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Assault Rifles, Extended Magazines, Massacres, Big Pharma
& Scapegoating of the Mentally Ill Issues by Caesar
TUCSON, AZ, NEWTOWN, CT, AND OTHER MASSACRES USED TO "JUSTIFY" GUN CONTROL TO DESTROY GUN RIGHTS AND TO PERSECUTE MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE: The Church of Bible Prophecy predicts that by using the horrific January, 2011, Tucson Massacre (AZ), July 27, 2012 Aurora Massacre (CO), August 5, 2012, Sikh Temple Massacre (WI), December 25, 2012 Albany Massacre (NY), and December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre (Newtown, CT, by Adam Lanza) as excuses, Liberal Extremist politicians will attempt to satisfy their vile secret agendas of both destroying gun rights and persecuting those they arbitrarily and capriciously deem to be mentally ill (eg: The Devout, Conservatives, Patriots, anti-Communists, anti-abortionists, "homophobics"). Clearly, these vile gun control and ammo control efforts are being secretly implemented by the Cult and their PALs. And clearly, both Tom Udall and Mark Udall are genetically related to the Tucson mass murderer, Jared LEE Loughner, through their mass-murdering great grandfather, John D. LEE (Mountain Meadows Massacre of 140 innocent men, women and children). Also, Tom Udall was born in Tucson, father Stewart LEE Udall, and Tom Udall still has many of his minions in Tucson. Some even say that the Udalls recruited Jared Lee Loughner for the specific project to kill Rep. Giffords to then later "justify" severe gun regulations and even gun confiscations, or simply because the Cabal had disputes with her or as a paid favor for Tom Udall's well-known Jihad PALs (which Udall has never denied). We all know who was really behind the Tucson Massacre - now trying to apply strict gun control on everyone using his relative's crimes as the excuse is an outrage. If you won't or can't correctly identify all of the causes of a problem, you will never solve the problem.
       While some say that Nazi-like persecution of the patriotic "mentally ill" by denying them gun ownership rights is OK, The Church of Bible Prophecy is totally opposed to denying any Patriot and Devout or Pious Judeo-Christian his/her God-given Second Amendment right to be armed and to protect oneself, family and neighborhood. Gun control laws unjustifiably discriminate against the viewed as "mentally ill" in these ways:
          (1) Very few "mentally ill" people are dangerous, so why discriminate against ALL "mentally ill" people? In fact, by criminalizing ALL "mentally ill" people, some would say that they should arm themselves because a Gestapo-like extermination and concentration camp roundup is coming, which it is. Fact is that studies of 10 mass-murderers have shown that none of them had been officially adjudged "mentally ill" - so denying guns to the adjudged "mentally ill" would not have prevented any of their massacres. Most did seem to be "loners" with some strange personality traits. About 1/4 of all adult males have at least one strange personality trait, and millions of men are "loners". Fact is, there are few objective tests and often no physical signs of mental disorders. Almost all the massacre killers are young white men - millions of Americans are young white men.
          Fact is that the biggest common denominator to mass murderer personal traits is the prior use of psychiatric drugs the killers took, some for many years (eg: Adam Lanza). There are close to 100 different psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs now widely taken by the general public (Abilify, Ambien, Haldol, Paxil, Prozac, Ritalin, Valium and Zoloft just to name a few). The taking or withdrawing from these powerful psychiatric drugs often cause violent behavior (eg: John Hyde, Albuquerque, Aug. 18, 2005). And this does not even address the issues of of legal and illegal narcotics and other pain killers. Greedy and corrupt psychiatrists and psychologists make fortunes peddling psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs for Big Pharma.
          The DSM ("Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders", published by the American Psychiatric Association, current version is the DSM-5 or DSM-V) and the ICD ("International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems", published by the World Health Organization (WHO)) were clearly written with the objective of justifying even greater abuses of psychiatric drugs so that psychiatrists, psychologists and Big Pharma, acting as one huge cabal of conspirators, could enrich themselves even more. The DSM used to label homosexuals as mentally ill, but quickly reversed itself when its DSM contributors quickly realized that many psychiatrists and psychologists are homosexuals. Over the last decades, about 100 new mental disorders and syndromes have been added to the DSM and ICD (now about 188 total) - virtually all bogus labels (eg: labeling shyness, wanting to be left alone, and moral rigidity (eg: religious fanaticism) as mental illnesses) designed to peddle even more neurotoxic psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs. According to psychiatrist Allen Francis (former chairman of a previous DSM version committee), the changes for the DSM-5, "will dramatically raise the rates of mental disorders and mislabel normal people as psychiatrically sick."
