The Church of Bible Prophecy uses scientific, mathematical analysis of Bible Scriptures to help reveal End Times prophecies to better prepare Church Members to spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially survive, succeed and prosper - including reversing the aging process - personal empowerment / personal salvation / personal prosperity / personal security - during the End of the World => The Antichrist, The Battle of Armageddon, The Rapture, The Great Tribulation, The Coming of the Messiah - Second Coming of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom Come, His Final Judgment.

The Last Days are Here! Time for the Seven Seals to be Unsealed from The Sealed Book of Revelation (The Holy Bible). We believe that the Seven Seals are Seven Mathematical Algorithms for the Bible Codes / Torah Codes which will Prophesy the End of the World, and Who are the Good Doers and Who are the Evildoers

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"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

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REV John Williams, The Revelator
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The Church's Research & Findings
on Reversing The Aging Process

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to consider how you can better learn about Holy Bible End Time prophecies for personal salvation purposes. The Church of Bible Prophecy (CBP, "The Church"), Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the only major God-based prophetic church or religion based on both scientific and mathematical methods in the entire world - WE ARE THE ONLY GOD-BASED CHURCH OF PROPHECY TRULY BASED ON SCIENCE AND MATH!

Whether you call it the End Times, the End of Time, the Last Days, the Final Days, the End of Days, the End of the World as we know it, the Close of Days, the advent of the Antichrist, the advent of the Beast and The 666, The advent of the False Prophet, The Battle of Armageddon, the time of the Rapture and the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Coming of the Messiah, His Kingdom Come, the Apocalypse now, the Day of Final Judgment / Final Judgement Day (ie: Judgment Day / Judgement Day / Last Judgment / Last Judgement), the Day of Reckoning, the Day of Atonement, the Day of Retribution, the Day of Purification, the Day of Perfection, Hell on Earth, The End of the Mayan Calendar, the next great extinction, Earth's final extinction, the destruction of the world, the end of mankind, the end of civilization, the day you "cash in your chips," "Fright Night" starring Satan, or whatever else, we all know that it is already here or is at least fast approaching, that our world is being increasingly controlled and manipulated by powerful Satanic evildoers on an agonistic frenzy to destroy our world, and that the End Times will bring about catastrophic changes which YOU and YOUR loved ones MUST prepare for spiritually, mentally, physically and financially, and can optimally prepare for through prophetic revelation.

Horrific End Times events shall occur PRIOR TO THE RAPTURE - just as some are occurring now. The Church of Bible Prophecy now knows exactly what YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES MUST DO to avoid being casualties of these upcoming horrendous events, as well as other horrific preliminary End Times events which will occur prior to The Rapture. Interested? Please - do not lose even one minute to join up with The Church of Bible Prophecy in your quest for personal salvation => Church Membership!

In 2001, before becoming The Revelator, REV John Williams, The Revelator solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built by using a centrally-located hydraulic elevator, and published his discovery in his book, "THE WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC METHOD TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID" book ("Cheops" is Greek for "Khufu"). "The Riddle of The Ages" stumped some of the greatest geniuses in history for 1,000 years - until John Williams solved it! The asinine theory most accepted even today by so-called pyramid experts is that The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using a 1-2 mile long ramp (480+ feet high), which would have required about 7 times more material than The Great Pyramid itself (do the math), and then would have had to be completely torn down after The Great Pyramid was finished!
          Then, in early 2005, REV John Williams, The Revelator, responded to the devastating Dec. 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which killed 300,000+ people, with his, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES" book, and his, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN" book. His tsunami mitigation systems inventions are designed to mitigate tsunami and other violent wave surge-caused damages, thereby saving 1,000s of lives. And as extra benefits, his tsunami inventions would have generated megawatts of electricity for coastal areas using them, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea life habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs, and for inexpensive and portable means to detect and measure tsunamis in the open ocean that most ships can afford to carry. Yet, his creative and very practical tsunami invention ideas were ignored by Caesar's NOAA and USGS, and major universities lavished with huge taxpayer grants from Caesar's minions to "study" tsunami mitigation solutions - 5+ years later and they still have not developed and implemented any practical tsunami mitigation solutions! Next major tsunami: 100,000s more will needlessly die! REV John Williams, The Revelator, not only proved yet again with his tsunami mitigation inventions that he is one of the greatest creative and visionary scientific and engineering minds in 100+ years, but that he is also a merciful, self-sacrificing, caring, compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic and major Judeo-Christian leader.
          Then again, in 2010, REV John Williams, The Revelator, mercifully responded to the devastating British Petroleum Gulf Oil Leak (BP Gulf Oil Leak) with simple, effective, quick, inexpensive and practical inventions to stop the BP Gulf Oil Leak, which he details in his, "HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS". Yet, the BP Gulf Oil Leak continued for 3 months because Caesar's minions refused to consider his solutions to stop the BP Gulf Leak. While cleaning up any major oil or gas leak is also required, stopping a leak is paramount. The BP Gulf Oil Leak started April 20, 2010. REV John Williams, The Revelator, invented his stop leak solutions by April 29, and emailed just about everyone from President Obama down to relevant regional officials (governors, mayors, city managers, environmental agencies, etc.) of the various Gulf States and coastal cities since then - yet no one implemented any of his inexpensive inventions, which would have taken no more than about two weeks to implement. Months have since passed, many of the Gulf of Mexico beaches awashed in tar balls. In the afflicted areas, animals died, the environment is devastated, seafood and tourism industries crashed, and huge quantities of oil and methane gas energy resources were squandered! If the Exxon Valdez spill is a good example, the Gulf region may turn into a living hellhole for decades - even generations - to come! Simply because the oil becomes less visible over months and years does not mean that the oil mysteriously vanished and all is fine again. Oil is still there killing, damaging and contaminating - dissolved in toxic dispersants, settling onto the sea floor, and floating around in the middle. And when the next huge oil and gas leak occurs in the Gulf or elsewhere, Caesar and the responsible oil corporations will again be as unprepared, dumbfounded and ineffective as they are now because they won't implement Williams's inventions to quickly and inexpensively stop oil, other fluids and gas leaks.

