassination, both the investigation and the Carcano rifle were turned over to - you guessed it - J. Edgar Hoover. Oswald went to the Soviet Union to seek asylum, according to his claims, but was rejected by the Soviets which eagerly sought American defectors. Why? Because the Soviet KGB had a mole inside the FBI who informed them that Oswald was a fake communist, and in fact was a FBI double agent. Hoover knew that Oswald would be rejected by the Soviets because the entire trip was to give Oswald communist creds - not for Oswald to actually defect. And with only $200 to his name, who paid for Oswald's lavish trip to the Soviet Union? Whether or not there were multiple shooters or even that Oswald was the actual shooter are not critical because a conspiracy to shoot anyone does not require more than one shooter or any particular shooter. While many people certainly bring hidden handguns to work, very, very few people bring hidden rifles to work. The Warren Report findings were that just by coincidence, "madman" Oswald secretly brought his rifle to work, and then hid it out on the 6th floor of his work building in a room only occupied by boxes that a person could easily hide behind, with a huge target window over an entire plaza (Dealey Plaza) that just happened to be the route that a U.S. President he hated would travel. Pure fantasy. When it comes to political assassinations, I don't believe in coincidences.
Oswald allegedly used one of the worse military rifles ever made - the Carcano. Later nitrate tests of Oswald's hands were negative - no evidence that Oswald recently fired any gun. I once owned a Carcano in "very good condition" (a crappy mass-produced Italian World War II rifle bought for $25), while I shot at the Sharpshooter level in the Army using a M14, I couldn't reliably hit a 3-foot diameter tree trunk at 100 feet. More often than not, the bullet tumbled and landed sideways, usually 2+ feet left or right of the trunk. The purpose of the el cheapo Carcano in this scenario was to make Oswald look like a lucky-shot dufus who just stumbled into this crime, because if Oswald had used a slick precision expensive hunting rifle like a 7mm, 308 or 30-06, it would have certainly appeared to be a lot more planned and professional assassination.
J. Edgar Hoover not only got away with murdering President John Kennedy, but 5 years later, also got away with murdering Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy - two other powerful people whom Hoover despised (Hoover even obsessively spied on King and tried to blackmail King), and in both cases, recruiting loner losers as the fall guys. It is also a known fact that at least one of Sirhan Sirhan's closest personal friends, which friendship dated back months before Sirhan Sirhan murdered Robert Kennedy, was an undercover FBI agent!
Some say that President Lyndon Johnson killed President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. While Johnson was reputed to hate the Kennedys, it does not appear Johnson had any animosities towards Blacks or Martin Luther King in particular. And Vice President Johnson lacked the direct hands-on control of the FBI or the CIA, and could not have obtained their intelligence resources without going through paranoid J. Edgar Hoover to locate, recruit and groom somebody like Lee Harvey Oswald - at least not without a lot of extraneous people knowing - nor is there any other evidence linking Johnson to plots against John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, so it is very doubtful that Lyndon Johnson conspired in the assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or Robert Kennedy.

DIFFERENT KINDS OF CONSPIRACIES: There are two main types of conspiracy: In a simple conspiracy, perps A, B, ... m plan a crime together as a simple conspiracy, and one to all of them commits the crime(s). In a complex conspiracy, typical of international, political (eg: JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations), and corporate conspiracies, perps A, B, ... m are rich and powerful bigshots who plan a crime together as the top-level conspirators, as the result, at least one of them or someone else he/she assigns, then conspires with perps N, O, ... z - usually loser types - to commit the crime(s). That way, the top-level conspirators never need to dirty their hands, they all have plausible deniability and solid alibis, and are usually difficult to even identify, much less to prove. There were conspiracies in the murders of JFK, RFK and MLK - regardless of whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, or James Earl Ray actually pulled the triggers or actively participated in any other way.

WHAT CHOICES DO WE ALL REALLY HAVE? The great comedian George Carlin once said, 'When it comes to unimportant things, such as ice cream flavors or clothes styles you can choose from, your choices are many. But when it comes to very important things, such a political parties, what schools your kids can go to, banks, insurance companies, cable companies, utilities, medical care, etc. your choices are very limited, costly and carefully controlled by powerful entities.' George Carlin was absolutely right! Actually, about 40 major corporations control the entire global economy - and they dictate virtually all of your perceived choices, whether few or many. Thanks to former President George HW Bush who promised and delivered to us all his New World Order, and those who followed. "Choice" is the biggest lie of all. And "choice" is the excuse corporations use to produce non-standard products with non-standard parts for their products so it makes it very expensive and difficult - sometimes impossible - to repair expensive equipment even when a cheap part goes out - forcing consumers into buying the same expensive devices over and over again, while filling up our landfills with toxic junk. However, George Carlin missed the technique many politicians use today to actually deny choice by providing so many confusing and overwhelming choices - often "choices" with no real differences - so that people either don't choose (eg: don't vote) or choose wrong, while at the same time boasting about how many wonderful choices they provide.