          Many of these psychiatric drugs physically and permanently re-wire the brain, and thereby create homicidal maniacs and suicidal maniacs. And its not just these drugs. Some food additives (including some food supplements, bioengineered food, food dyes and taste enhancers, and herbs) and combinations of foods and medicines, for example, some artificial sweetners are also neurotoxic and they, too, produce bizarre maniacal thoughts and behaviors in some people. For example, the "Twinkie Defense" was successfully used in a murder case. Even MRIs of the brain are known to trigger or cause mental illness. But since Big Pharma is too big to be held accountable, scapegoats must be fabricated so that Big Pharma is never blamed but others share more blame than deserved (eg: assault rifles, large extended ammo clips, violent videos/games/TV/movies, bad parenting, school bullying, etc.). The ironic thing is that these mass murders further enrich Big Pharma and greedy psychiatrists and psychologists, because they use them to "justify" even more psychiatric drug prescriptions, and get much more TV time to point fingers elsewhere and peddle even more neuro toxic drugs to create even more murderers - in a sense, creating an army of "Manchurian Candidates". Greedy psychiatrists and psychologists routinely prescribe drugs that they don't know how they really work at the biochemical level, their side effects (especially when combined with other drugs, chemicals and foods), all their interactions with other drugs, foods, additives and ever MRIs, their withdrawal effects, or their longterm use/abuse effects, rather than to prescribe exercise, good nutrition, and better care from family and friends - especially parenting. MRIs of the brain sensitizes the brain to subsequent microwave radiation because the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body, just like with X-Rays, are cumulative. It is analogous to a person who is allergic to bee stings being stung the first time by bees. The person gets very ill. However, the next time the person gets stung, the sting kills the now overly-sensitized person.
          (2) Certainly, guns should be banned from violent people - those with histories of violent crimes, who explicitly threaten to murder others or are suicidal, or who criminally abuse guns, or who are incompetent to handle guns (eg: due to mental or physical condition, which includes alcoholism, drug abuse, blindness and palsy, as well as a very limited number of mental disorders) which should be determined only on an individual basis. Many believe that women who have had abortions, abortion providers and abortion profiteers are all proven violent criminals, and must also have all of their gun rights nullified. Gun rights must not be based on whether or not a person is a felon or is mentally ill or mentally injured per se. A person who went to jail because of a non-violent crime should have all of his/her gun rights (and voting rights) totally restored once he/she has fully paid his/her debt to society. Because of DSM and ICD labeling, today there are many different kinds of mental illnesses, virtually all of which are not dangerous and many of which are bogus. In fact, studies show that the mentally disabled are killed at higher rates from gun violence than those who are believed sane. Studies also show that 5% of murders-by-gun are committed by mentally ill people. Depending on how seriously you take the DSM and ICD, the percentage of mentally ill people in society in general is about 10% - 80%; however, a reasonable acceptance of them results in 50+% of all USA women are mentally ill and 30+% of all USA men are mentally ill. So why are the mentally ill being picked on? No efforts are being made to identify and treat only the truly dangerous mentally ill - and to treat them WITHOUT drugs, for example, by FIRST prescribing exercise, sound eating habits and the love, care and interest in them from their parents and other relatives and friends, then seeing how that works. Even if most mass murderers are mentally ill, the converse is not true - very few mentally ill become mass murderers, just as while many cars are colored green, few objects colored green are cars. How many of the very high number of Chicago's gun murders (500+/year) - mostly children - were committed by the mentally ill? Or Detroit, East Los Angeles (East LA) or Juarez, Mexico? Most were likely committed by perfectly sane gangbangers with no history of mental illness. And why is it that nothing is said when poor Black kids in Chicago are wholesale slaughtered - 100s per year - but when 27 people in a mostly white, mostly rich community are shot dead, there is a national outrage? Don't poor Black kids and poor Hispanic kids also count?