REV John Williams, The Revelator has PROVEN himself beyond any reasonable doubt time and time again to be one of the most creative and visionary scientific and engineering thinkers in 100+ years! The Revelator fully credits his great intellectual powers to God, and he believes and which the evidence clearly proves that he is especially chosen and blessed by God with unmatched creative and visionary genius to serve The Will of God. The Church of Bible Prophecy derives its scientific insights from Bible Codes (Bible Codes Research / Torah Codes Research) and other scientific research and revelatory meditation through The Holy Spirit. By joining The Church of Bible Prophecy, YOU too can contribute to its great scientific and engineering accomplishments ==> Church Membership! If you now belong to a church or religion claimed to be run by some great prophet, seer, revelator or visionary leader, ask him/her: "What have YOU ever done to prove that you were gifted with such extraordinary God-given powers?" If he/she can't provide you verifiable proof, immediately leave that church or religion and then immediately join with The Revelator at The Church of Bible Prophecy!

"Live Long, and Prosper."
- Leonard Nimoy ("Star Trek's" Spock)

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UPDATE: After years of hard work, The Church of Bible Prophecy has recently made some awesome progress in its anti-aging research we would like to share with our faithful anti-aging research supporters, and then later with our non-contributing followers. We are approaching the time we expect to be be able to do actual "clinical trials"! Praise Jesus!! Are You ready to possibly reverse Your aging process and possibly live healthy, strong and vigorous lives for several centuries? Do You want to be among the few Chosen People? If Your response is, "Yes" to both questions, it is critical to us that You must agree to these things:
          (1) With prior and explicit permission from God and from The Revelator, you must obtain and well-preserve Your Young DNA - the DNA You had when You were in Your teens to early 30s - when You were in the peak of Your health, strength and vigor. That's because as one ages, his/her DNA progressively deteriorates due to exposures to various chemicals, electrical energy, sunlight in the environment, ravages of illnesses, and aging in general. While some DNA repairs may be possible without Your Young DNA to copy from just by knowing what should be in the damaged and missing spots, in some cases, the DNA damage can be so extensive or in a part of Your DNA chain that Your DNA info is lost forever and cannot be repaired and restored. You may be able to obtain Your Young DNA by doing such things as preserving Your old hairbrushes or toothbrushes, or old envelopes or their stamps You licked to seal, or Your old clothing, sports gear, kitchen devices, furniture, tools, medical devices, etc. Obtain and preserve Your Young DNA (using refrigeration) from as many sources as You can as there is no guarantee that You will have enough intact DNA from any one or few of Your older personal items to fully or at least mostly repair and restore Your current DNA to Your Young DNA for optimum age regression results.
          (2) You must register with The Church of Bible Prophecy right away (and tell Your family, friends and associates to also register!) - don't wait another minute! There is no charge to register. That's because if and when we finalize and verify our successful results from our anti-aging method, first our Supporters List will be contacted using a formula which gives equal weight to when the person registered with us and the person's level of support for our anti-aging research. After we have exhausted our Supporter's List (minimum suggested contribution is $100), we will then contact our Non-Contributing Followers List on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis. Since we are very small compared to most research outfits and what we need to provide You can only be created relatively slowly and in modest quantities based upon how many producing devices we believe we can afford at this time, we will be going thru our lists fairly slowly, so You do NOT want to be near the bottom of any list.
          (3) You must agree to never disclose without The Church's explicit written prior permission, what The Church of Bible Prophecy is providing You, no matter how strongly You feel about the results or want to support us. For examples, You must not disclose The Church's role in Your progress not to any government official, not to any corporate, industrial or institutional organization or official, not in any form of social media, not on TV, radio, telephone or in writing, not to any of Your relatives, friends, neighbors or associates, not by word of mouth, and not to anyone else. The reason being is that once the rich and powerful find out what achievements we are making, they are likely attempt to buy us off and destroy us so that they can then rip-off and monopolize our discoveries and make $ Millions or $ Billions from them. They may also try to pressure us into putting them and their friends at the top of our lists. After they find that they can't buy us off or intimidate us, they will just steal our achievements to provide them only to the very rich and powerful at huge prices. But first, they will destroy us. To destroy us, they will recruit their evil political, bureaucratic and newsmedia PALs to conspire together to destroy us. We are already the sworn enemy of all Satanists, so we do not want to give them any excuse to lie about what our achievements are, defame us and destroy us. We are certain that a time will come when we will have so many success stories that we will be so protected from the evil rich and powerful 'nipping us in the bud' that we can then freely fully disclose our great results to the world. In the meantime, if You wish, give all the credit to exercise, diet, botox, plastic surgery, etc. For those people You care about, just ask them to also register with us without making claims on our behalf based on Your results. Again, the sooner people register with us, the faster we can try to help them.