THE FALLACY OF SEX EDUCATION: Sex education, as taught in New Mexico grade schools and New Mexico middle schools (also elsewhere), is totally out of control. Now, New Mexico schools sex classes provide little or no information or encouragement for total abstinence from sex until marriage. Nor do they teach enough about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unwanted pregnancies and abortions in a way to scare teenagers straight. Now, New Mexico schools sex classes pornographically describe and glorify teenagers having sex on themselves, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, sexual tantrism, and sexual "toys". What's next? Children? Farm animals? Dead people? And who teaches these classes? Since New Mexico barely runs any kind of background investigations on teachers and staff who teach its many sex education classes, who are they hiring? Has Sandusky applied yet? For sure, New Mexico would hire him immediately. New Mexico has always been a haven for pedophiles and other sexual deviates. If you must register as a sex offender in another state and you move to New Mexico, you are not required to register as a sex offender in New Mexico. Santa Fe is second only to San Francisco with the percentage of homosexual residents. Now, you know why.

ARE SEXUAL PERVERSIONS CAUSED BY GENES? BY ENVIRONMENT? Like all other forms of self-serving and self-destructive behaviors, sexual perversions (also known by The Church of Bible Prophecy as sexual tantrism) are caused by a combination of genes and environment but mostly environment (the environmental factors usually involve being sodomized or raped as a child). In studies of both U.S. prisoners and mountain gorillas, it was found that many perfectly heterosexual males became homosexual when females were no longer available for some months - their genes did not spontaneously self-mutate into homosexual modes. Clearly, any genetic contribution does not excuse or justify the actual manifestations of such dysfunctional and destructive behaviors. We are all in control of and responsible for our own behaviors. Many people have the same relevant genes and environment as extreme practicing sexual perverts, and yet never manifest sexual perversions. These righteous people are almost always referred to as Devout Judeo-Christians (NOTE: The percentage of sexual perverts / sexual tantrists among the Devout is far less than among the general population - only few of the Devout have the genetic and environmental factors responsible for sexual perversions). The Church knows a person who was extremely physically disciplined as a child, and descended from a family where beatings and extreme discipline were considered normal and routine over generations - as with many American families (perhaps higher than 25%). Based on the bankrupt Liberal theories relevant to sexual perversions and genes, one would expect this person to be a violent criminal. Yet, this person has no history of violence and has never been a criminal. Why? Because he is a Devout Judeo-Christian . The answer is really simple - turn to our Lord Jesus Christ! That's it! Try prayer. The Church has zero tolerance towards tantric sexual perversions. The Church deals with manifested sexual perversions believed to be caused by demonic possession that the person cannot or will not fight off himself/herself through severe exorcisms to drive these demons out because manifested sexual perversions or other sexual tantrisms are clearly caused by the demonic possession intentionally invited into those persons by those persons who have both the environmental and genetic factors which make it possible.
          Some homosexuals are fond of claiming such things as, "We were born this way," and "Homosexuality is determined by genes alone." Fact is, the entire human genome was mapped out many years ago, and while the specific gene identities for 100s of gene-caused human attributes, diseases and vulnerabilities are now well known and proven, homosexuals who make these totally unfounded claims cannot identify a gene(s) which dictates homosexuality for men and/or women. If one accepts their argument of gene dictation for homosexuality, then one must also accept the argument that bestiality, pedophilia and necromancy, and tantric sexual perversions are also dictated by genes alone in which their possessors are merely hapless victims of DNA and not vile perpetrators. And one must also accept the clear fact that Sexual tantrists is a proven degenerate sexual pervert based on the long histories of his family on both sides who were gross sexual perverts and sexual deviates.. And if genes cause sexual preferences, then what are the specific gene identities for bestiality, pedophilia and necromancy? If you freely provide The Church with the specific identities of genes you claim which dictate these tantric sexual perversions with documented proofs, we will seriously consider publishing them here, giving you full credit. There are known genes which tend to result in masculinity and femininity - in fact they occupy entire chromosomes (X and Y chromosomes) - but do not dictate homosexuality. Until you can prove the gene connection, the theory of sexual identity caused by specific genes alone must be regarded as unproved, unfounded, pure nonsense and laughable BS. Another example: At least one big religion believes that Native Americans are the Lost Tribe of Israel, but cannot produce even a shred of genetic evidence to support their beliefs, so they too are totally discredited of their genetic claims. We first published this on Nov. 2, 2011. If we receive no proof by Nov. 2, 2012 of gene dictation of sexual preferences and sexual perversions, then clearly no proof exists and that it is not true.