          (3) Mind control and electronic attack, including electronic implants, episodes can and do falsely manifest themselves as mental illnesses. Even MRIs of the brain have been associated with causing mental illness. Simply subjecting a victim to mind control, electronic attacks and gang stalking, which manifest as "mental illness", is tantamount to denying otherwise sane people who have become targeted individuals (ie: mind control victims) the right to own and bear guns, thereby disarming them from even greater attacks from perpetrators. Likely the greatest cause of all mental illness is mind control, and one of the major causes of mind control today are powerful neurotoxic drugs (psychotropic drugs and psychoactive drugs), and most of these drug consumptions are caused by drug prescriptions and drug overprescriptions by greedy and incompetent psychiatrists and psychologists.
          (4) A person incarcerated in (ie: involuntarily committed to) a mental hospital may be there for only a brief period of mental illness when temporarily overwhelmed by a very stressful situation, and may emerge in their normal non-insane state or totally cured if even they had a mental problem. And may have no history of violence. In fact, by being released from a hospital, one can assume he/she is cured or will likely be cured shortly - regardless of whether the illness was physical or mental. Just like for prisons, many people every year are falsely imprisoned in mental hospitals - not because they are dangerous or threatened anyone or tried to commit suicide or are even mentally ill - but only because someone who has power over them falsely accused them of mental illness for political, financial and/or revenge purposes, and are themselves victims - targeted individuals.
          (5) There are many kinds of human behaviors which the DSM, ICD and/or the general public label as mental illnesses. Many people believe that anyone who intentionally shoots another person or animal is mentally ill. Not all mental anomalies or mental disabilities are "mental illnesses." For examples, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are NOT mental illnesses but mental injuries (while the DSM and ICD classify PTSD as a mental illness, neither the DSM nor ICD classifies TBI per se as a mental illness but its likely manifestations are themselves classifed as mental illnesses). Are PTSD and TBI survivors also to be banned from owning guns? If they are banned, then honorable, patriotic warriors who made grave sacrifices for our Country in combat can no longer hunt with a gun or protect their families while sniveling coward draft dodgers and shirkers, like Vicar of Satan politicians who fled to England (1970-1975) during the Vietnam War, can own and use all the guns they want to as rewards for their cowardice.
          Note the brain of Adam Lanza - the Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT) killer - was autopsied, and the autopsy examination of it found that Adam Lanza had a perfectly normal brain - no mental injury observed whatsoever. So why is mental injury being constantly lumped in with mental illness? It's like calling a Jew an Arab (or vice-versa) - why not, they both arose from Abraham so therefore they both must be and act the same? Was Adam Lanza even mentally ill? Perhaps just misdiagnosed as having autism and perhaps made by a greedy or incompetent drug-pushing psychiatrist or psychologist. If so, for sure that will be covered up. And what about victims who are forced into becoming mentally ill or mentally injured? For examples, the 1,000s of World War II Veterans Caesar's Veterans Administration subjected to lobotomies and electroconvulsive shock "therapy". Based on its vile historical abuse of the mentally ill and mentally injured and Veterans, Caesar cannot be trusted to make any law, regulation or decision negative to the mentally ill, mentally injured and even Veterans. Caesar makes its decision on who is and is not mentally ill based on BOTH the DSM or ICD and how much money and power the person has. Clearly, according to the new DSM, if you are shy, you want to be left alone or you have strong religious beliefs ('rigid moral values'), you can be condemned by a greedy, incompetent or ulterior motivated psychiatrist or psychologist as mentally ill, and incarcerated in a for-profit mental institution, then force-fed mind control drugs at your and/or taxpayers expense, AND lose all your gun rights. For example, if you are a Devout Evangelical Christian, an atheist psychiatrist can clearly with impunity, by using the DSM or ICD, incarcerate you in a mental institution, force-feed you neurotoxic drugs, AND forever cancel your gun rights! Using the DSM or ICD, clearly Muslim and neo-Nazi psychiatrists can incarcerate Jews with impunity, and Jewish psychiatrists can incarcerate Muslims and neo-Nazis as well.
