The Church of Bible Prophecy uses scientific, mathematical analysis of Bible Scriptures and other research to help reveal End Times prophecies, one major reason of which is to expose and protect the public from evil politicians, judges, bureaucrats, corporate chiefs, and other evil powerful entities.

The Last Days are Here! Time for the Seven Seals to be Unsealed from The Sealed Book of Revelation (The Holy Bible). We believe that the Seven Seals are Seven Mathematical Algorithms for the Bible Codes / Torah Codes which will Prophesy the End of the World, and Who are the Good doers and Who are the Evildoers

The Church of Bible Prophecy Worldwide Ministries Organization
P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87192

By: Your servant in God,
REV John Williams, The Revelator
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"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

REV John Williams, The Revelator, Church of Bible Prophecy
REV John Williams, The Revelator
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REV John Williams, The Church of Bible Prophecy  Welcome to The Church of Bible Prophecy   REV John Williams, The Church of Bible Prophecy
Welcome to The Church of Bible Prophecy

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The Church of Bible Prophecy
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Under its God-given orders, The Church of Bible Prophecy must ferret-out, expose and oppose evil as it finds its. The Church is not a political organization, lobby, PAC nor religion business - it is purely a religion. Again, its God-ordered mission is to ferret out, expose and oppose all evil it finds, no matter where it finds it (political, business, bureaucracy, institutional, etc.), and expresses its religious Doctrines and Beliefs herein and elsewhere frankly and unfettered to alert the public, regardless of who agrees or disagrees with any part of it. Because the huge amount of evil during these End Times far exceeds the capacity of The Church's limited personnel and resources at this time, for maximum impact, The Church must concentrate on those areas giving it the greatest exposure of its findings which equates to the greatest effectiveness of its efforts.


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I am REV John Williams, The Revelator, for The Church of Bible Prophecy, Albuquerque, NM. We are a small poor church of Evangelical Christians, founded Jan. 2006, who are dedicated to finding Biblical truths and prophecies using scientific methods, including Bible Codes.

We are unincorporated. Since 2006, we (The Revelator and his family) have regularly donated many items to The Church, mostly small tools, hardware, equipment, religious items and some cash to The Church so that once The Church has sufficient assets, it could build/buy a larger building for The Church to attract a large membership, but also to set up schools for math, science, engineering and trades to provide our students strong educations in these areas. This of course is in addition to the usual church functions of spreading the Gospel of Jesus, teach The Holy Bible, helping the poor, doing missions, etc. The assets we need are now about 90% complete. We are almost there. Most of these assets we have bought cheap at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and auctions.

Our Vow of Giving has personally resulted in a Vow of Poverty for us, even though I am a retired electronics engineer.

We are NOW IN THE END TIMES! We need more devout Christian churches ready to fearlessly stand up and battle Satan - not less Christian churches cowed by the Caesar and his banks.

Since we are so poor we are unable to defend The Church, the Court will almost certainly side with the banks, and an horrific legal precedent will be set up that will allow the money changers to destroy any other churches and religions as well, Christian and non-Christian alike - just like they tried to destroy The Temple in Jesus's time. Other clearly greedy money changers are also likely to destroy us if our donors do not come thru, including the also infamous Wells Fargo.

We were told that if we were an incorporated church (IC), this likely catastrophe to The Church would not happen. This is clearly unconstitutional. The First Amendment guarantees that no government entity in the US can treat some religions differently than others. All religions must be treated equally under the law by all U.S. governments - including all of their beliefs, rights, privileges and assets. In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all corporations are "legal persons." Many churches are ICs; however, many are UCs. This means that the beliefs, rights, privileges and assets of an UC is treated far differently and much worse in our courts than those of ICs - clearly unconstitutional religious discrimination - very destructive to our religious freedoms.

Even if you are an IC, you are still vulnerable. All anyone has to do is pierce your corporate veil - a decision made by a judge who may be a satanist, atheist or of a conflicting religion. Then, you are in the same boat all UCs are in. As an IC, you are totally vulnerable to changes made in corporate law by legislatures, the courts, and the president or governor. The treatment of all religions as legal persons MUST be solely based on the fact that they are RELIGIONS - not based on whether or not they are corporations. Jesus never intended that His churches be "legally incorporated" (ie: blessed by Caesar), or treated the same as a burger joint or bar. The First Amendment confers absolute non-discriminatory protection of religions, without regard to any approvals or conditions. Incorporation must have absolutely no effect on how your religion is treated by government entities. Christian religions exist as embodiments of Jesus Christ, so they are not the same as sole proprietorships or hobbies.

We need donations right now today to wage a court battle(s) in whatever court(s) is required, including ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court (hopefully), against the banks and all other comers, to establish that ALL religions are considered under law to be "legal persons" (religion personhood). Please donate all that you can to help us. More importantly, you will be helping Jesus by help protecting churches created in His Name.

Each church and religion must make its own decision as to whether or not to incorporate. We do not judge others. Some may consider it a business necessity. We have discussed this issue here at length. Our Doctrines demand that we have absolutely minimal entanglements with Caesar. We believe that no church can serve both Jesus and Caesar at the same time. Under our Doctrines, we are a Creation of God - NOT a Creature of Caesar. As with many UCs, we cannot incorporate without violating our Sacred Doctrines.