GOD CREATED US IN HIS IMAGE - BUT NEITHER PERFECTLY NOR OPTIMALLY SO: The simple fact is that the human body is neither perfect nor optimal. When compared to many animals, humans are not the biggest, the strongest, with the greatest endurance, or with the best eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, touch or vocal range. Humans are also not likely the smartest. While it is hard to compare animal intelligence to other animals and to humans, it can be argued that while humans are very near the top in brain power, whales and dolphins are smarter than humans, and possibly even octopuses, squids and cuttle fish. So what makes humans so special? The one precious gift that God gave us that no other creature possesses is manual dexterity. Humans can make complex tools and weapons (a major subset of tools) with their hands and their highly developed intelligence. While a few animals, for examples, chimpanzees, monkeys, octopuses and crows, can manipulate objects and even create and use very primitive tools, only humans have brought tool making to an extremely high level. By being able to create complex tools, humans can vastly expand their food supply, their power levels, and their controls over other humans and animals. This is why humans are far more successful than virtually all other animals at surviving and multiplying.
          The design of the human body is also not optimal, or even makes sense, evolutionary or otherwise. God made duplicates of some of our most critical organs: Eyes, ears, lungs, kidneys, hand/arms, feet/legs. Lose one of these, and you likely survive. But God also made only singles of most of our critical organs: Brain, heart, nose, mouth, tongue, esophagus, stomach, intestines, color, liver, spleen, pancreas, prostate, uterus. Lose one of these and you will either die or suffer a lot. Worse, some of our critical organs have multi-purposes. For example, the esophagus is critical for breathing, eating, drinking and speaking - four critical functions - why 1,000s every year die from choking to death resulting in food or drink taking the wrong off-ramp. And while walking on two legs seems great, most large animals walk on four legs, and two legs accounts for most of the lower back pains, leg and feet pains and general arthritis which plague humans much more than 4-legged animals. And God gave us a very complex brain which virtually all of its owners both find incapable of optimally solving problems and challenges, and well-stocked with evil and selfish thoughts.
          Why did God make humans so imperfect and far from optimal? That's because God intended to throw major and minor obstacles in our way so that we could greatly improve ourselves to prove our metal to Him. Consider that if God made humans both perfectly and optimally, why even bother creating an Earth? - He might as well have sent everyone straight to Heaven. God gave us very difficult tests to even complete, much less excel in. Life is like Navy Seal school - while many people are enrolled, very few graduate to Heaven. It is up to all of us to serve God better.

PROVEN CANCER CURES, PROVEN HEART DISEASE CURES, PROVEN ARTHRITIS CURES, PROVEN AGING CURES: There are 1,000s of people now claiming to have developed or discovered cures for cancer, cures for heart disease, cures for arthritis, cures for aging and cures for other serious and even medically terminal maladies. Who can you believe these days? While The Revelator has no medical degree or license, he has spent considerable time studying medicine. In fact, at the University of Texas, while his degrees are in electrical engineering, his minor was biomedical. After much research and meditation on curing the aging process, The Revelator believes that virtually every person and entity of the 1,000s who claim that they can cure cancer, cure heart disease, cure arthritis, or cure aging are LYING - quacks and frauds - or simply too stupid to even know whether or not they are right! They include those practicing traditional medicine and those practicing the many varied forms of homeopathic medicine. For example, consider Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs - diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, this genius was somehow convinced that he could be cured through clearly unproved homeopathic treatments. The result was - as The Revelator had predicted - Steve Jobs died from pancreatic cancer. The biggest villains are the pharmaceutical companies. There was a time when these companies actually invented drug cures for some medical problems. Today, all they seem to be able to invent are maintenance drugs - ultra-expensive maintenance drugs which barely keep you alive so that you must spend the rest of your life paying for them to stay alive. These perpetrators of phony cures include people who have won Nobel prizes and are heavily respected and even revered in their medical fields. Yet, they rip-off many $ Billions every year from the dupes who they have conned into believing them.

"Government Needs to Be Proactive in Spurring Technology"
Albuquerque Journal Letter-to-the-Editor
Emailed by The Revelator to ABQ Journal, Jan. 31, 2012

Liberal politicians, universities and the traditional newsmedia
care nothing about our world, our Country or our military. To date,
This Revelator's Letter-to-the-Editor was never published by the Albuquerque Journal

Not every great technology idea comes from Government, corporations or universities. And not every technology idea has great commercial value, notably those relevant to military apps and mitigating disasters. In spite of our plunging educational level, many Americans have great technology ideas but nowhere useful to contribute them. I am an engineer (MSEE) and know this for sure.