          (6) Keep two things in mind: (1) According to Wikipedia (Mental Disorder webpage) states that "mental illness" is synonymous with "mental disorder", and (2) If a psychiatrist or psychologist claims that you have ANY mental illness he/she can even remotely justify under the DSM or ICD of the about the 188 they list, he/she can clearly have you forcibly incarcerated in an insane asylum for an indefinite period of time, PLUS permanently nullify your Second Amendment rights. Clearly, under the DSM and/or ICD, a few examples of how you can be declared mentally ill and forcibly incarcerated in an insane asylum for an indefinite period of time and lose your Second Amendment rights: If you are shy (Avoidant Personality Disorder) or just want people to leave you alone (Antisocial Behavior), you are an Evangelical Christian (Poly-Behavioral Addiction Disorder, Addictive Behavioral Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)), you worry a lot (Anxiety Disorder), you engage in binge eating (Binge Eating Disorder), you are bulimic (Bulimia Nervosa) or anorexic (Anorexia Nervosa), you drink too much coffee (Caffeine-Related Disorder), you don't sleep well (Insomnia Disorder), you have TBI (Cognitive Disorder) or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), you think very highly of yourself (Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Grandiose Delusions), you are impotent (Male Erectile Disorder), you are a hypochondriac (Hypochondriasis), you are mentally challenged (Mental Retardation), you stopped smoking (Nicotine Withdrawal Syndrome) or drinking (Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome) or marijuana (Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome), you love to collect many books (Bibliomania), you are an avid stamp collector (OCD), you have arthiritic pains (Pain Disorder), you are a precision craftsman (Perfectionism Disorder), you can't stand spiders or snakes (Phobic Disorder), you don't read well (Reading Disorder), you are poor at math (Mathematics Disorder), you much prefer summers to winters (Seasonal Affective Disorder), you have nightmares (Nightmare Disorder, Sleep Terror Disorder, PTSD), you stutter (Stuttering Disorder), you like to use a lot of hair spray (Substance-Related Disorder), you prefer crowds to open spaces (Agoraphobia Disorder), you are sad because someone you loved died (Bereavement Disorder).
          (7) People declared as being mentally ill are almost always from the middle class or poor. Wealthy people are never "mentally ill" but are instead, "eccentric." They conceal their mental illnesses well behind their private mansions, private security, private doctors, rehab centers and other private clinics and hospitals, and paid off officials and political connections, and are virtually never committed to mental hospitals. When The Revelator, John Williams, was a young child, his father, who looked like a 6'4" twin of Clark Gable, told him a story about a Hollyweird swim party he attended for a new movie. He said that the studio owner got on top of the high-dive board, pulled down his trunks and then urinated into the pool. John then stated, 'That's really insane.' His father replied, 'Always remember this my son, if you are rich that is not insanity but eccentric behavior, but for everyone else, that is insanity.' By denying gun ownership due to being declared mentally ill, evil and corrupt rich and powerful Liberal Progressive politicians and celebrities who are bat-crap crazy are essentially exempting themselves and their celebrity PALs from the very same laws they force onto almost everyone else, so that they remain armed, drunk, drugged-out and bat-crap crazy while stripping the arms away from the outspoken Devout and Pious, Conservatives and Patriots who oppose them and need their guns to protect themselves from them. Gun and ammo control by persecuting the mentally ill is just another communistic version of the old Soviet trick of declaring all dissidents to be insane (using the DSM as its weapon), stripping them of their guns, and then sending them off to Gulags and other hard labor camps, usually for the rest of their much-shortened lives.
          (8) How about all of the celebrities and other rich and powerful people who go to "rehab centers" instead of the mental institutions they so richly deserve? Crazy middle class and poor people are incarcerated in mental institutions and therefore are "provably insane", while crazy rich and powerful people go to rehab centers where all the blame goes to drugs and alcohol and no record is ever made of their insanities. Seems like many, if not most, rich and powerful people are as dangerous as the rare-exception dangerous diagnosed mentally ill person who is not rich. Many people, whether mentally ill or not, commit crimes using guns while they are drunk, on drugs, emotionally disturbed, and/or high on power. And there are many paid and for-profit killers who appear to be perfectly normal. Would you trust Charlie Sheen with a loaded gun around your children? Yet, Charlie Sheen has never been committed to a mental institution or officially adjudged to be "mentally ill" - Charlie Sheen can legally own all of the assault weapons and ammo he wants to. Charlie Sheen will swear up and down that he is not mentally ill, but WINNING because he is possessed by TIGER BLOOD and has UNIVERSAL WISDOM. Or Lindsay Lohan? Or or his close PALs, clearly degenerate former Rep. Barney Frank or former Rep. Anthony Weiner? Gun control laws will seldom ever apply to Hollyweirdo Liberal celebrities or rich and powerful politicians.