NOTE-1: Under IRS definition of what a bonafide religion is, Jesus Christ, Himself, would not qualify as a bonafide "IRS religion"!
      For examples:
          (1) Jesus did not have a distinct legal existence (for the IRS, that means incorporating - which we MUST change - Jesus did not register with Pontius Pilate's tax collectors for permission to be a religion).
          (2) Jesus did not have an ecclesiastical government.
          (3) Jesus did not have membership nor association with any other religion (all of His Disciples were born and raised as Jews).
          (4) Jesus did not have an organization of ordained ministers.
          (5) Jesus did not have established places of worship.
          (6) Jesus did not have regular congregations.
          (7) Jesus did not have regular church services.

NOTE-2: To be an "IRS religion", the religion does not even have to worship a god!

If the banks decide to sue Jesus Christ, Jesus would also likely lose everything because Jesus, Himself, is not an IC.

It is true that some religions are bogus. But it is also true that some auto shops are bogus. Yet, until proven to be bogus, auto shops are fully recognized and respected as legitimate businesses.

FOR THE DEVOUT: If you are considering opening up any kind of bank account or bank loan with any global bank, please seriously consider changing your mind (credit unions are almost always better anyhow). If you have any bank account with any global bank, please seriously consider closing it right away. If you own any global bank stocks, please consider selling them right away. If you know of anyone considering any of these things, please inform them about The Church and consider asking them not to deal with any global bank or if forced to deal with a global bank to deal with them to the minimal extents.

Please tell everyone and every church and religion you know of about our situation, and the horrific and unconstitutional manner that UC religions are treated.

SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT US! AGAIN, please donate all you can - right away. For donations questions, concerns or suggestions, please email us at: Also, if you are or know an excellent attorney in this area of law who can legally represent us on a pro bono or very low cost basis, please email us or ask him/her/them to email us right away. Please tell everyone and every church and religion you know of about our situation and the gross, unconstitutional manner that UC religions are treated. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT US! AND RETURN TO US OFTEN.

FRIENDS PLEASE FRIEND US: Sincerely interested in helping us specifically (thru your donations, pro bono legal services, promoting our Church or our GoFundMe campaign, etc.), promoting the personhood of unincorporated churches in general, and/or becoming a Member of The Church? Then you are welcomed as a Friend. However, before you do, first send us an honest and truthful email briefly explaining why you want to be our Friend. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing whether or not any potential Friend will help us achieve our goals. If we are uncertain as to your motives, we will not Friend you.

We gladly accept all direct donations to The Church and The Revelator - just email us. But if you prefer to donate to us thru our GoFundMe site or by credit card or debit card, click here => GoFundMe


REV John Williams, The Revelator
The Church of Bible Prophecy, Albuquerque, NM
Your Servant in God

Again, please bookmark, copy and widely distribute this webpage right away.

CHURCH PRAYER (Short Form): Thank You Almighty God for all of Your great bounty, especially The Church. Please bless and protect us with the love, faith, grace, wisdom, vision, courage, worthiness, and fellowship to open up The Holy Bible Seals and expose its End Time secrets.

CHURCH PRAYER (Long Form): Thank You Almighty God for all of the great bounty You have gifted to us and Your great Church for all of which we are all truly blessed. We beseech You as Your loyal servants who serve as Your Church Members to bless and protect us with Your love, faith, grace, wisdom, vision, courage, worthiness, and fellowship to open up the Seals of The Holy Bible and to expose the secrets of The End Times therein.

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All statements made herein and all statements made elsewhere by The Revelator in his The Revelator capacity are solely, exclusively and totally official Church of Bible Prophecy Doctrines and Beliefs as determined through Bible Code analysis and other scientific methods and as authenticated through the spiritually-inspired revelatory meditation of The Revelator through The Holy Spirit, with the exceptions that all strictly political advocacy statements relevant to a particular election, candidate and/or political seat are all the personal opinions of The Revelator and NOT political positions advocated by The Church of Bible Prophecy. All titles and affiliations of every individual and group provided herein and elsewhere by The Church or by The Revelator are solely provided for identification purposes only. As a matter of disclosure, The Revelator used to be a moderate Democrat for most of his life. Then the actions of Liberal Extremist, Sexual Tantrist, Abortionist, Anti-Military, Anti-Veteran, a Satan Operative, ripped the blinders off of his eyes. Now, The Revelator is a Conservative Republican. Still, all statements made herein don't reflect The Revelator's personal views or political views except to the full extent that The Revelator, as a Devout Church of Bible Prophecy Member, fully and faithfully ascribes to the official Beliefs and Doctrines of The Church of Bible Prophecy - just as all Devout Catholics, Mormons, Baptists, Jews, Muslims, etc. fully ascribe to the official beliefs and doctrines of their religions.

REMINDER: As per The Church of Bible Prophecy's long-published and established Doctrines and Beliefs, while most terms used on this The Church's website are identical in meanings and uses to the same terms found in other dictionaries and sources, some terminology is strictly defined by The Church and can have substantially different meanings and uses than their commonly understood meanings and uses. Just as Black's Law Dictionary defines and uses many terms differently than their common meanings and uses. If you lack the true understandings of statements made by The Church anywhere, then please ask The Church to clarify these statements. Also, The Church's definitions of terminology it uses can change from time-to-time, from person-to-person, and from forum to forum.

Bookmark, and tell your family, friends and associates about The Church of Bible Prophecy and the information in this website - they also need to spiritually, physically and financially survive and prosper during the End Times.

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