I theorized that The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built using an hydraulic elevator to lift the stones to work levels, thereby solving "The Riddle of the Ages". I wrote UNM and NMSU engineering departments, both indicated that my idea was plausible. My idea explained every major feature of The Great Pyramid from the various chambers and passages to the concavity of the outer walls. Both universities refused to help, stating that they would not lift a finger to have their schools build a functional model unless I gave them $thousands in grant monies, thereby losing the prospects of becoming world famous for proving my idea. Yet, UNM easily pays an incompetent coach nearly a $million dollars to lose games.

In early 2005, in response to the Dec. 2004 Indonesia tsunami, I developed two ideas for mitigating tsunamis. I sent them to NOAA, USGS, USC, and other tsunami research centers. The only response I got was from USC, returning my manuals stating that they would not even read them! One idea mitigated the crashing wave damage of tsunamis; also doubled as a wave-action electrical power generator to produce millions of watts of energy. Another was for a simple, cheap, disposable device that ships and boats could carry that would automatically detect sea level rises in open seas to warn coastal communities through satellite uploads of the telltale data of oncoming tsunamis to save lives.

I had similar experiences with a great idea on how to quickly and cheaply plug the BP [British Petroleum] oil leak which no one would even evaluate, but instead, they made stupid and wasteful attempts to plug.

Now, I've come up with a great invention idea to greatly mitigate IED explosive forces to save our warriors' lives and vehicles. Again, finding no Government forum Online where I could submit it, weeks ago I emailed President Obama, Senator Bingaman and Rep. Heinrich for an address to send my idea to. No response from Obama and Bingaman, and a useless response from Heinrich. As a disabled veteran and an uncle of Sgt. Velton Locklear III, killed by IED in Iraq in 2006, this is a very big deal to us. But apparently, not important to politicians.

There is still no mechanism for ordinary citizens with great ideas to contribute them to our country while having their invention ideas both seriously evaluated and intellectually protected.

The simple truth is that both Liberal politicians and the traditional newsmedia do not care how many of our brave warriors are killed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)!

          See: The Church's Reverse The Aging Process Discoveries & Research.

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All statements made herein and all statements made elsewhere by The Revelator in his The Revelator capacity are solely, exclusively and totally official Church of Bible Prophecy Doctrines and Beliefs as determined through Bible Code analysis and other scientific methods and as authenticated through the spiritually-inspired revelatory meditation of The Revelator through The Holy Spirit, with the exceptions that all strictly political advocacy statements relevant to a particular election, candidate and/or political seat are all the personal opinions of The Revelator and NOT political positions advocated by The Church of Bible Prophecy. All titles and affiliations of every individual and group provided herein and elsewhere by The Church or by The Revelator are solely provided for identification purposes only. As a matter of disclosure, The Revelator used to be a moderate Democrat for most of his life. Then the actions of Liberal Extremist, Sexual Tantrist, Abortionist, Anti-Military, Anti-Veteran, a Satan Operative, ripped the blinders off of his eyes. Now, The Revelator is a Conservative Republican. Still, all statements made herein don't reflect The Revelator's personal views or political views except to the full extent that The Revelator, as a Devout Church of Bible Prophecy Member, fully and faithfully ascribes to the official Beliefs and Doctrines of The Church of Bible Prophecy - just as all Devout Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, etc. fully ascribe to the official beliefs and doctrines of their religions.

REMINDER: As per The Church of Bible Prophecy's long-published and established Doctrines and Beliefs, while most terms used on this The Church's website are identical in meanings and uses to the same terms found in other dictionaries and sources, some terminology is strictly defined by The Church and can have substantially different meanings and uses than their commonly understood meanings and uses. Just as Black's Law Dictionary defines and uses many terms differently than their common meanings and uses. If you lack the true understandings of statements made by The Church anywhere, then please ask The Church to clarify these statements. Also, The Church's definitions of terminology it uses can change from time-to-time, from person-to-person, and from forum to forum.

NOTE: As with all of The Church's webpages, this webpage contains the Official Doctrines and Beliefs of The Church of Bible Prophecy. By policy, we never recommend for or against, approve or disapprove, sponsor, endorse, support, guarantee, or take any responsibility for any of the content of any non-Church of Bible Prophecy webpage, website, advertisement, publication or other statement EVEN IF WE HAVE PROVIDED A HOTLINK TO IT. And by policy, we never recommend for or against, approve or disapprove, sponsor, endorse, support, guarantee, or assume any liability or any other responsibility for any non-Church of Bible Prophecy entity, product or service EVEN IF WE HAVE PROVIDED A HOTLINK TO IT and EVEN IF WE HAVE DISCUSSED IT OR INFORMED YOU ABOUT IT on a webpage, or by phone, email, mail or fax, or by any other means of communications.

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