          (10) Many mental illnesses are inherited and inbred. If a person is seriously inflicted by paranoid schizophrenia or psychosis (often cited as a reason for unexplained gun rampages), for example, then should not his parents, siblings, offspring and other relatives also be criminalized for owning firearms because any of them, too, can suddenly break out with paranoid schizophrenia? Was Adam Lanza's mother as mentally ill as Adam Lanza was alleged to be (if Adam Lanza was mentally ill), but just hid it better? Should guns be confiscated from a home with one mentally ill resident and 15 sane residents who like to hunt, protect themselves and property and collect guns as a hobby?
        (11) How about people who suffer from some non-mental conditions, such as poor eyesight, color blindness, palsy, people with poor balance, people with bad heart conditions, diabetics, epileptics, rabid people, etc.? Any of them can also seriously malfunction with a loaded gun in his/her hands - yet all can freely own guns. Not to mention former drunks and drug addicts or even current drunks and drug addicts. There are many physical illnesses which also impact gun use and safety.
        (12) How about powerful political pundits who threaten to shoot politicians or shoot them in the head, or suggest that other people shoot them? All of the powerful political pundits who made these statements still can own and buy all the guns and ammo they want to as no judge or bureaucrat has or is ever going to adjudge them to be "mentally ill".
        (13) The official attack on the mentally ill instantly kicked in after the Newtown, CT, massacre, as if planned. On 12/18/12, the ABQ Journal had a Front Page article, titled, "Governor: Keep Guns Out of Hands of Mentally Ill". This bigoted article quotes New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, "There are some individuals who should never have access to firearms, like criminals and the mentally ill", and that she would introduce legislation to assure this by blanket persecuting the mentally ill, thereby making the mentally ill automatically guilty of horrific gun crimes and subjectable to persecution through her guilt by association of them with violent criminals - shocking and despicable! Governor Susana Martinez's own father was (now deceased) and sister is both seriously mentally ill. By logical conclusion of Governor Martinez's intentions, they also deserve to be equated to criminals. What if instead New Mexico had a white male governor, and he decreed, "There are some individuals who should never have access to firearms, like criminals and Mexican women"? What if Gov. Martinez had said "Jews" or "Evangelicals" or "Blacks" or "Native Americans" or "Mexicans" or "Seniors" or "Gays" or "Lesbians" or "Veterans" or "Conservatives" or "Liberals" or "women who have had abortions or are seeking abortions" or "abortion providers" instead of "the mentally ill"? Would there be outrage in the land and he run out of office? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Governor Martinez's bigoted statements are accepted by the people, then they can't complain if she or the next governor includes one or more of other groups, such as those above, in his/her similar decrees. Fact is, according to news reports, Governor Susana Martinez's mentally ill sister lives in her Las Cruces, NM, home and stays with her now and then in the Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe, NM. Governor Martinez's planned legislation means that Governor Martinez cannot have guns in her home, which she now has since she has a concealed carry license (using Governor Martinez's logic, since her sister is mentally ill, her sister too must be equated with criminals and presumed that because of her access to guns she will wipe out a school). Under Governor Martinez's own proposed legislation, her concealed carry permit must be cancelled, and she must either allow all of her guns to be confiscated or have them forcibly confiscated and serve prison time for felony gun possession. Where are the ACLU outrage and legal actions? We guess the ACLU is too busy defending Nazis, Communists, criminals and pedophiles. The Revelator submitted a letter-to-the-editor to the ABQ Journal defending the rights of the mentally ill and attacking Big Pharma, which it never published. Hmmm. Wonder why. Fact is, virtually all of the relevant articles and letters the ABQ Journal published were clearly intended to scapegoat the mentally ill community as mass murderers - its not-so-secret agenda well under way.