It's time for YOU to reverse the aging process! The Church of Bible Prophecy has for several years now engaged in immortality research, and now has strong reason to believe that immortality - eternal life with eternal youth and good health - is now possible and practical to achieve! Since the beginning of time, people have in vain searched for the elixir to eternal life to extend their lives for 100s - perhaps even 1,000s of years. These searchers included and include the world's most powerful emperors, kings and dictators, an army of celebrities, the richest and most famous people in the world, and the greatest scientists and thinkers - all having miserably failed, and most of whom died or will die miserably in their old age. The Revelator John Williams solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built (Kufu's Pyramid) using a near centrally-located hydraulic elevator - the premier mystery which stumped even the greatest scientists and thinkers in the history of mankind for a 1,000+ years. By reading The Church of Bible Prophecy's scientific discoveries webpage (The Church's Scientific Findings and Prophecies), filled with The Revelator's profound scientific insights, your conclusion will certainly be that The Revelator John Williams is unrivaled in his scientific acumen and visionary insight. If anyone is to ever solve the secrets to immortality, it will be REV John Williams, The Revelator.
          The simple truth is that without The Revelator's discoveries thru The Church of Bible Prophecy, you will continue to see your body and mind slowly shrivel up and slip away from you real time into the pain field and debilitations of old age, until you finally die in misery - leaving everyone and everything of value to you in this world, and as a huge loss and burden to and great sadness for your family and friends. And you will age in an increasingly miserable way because these are The End Times, much ruled by evil and where suffering will become even more common and severe. Without The Revelator thru The Church, your chances of ever living 100s of years in a healthy, vigorous and youthful body are virtually zero. If YOU lived a decent and productive life, YOU deserve much more of it in excellent health!
          The Revelator, thru The Church of Bible Prophecy, believes that he has found the answers to the aging process and how to both stop the aging process and reverse the aging process to establish virtually eternal life in good health. His discoveries, once tested and refined, won't be in the form of a drug, and should allow anyone to first seriously slow down the aging process, then stop the aging process, then reverse the aging process, all of which may be done over a period of time. Until such time that The Church of Bible Prophecy makes available its discoveries into stopping and reversing the aging process, that entire body of information is proprietary and secret information of The Church and The Revelator. The Church's discoveries will be made available only to those who wish to voluntarily undertake it:
              (1) First, to benefit Church Members and their families (note, as an article of good faith, The Revelator and his/her family will themselves not take its anti-aging remedy until it is also available in adequate quantity for existing and potential Church Members). This is an excellent opportunity for you to apply for Church Membership today (Church Membership). As an official Church of Bible Prophecy Member and as progress develops, The Church will keep you posted on its anti-aging remedy research and development.
              (2) Second, to benefit non-Church members whose devoutness is verifiable by their previous contributions (to this and/or to other causes of The Church and The Revelator), their families and how The Revelator adjudges their character. As a substantial donor to The Church's anti-aging research and development and/or other Church programs, and as progress develops, The Church will keep you posted on its anti-aging remedy research and development.
              (3) Third, to benefit other very select and deserving nonmembers of The Church viewed by The Revelator as Devout Judeo-Christian s and their families (note, if you are in this last group, it may take The Revelator weeks, months and even years to satisfy Itself that you are a Devout Judeo-Christian nonmember of The Church and not have shown any previous faith in The Church's research and other programs as demonstrated by your lack of both membership AND prior donations).
          The Revelator's anti-aging remedy will never be made available to Vicars of Satan, Vicars of Herod, to the Whores of Babylon, to any of their spawn, nor to the lukewarms, so therefore, The Church of Bible Prophecy will never put its anti-aging remedy on the open market or for mass production for any amount of money, either by prescription or nonprescription, and it will keep its anti-aging remedy strictly secret and proprietary to The Church and The Revelator. Also, since The Church of Bible Prophecy never sells anything, no amount of money to "buy" its anti-aging remedy will work because it will never be for sale. Once The Church has successfully completed its anti-aging research and development, The Church will offer its anti-aging remedy free only to those it believes are Devout and deserving for its FREE REMEDY (Note: The Church always requests minimum suggested donations to continue its great works from all of its supporters and their families, except those who have already heavily donated and bequeathed to this and/or other works which The Church is involved with).
          The Church of Bible Prophecy of uncompromising integrity now strongly believes that it is close! The final obstacles The Church must now overcome is creating the testing and refinement laboratories and clinics, and the professionals required to staff them to make sure that every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. The Church does not now have the resources to do these things - and they will never get done without large donations and bequests to get them done. The Church of Bible Prophecy will never go outside of The Church to perform this testing and refinement of The Revelator's remedy, as to do so would greatly risk having his formulation stolen, and then later made available to rich and powerful Vicars of Satan and Vicars of Herod, et al. In short, The Church of Bible Prophecy requires large influxes of donations and bequests of money to get this critical work done - else it will simply not get done. You decide. Period. And the sooner we can complete our work, the faster The Church's anti-aging remedy will become available. Be advised that if REV John Williams, The Revelator, dies without his most most important biomedical work completed, these secrets will die with him.
          THE CRYOGENIC FALLACY: Some folks believe that once they die, they can have their head/bodies frozen, and then sometime later revived and restored from their cryogenic state. This is nothing but a crock. IF they actually freeze you, you will stay frozen until either your estate runs out of money, or some kind of crime, accident or hardware failure causes you to thaw. Even if you can be and are later thawed and revived, you will still be stuck with your same old DNA and general health and medical conditions, there will maybe absolutely no one who will know or care about you, and likely nothing you will own or home to go to. The Church believes that cryogenic preservation of heads and bodies is all a big swindle based on the fears, stupidity and wishful thinking of the victims and their families - so don't fall for cryogenics! The only things that really matter are: (1) REVERSING YOUR AGING PROCESS, (2) RESTORING YOU TO EXCELENT HEALTH, VIGOR AND STRENGTH, and (3) EXTENDING YOUR LIFETIME TO AS LONG AS POSSIBLE - IDEALLY, FOR ETERNITY.
          If you are aged and wanting to extend your life, The Church believes you have only two choices: (1) Do nothing, and with virtually 100% certainty you will eventually die in a miserable physical and mental heap but with lots of money left behind which will largely go to Caesar and/or undeserving others, OR (2) Contribute heavily to The Church and to The Revelator so that The Revelator can possibly successfully finalize The Church's research and development of his remedy and likely provide YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES The Church's remedy to possibly greatly slow down the aging process, stop the aging process and even reverse the aging process so that YOU can live a youthful, healthy and vigorous life, and be in much better condition to survive the increasingly painful End Times until The Rapture occurs.
          For all comments, inquiries and concerns relevant to this topic, please email The Church of Bible Prophecy (Subject Line: "Reversing Aging Process").