          (14) Albuquerque, NM, has had more than its share of recent gruesome gun massacres. On Aug. 18, 2005, John Hyde, diagnosed with schizophrenia, went on a rampage and shot to death five people, including two police officers - clearly yet another case of psychotropic drug / psychoactive drug malpractice for which no one was ever charged or prosecuted for the drug offenses. On Jan. 19, 2013, 15-year old Nehemiah Griego murdered his mother (Sarah Griego), brother and two sisters in beds with a 22 rifle. Then he awaited the return of his father, Greg Griego, from work, and murdered him with an AR-15 assault rifle. It is believed that Nehemiah Griego conspired with his 12-year old girlfriend to murder both his and her families, then to go to Walmart and shoot as many Walmart shoppers he could gun down. After killing his mother and siblings, Nehemiah Griego then photographed her body on his cellphone and transmitted the bloody images to his girlfriend. After killing his father, Nehemia Griego packed up several guns and drove to the church, where Greg Griego used to be a pastor for, to meet up with his girlfriend. Greg Griego is alleged to have often boasted of once belonging to a violent street gang and served hard prison time for felonies before finding Jesus Christ. The guns were stored in an unlocked bedroom closet. Why a convicted felon with a violent history was allowed to possess guns is unknown. Nehemiah Griego has a history of playing violent video games, but does not have a history of mental illness or mental injury.
        (15) Few mentally ill people are millionaires and billionaires. Therefore, they cannot buy off politicians to protect their rights, which these same politicians should be doing for just their salaries, but today corruptly demand vast amounts of bribes to accomplish. Because the laws are created by corrupt politicians, the laws themselves are corrupt. Therefore, it is easy to victimize the mentally ill because they are ready-made scapegoats - blamed first and most for just about everything bad, and routinely oppressed by Caesar through Caesar's tyrannical laws and regulations, yet provided virtually no real support from governments. The major blame goes to Big Pharma and its psychiatrist and psychologist co-conspirators who with their mind control neurotoxic psychiatric drugs have turned many people with emotional and mental disabilities, some very minor, into zombie-like homicidal maniacs. But because the pharmaceutical, video/movie/TV, and gun industries are massively powerful with corrupt politicians, and the fact that laws cannot interfere with parenting, only the mentally ill are left to blame. You hear this talk of, "sharing the blame" when it comes to massacres, which is euphemism for, "put all blame on the mentally ill".
       (16) By singling out the mentally ill community per se - whose crime rate is lower than the demographic considered to be sane - for defamation and persecution clearly violates the Americans With Disabilities Act and Equal Protection under The United States Constitution. It cannot legally be done, but will be done anyhow.
       (17) What can the mentally ill community expect next? How about being blamed for car accidents and high auto insurance rates? After all, about 5% of all car accidents are also likely being committed by the mentally ill. By blaming the mentally ill for car accidents, other rich and powerful entities can escape most of their guilt, for example, drunk drivers and bars, drugged drivers and drug dealers, sleepy drivers, texting drivers and cellphone companies, ultra-profitable auto insurance companies, and car manufacturers. How long is it going to be now for the round-up of the mentally ill to be exterminated?

Both Caesar and the NRA demand that extensive lists of everyone who they believe are mentally ill be compiled to prevent them from buying, owning and/or possessing guns. Yet, the NRA claims that one legitimate reason why people should have the right to buy, own and/or possess assault weapons is to defend themselves from the tyranny of a possible/likely dictator who takes over our Country - a reasonable concern. The NRA also likes to remind everyone that one of the first things Hitler did was to confiscate guns, yet forgetting that another early thing Hitler did was to round up the mentally ill enmasse and murder them. Applying the NRA's reasonable logic about expected oppressive dictator actions against gun owners also to the mentally ill logically concludes that the NRA MUST also strongly denounce the registration of the mentally ill or the otherwise creation of mentally ill lists by and for Caesar because lists of the mentally ill will almost certainly be abused by this same expected dictator to systematically round up and murder the mentally ill. And that because the real and falsely accused mentally ill will likely be exterminated by this upcoming dictator, then perhaps the mentally ill should be armed to the teeth to defend themselves from being murdered by Caesar.

People are getting all freaked out about how to protect schools and other crowded places which are prime targets for massacres. Sandy Hook Elementary had both security guards on duty and very good procedures and followed them well (Columbine High School also had armed guards on duty, and Virginia Tech had its own armed campus police force consisting of dozens of armed officers on campus). Their big mistake was ignoring the hardware realities of the situation. When Adam Lanza was denied entry to the Sandy Hook Elementary School building, he simply shot out the ordinary glass pane door and then walked in. Everyone responsible for school security should have easily predicted the shooting out of the glass by armed attackers - so everyone of them are to blame. For a few $100 more, the school could have installed bullet proof glass, or at least a decorative wrought iron cover on the door and windows - that would have stopped or at least delayed Adam Lanza so more students could have fled, teachers could lock up and for police to get there. The result of that blunder was the horrific loss of 26 beautiful lives. Schools don't need dozens of armed security guards or teachers, razor wire, etc. - just some relatively inexpensive common-sense security measures. Schools should not be turned into prisons. What if one of the armed guards or armed teachers goes berserk? Or an angry student steals or beats up a teacher for his/her gun?

Confiscating anyone's guns or preventing people from buying guns clearly violates the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Gun confiscation also violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution - your right to freedom of expression. And for The Church of Bible Prophecy, gun confiscation also violates the Church Member's First Amendment right to freely worship, as guns, gun magazines and gun ammo are just as required under our Church Doctrine as yarmulkes are for Jews, rosaries for Catholics and eagle feathers for some Native American religions. While the written word is more powerful than guns, writers don't have to register their pens or wordprocessors, nor painters required to register their paint brushes - nor is there a call to confiscate them, or to take them away from mentally ill writers and painters. To many gun owners and gun lovers, their guns are just as much of a instrument of expression and personal enjoyment as that of a pen, wordprocessor or paintbrush. Making it illegal for a person to possess a gun he/she legally bought earlier additionally clearly violates Article 1, Sections 9 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution forbidding ex post facto laws. And being mentally ill, mentally injured, mentally disabled or mentally deranged are not crimes anywhere. Actually, the Second Amendment, when written, only applied to white males - excluding both Blacks and females. Some believe that it was also limited to property owners. Furthermore, it states "arms" and not "guns". The "arms" of that period consisted of guns, cannons, bombs, rockets and missiles, war ships, knives and swords, spears, and slingshots, so therefore, the Second Amendment does not limit the private ownership and possession of arms to just guns, but also to all of these other arms categories. A strict constructionist view of the U.S. Constitution also eliminates the private right to own military aircraft, tanks, armored personnel carriers, submarines, torpedoes, nuclear weapons, etc. which were not arms invented before its enactment.

Outlawing assault rifles, large extended magazines and/or ammunition are not solutions, even if legal to do so. Today, there are about 310 million guns, of which about 110 million are assault weapons, in the hands of Americans, and about three times as many large magazines, and millions of rounds of ammunition are now in American hands (plus many gun lovers do their own reloading). There is no way that Caesar can possibly confiscate even 50% of assault weapons - even if gun owners willingly complied - many of who absolutely would not comply and would fight to the death to keep their guns, extended clips and ammo. Licensing assault rifles, large magazines and/or ammunition are also not solutions. The person walking out of the gun store or gun show with a gun, extended gun magazine or ammo are not usually limited to the people who will later have access to that gun, extended magazine or ammo. Many guns, extended magazines and ammo are shared by or given to family members and friends (eg: Adam Lanza, William Spengler), and many guns, magazines and ammo are sold to others or stolen. So even the craziest psychopath or professional killer can usually easily obtain an assault rifle with an extended magazine and lots of ammo. So even those who blame massacres on the mentally ill and demand that mentally ill people cannot buy guns, gun magazines or ammo know that even the most illegal and draconian laws against the mentally ill will do little to prevent massacres.