IF YOU TRULY WANT TO REVERSE YOUR AGING PROCESS AND GREATLY EXTEND YOUR LIFETIME, WHAT OTHER CHOICE DO YOU HAVE? Please contribute as much as you can TODAY to The Church of Bible Prophecy and/or The Revelator John Williams. There is not a minute to waste!

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"God is not a magician."
- Pope Francis

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The Church of Bible Prophecy End Times views: End Times Brief

In March, 2015, Washington DC police warned Washington politicians to stop throwing "wild parties". Guess who are the victims of these perverted and corrupt Washington DC politicians? Their staff, interns and pages. For the Love of God, stop tantric Washington politicians from abusing, raping and sodomizing their staff, interns and pages! If you have a loved one who is a Washington staff, Washington intern or Washington page, you MUST obtain the truth from them now about all of the disgusting and criminal sexual abuses forced upon them, and report them back to The Church (you may be anonymous - we are interested in the truth only - document if possible and you must clearly identify the politician(s)). The Church already has the goods on some of them. With the Cabal's repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Federally legalizing sodomy in the United States military - the already crisis level of sexual abuse of staff, interns and pages will become even much worse because many military personnel in Washington, DC, work as staff, interns and pages, and can be ordered to keep their mouths shut about all sexual abuses they are now subjected to by powerful politicians. For The Church of Bible Prophecy free Outreach Program for Abused, Raped and Sodomized Staff, Interns and Pages (CBP-OPARSIP): Staff, Interns and Pages Outreach Program

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