Increasing funding for and attention to mental health services is positive IF AND ONLY IF they do not give psychiatrists and psychologists more power to incarcerate people into mental institutions or gives psychiatrists and psychologists more power to force people to take neutrotoxic drugs, psychotropic drugs, psychoactive drugs or narcotics. And that these improvements also include much greater scrutiny of an restrictions for the prescriptions of these types of drugs. And that they do nothing to further enrich Big Pharma in the mental health drug and narcotic drug areas.

The FBI routinely refuses to investigate powerful people and businesses - even when terrorist threats are made - unless the investigation is ordered by someone even more powerful. 9/11 proved that - nothing operationally has really changed since in FBI policies. When it comes to rich and powerful people and corporations, the FBI still simply resorts to its official Jerry Sandusky / Lance Armstrong enforcement policies of treating rich and powerful perpetrators as untouchable and above the law regardless of their offense or threat while persecuting poor and middle class people. Caesar's officials and traditional newsmedia are quick to criticize those who don't report weird or dangerous behavior in others. Keeping quiet and not reporting such incidents is almost always the smartest way to go, especially to keep your job. Some Examples:
          (1) An Albuquerque, NM, school teacher reported to her principal through the vice-principal that one of her students threatened to bring a bomb to school and blow up her privately-owned for-profit charter school. The incident was verified. Guess what happened? The principal immediately fabricated BS lies about the teacher and had the teacher fired while doing nothing to the student. No one from law enforcement, the school system or politician came to her help!
          (2) On May 5, 2012, a terrorist threat was called into KTSM TV, El Paso, TX. The caller threatened to go to KTSM and massacre the people there. This terrorist call was both witnessed and documented. The caller, also an alcoholic, is an AIRLINE MECHANIC for two major airlines! You can't take a plane flight without some TSA functionary groping your genitals, yet it is clearly fine with the FBI and TSA that alcoholics and terrorists maintain and repair the same airplanes. This incident was reported to the FBI three different times, also with details that the caller's brother was clearly doing communications surveillance work for the Mexican Cartels in El Paso, and that his sister regularly hired illegal immigrants with impunity. Clearly, the FBI never investigated. His sister has very powerful corporate contacts. So, if you or your loved ones die because an airplane blows up, you know who to blame.
          (3) In yet another case, while serving as a Coast Guard Sea Marshal in the San Francisco Bay area, this guy (which we have email documentation to prove), solicited prostitutes at Chinese "massage parlors" (ie: brothels filled with young Chinese teenage and pre-teen sex slaves whom as a Coast Guard Sea Marshal, his official duty was to protect!) in the Bay area, tried to get into 'gang rape' porn movies, had a prostitute living with him in Coast Guard housing on base who advertised her golden shower services in the Bay area on Craigslist, taught a known felon what gun she should buy to be able to shoot people with the gun hidden in her purse (presumably cops), and fantasized Online about an*l sex (long before DADT was repealed). Given a medical discharge by the Coast Guard, he now collects 100% disability from the VA for "an*l bleeding" - also reported but nothing ever done. His parents have powerful political connections.

Caesar doesn't care anyway about mental therapy: President Obama promised all Veterans with PTSD would be treated for their PTSD - yet an Albuquerque Veteran has pleaded with the ABQ VAMC for years for outpatient therapy for his PTSD in a fear-free setting (his PTSD documented by two psychologists), and to date he is still being refused by the ABQ VAMC! And in spite of solid evidence of PTSD, the VA refused to provide him compensation; VA Claims Appeal Court officially ruling that Veterans with PTSD are either making it up or have only themselves to blame. The VA's long, sordid and horrific history of blaming Veterans for their PTSD and TBI (formerly known as "shell shock" and "battle fatigue"; VA "treated" with lobotomies and electroshock "therapy"), Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Nuclear Tests Veterans, Spent Uranium Veterans, Women Veterans health care in general, etc., clearly proves that the VA routinely betrays Vets (and so do Veterans Organizations which receive money and offices from the VA). CAESAR JUST DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE - ESPECIALLY HONORABLE VETERANS!

Nor does it pay to turn in your own child, because if you do, you have forever stigmatized your child, and destroyed your child's future of ever getting a decent job or living his/her life with any expectation of success. There is an industry of people whose sole jobs are to find ways to damage and destroy other people for their profit and pleasure - they eagerly await parents, relatives, doctors and officials to turn in people so they can profit from destroying children.

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